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The Jury

station description A young brother sentenced to more than 100 years in prison shares his feelings abou... read more
‎Solitary Confinement
Duration: 09:20
"Reasonable doubt.  You have to be 100% clear  - there has to be no reason to doubt my guilt.   I didn't fit the description.  I have a much better understanding of how the justice system works."
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"Reasonable doubt.  You have to be 100% clear  - there has to be no reason to doubt my guilt.   I didn't fit the description.  I have a much better understanding of how the justice system works."
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the Convicted
and basically just just just just just go bottom line, I already told you it wasn't, I didn't fit the description at the trial. The girl even said, I didn't even look like the guy. Uh it was just a lot of things, a lot of things that that was in my favor. The only thing that the only thing that can be said against me was he was hiding in a hotel room, he was hiding in the hotel room, he was wanted by the police, He ain't turned himself in, he was apprehended by the fugitive task force unit. He was apprehended. He was, you know, this is what they beaten and beaten, beaten with the beating to the choice but this college from a federal prison. But now he is a thing like that. I got, I got, I got such a better and more clear perspective of just how this jury, how to just a justice system works with these tours and stuff, right? Because now first of all we live in Washington D. C. You know, I got on my jury, I had to black people, one spanish person, the rest was white people, you know, But now here's a thing. Now I'm looking at it because by law, but the lawyers for jury is it's a reasonable doubt. Is this you mean beyond beyond you? I mean, you got to be 100 clear. It's not a shadow of a doubt. No question that nothing is thorn this, this is what it is. But now that this person is guilty. And if you have any any any reason, if you have any reason about this, then it's automatically person opposed to get found guilty. And in my situation, just for the simple fact that girl said what I thought of him and I ain't see him. And then she gave a description of a person that don't match me. Then I stood up in the courtroom and then she said with, no, he don't even look like to tell her. I mean, even though she can't write back and say, well, yeah, that's him, these are still things that a jury pose to take consideration like man, hold on something up, something is fishy with this. This just don't sound right. You know, and just that raided. That is the reasonable doubt. That is the reasonable doubt. That's, that's, that's written in the, in the, in the, in the, in the laws of this country. Just, it's just that simple. But now he is the thing, it was one of those situations, my trial was one of those situations where a jury felt as though they had to serve justice and that's what, and that's what I figured out for my trial. From my own personal experience, a citizen. Uh, somebody's on the jury at the trial. That could be in a situation where they feel as though they have this college from a federal prison, They have to do something about this. And then in my situation, I was in a situation where a man was murdered and his pregnant girlfriend was shot in her head and live. So now that's all this demon on this, A pregnant woman, a pregnant woman was shot in her head. A pregnant woman was shot in her head. I'm talking about. So now it's to the truth is like, oh my God, this is horrific, This is bad, This is okay. I understand that you do out Absolutely right. I definitely agree, agree that it's horrific. It's sad, it's horrible. It's terrible and all that type of stuff. But let's go with the facts of this case. Don't put an innocent man behind bars. Don't don't don't don't don't don't send us a man to life in prison behind bars because you feel as though you're doing something that's right na you got to go with the fact you've been sworn in as a jury as an american citizen as a D. C. Resident to uphold this law. It's not up to you to feel as though yeah we need to do something right now and then now here's here's another thing. They was in my child. They deliberated for seven days. They deliberated for one week. So that rate there like I said in my mind I'm like I know they're going I know they don't I'm just something not guilty I have to. It's like I say if you heard what I just heard if you've seen the evidence that I just saying okay I don't know what I didn't turn myself in. Okay. But what else besides that? What else do you have? So, but after the, after the seven days after this week of deliberation, I got some get you on a friday. And this is another trip off part about me to be right. This what happened? It was friday. The judge told the jury. Hello? Yeah, we're not trying to come back in here monday, y'all need, y'all need to come back with a deliver a verdict today and show enough man they came back with a guilty verdict. Gave him that domain. So it's like I thought that was like some illegal stuff. I press this with my lawyer. There's something I've been trying to fight throughout my appeal throughout my appeal processes. Then how can how can a judge tell the jewish I need to go in and make up a decision. But in the law you can do that. He's not telling them to come back and say that I'm guilty. He's just saying, man, y'all need to go in there, we've been doing this for a whole week and y'all still ain't come to no conclusions, Y'all need to come up with some type of uh some type of verdict today and that's what they've done. And unfortunately for me, they came back with a guilty verdict. And uh, So with that being said, so by so any anyway, so I ended up being sentenced to 108 years in prison. But now here's the thing, since I've been here, I've been appealing my case. So what I've done was I've been appealing my case on so many different levels, but what I've done was I've reached out to the mid atlantic innocent Project, right? You know, I basically sent them, I felt I filled out the questionnaire. They respond back when I thought I told them what was what basically everything I'm telling you. They asked me look with something that your transcripts and center for your court work. Once they read my stuff, they came to see me immediately and they they're like they're stunned. Like how did you get found guilty for this? And I said you know how I got found guilty fool? You understand how the justice system works? Like I understand it. Yeah but this is crazy. We just don't understand how did you got to get found guilty? Oh I left something. I left a lot of little bits and pieces out because I'm trying to get to the end of the story. Well she's going but anyway there's something else to happen too right? The government fought to introduce some evidence. They fought to introduce some D. N. A. Evidence that was supposedly been of the killer. That could have been of the killer. The military want to let them get in there first and they thought they saw the magazine clip in the whole way of the building. They found a magazine clips you know ammunition clip from a gun. It was a fingerprint on it. So now that they now that they saying that steve did it. Now that thing is is this the killer? It's the killer D. N. A. That's steve fingerprint on that on that clip that steve D. N. A. That's on this crime scene right after after a year going through if they're gonna let this in the court and let this not in court the judge finally say look we're gonna let you were gonna let you submit this this fingerprint in court and we're gonna let you submit this D. N. A. To go through the testing stuff. The DNA came back it didn't match mine and the fingerprint came back and they didn't match mine. So now was this come into play now me and my lawyers like oh yeah okay just the evidence people use now the government switched their whole direction. Now they file emotions to not let them let the fingerprint of BB users evidence. They file emotions to not let the let the D. N. A. B. Be used as evidence. Did you just feel let them say no? Yeah 44 we're gonna let you use use this evidence just to get past this. Now they are everywhere was a possible print. We couldn't tell printed would and they're saying well yeah there was some D. N. A. On there they were on the same but we didn't say it was to kill us. Now we're saying it could have been anybody who ever been in the house. None of them match mine. Anyway moving back to the middle and against the project. This is the stuff I presented them with for the last 10 years. This is the stuff that they've been fighting for my life with. They've been fighting hard for me. They've been knocking on doors because I just talked to other lawyers that looked at anybody read my paperwork. They they are mind boggling because they're like how did you get found guilty for this? This is insane. But now it's not insane. It's just what's been going on. It's just one of the normal things that go on in this country. All right. So anyway. Yeah so that's basically where I met with that. That's what I was getting at the truth. Give us some other little things that I don't want to get you to. Oh father handsome project real quick. I ain't gonna be able to tell the story. I gotta, I gotta, I gotta, I gotta break that down later. This one I'm gonna try to squeeze and then I'm gonna be jumping up my words. I don't have to do that another time. So I'm gonna try to call you when it's Wednesday? Good. You want me to call Wednesday? So because you've got to finish, you got to finish the story Wednesday. Yeah. Yeah. I got to get you to spill about the innocent project and talk about the witnesses in the neighborhood and the people that spoke for me and the people that spoke with me too. Okay him. Mm.
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