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The Life of Dad Podcast Wants You to Make Movies with Your Kid

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Tom Riles, David Guest, and Inigo Laugermann chat about their experiences with making movies with their kids and the importance of preserving those memories after they're made.
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to go to their eight year old son's head that he was an award winning actor. Yeah, he didn't quite grasp onto it until later until, until he got to 10, but he was now now he knew what he was doing, you know, became 10 years old, dealt with it. That's when you take the trophy and you put in your book back and just kind of randomly take it out, you know, classroom, just kind of like, oh yeah, this is a trophy I won two years ago, best actor at the telly awards here. You want to see it? It's a good move. So, so I mentioned it on, on a recent episode, um that ingo was also on and uh we went to texas recently to see our cousins and my kids, cousins and my family and the oldest part of the group, the oldest cousin, she's, I think she's 13 years old now and she grabbed my 10 year old daughter and my eight year old son and they whipped together and I movie project and it seemed like a matter of news, right? I've got a fair understanding of my movie. I used to edit and find a little bit, I haven't done that in a few years now, but I was astounded at how easy I movie is to do on the phone now because after that first one, then my 10 year old, she made three i movie movies that day. They've got these great templates and you know, one was like a trailer for, and I'm becoming show and one was, you know, a summary of their vacation with photos and pictures. But it was really cool to see how, how easily the Eye movie app makes it for kids now. It was great. That's incredible. Well, you know, as I mentioned before, I'm a teacher, I teach high school, uh, filmmaking. So this is, this is what I do, and we'll talk at the high school level. I talked for 10 years at middle school level, uh, 6th, 7th and 8th grade. And so you have a long history, you know, teaching kids how to make movies and it's incredible. I think, you know, you talk about the movie you made and go with your son and how it was a number of years ago, but it's still like this thing that you guys cherish and like when you watch it, it's special because you guys made that movie together and this is not something, you know, done with dad and kid. But it was with me as a teacher with these kids. I always tell them at the end, I'm like, save these movies like, you know, you might think like right now or whatever, it was a stupid movie project we did in school, but save it. I'm telling you like one day, I'm not kidding you, you would pay maybe not a million dollars, but you would pay a lot of money to be able to see this movie again and you won't know where it is and it won't exist and you won't be able to find it unless you say that right now. And I think you get that you definitely get the same effect when you make a movie with your Children. It's just totally awesome. Absolutely. You know what's funny about my son? He goes back and he looks, he looks at himself, you know, he's 13 now. He was, I think he was probably, he's probably 78 years old when he had, you know the one tooth missing in the front front top and he giggles at himself. He goes, look at me. I said, what are you talking about? You're a cutie man and say, look at that kid. Look at those cheeks. Yeah, uh you be acting. And it was pretty well. I said that's why we won is because of you. I said, that's that's what you said. You're you're the majority of the, of the scene, all the scenes in the, in the little short, so it is great acting. And he and he was cute. So yeah, Jessica was blown up, you know? Yeah. So you're the reason we want so that you're just helping.