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The Latest Baseball Controversies With the 2021 MLB season well underway, there are already records being broken, teams heating up, and what's a good season without a little controversy? Listen in to hear the latest 2021 controversies across the league, including Madison Bumgarner's no-hitter, Michael Conforto's hit by pitch walk-off win, and moving the All Star game from Atlanta to Colorado, and see what the hosts of these shows have to say about them. Climb The Ladder
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The hosts of Talkin' Baseball think the MLB will do the right thing and award MadBum with the well-earned and deserved no-no. After 4 less than ideal starts, Bumgarner reigned it in to pitch a 7-inning, complete game shutout but was NOT awarded the no-hitter. Listen to what the hosts have to say!
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girth. All right. Stand out performance, standout performance. I travel, I did this yesterday or I did this last episode. It's an illegal movement and I'm doing it again. I can't believe you're double. I'm doubling down again. There's a pattern here. It makes sense Again. I'm going Madison Bumgarner and Zach gallon. They combined on the same day For 14 innings of one hit ball. Madman gets the no hitter. Zach Gallon pitch before him, set the pace, set the path and his one hit was a blue shot. So, um, braves, what are you doing? But really good for both these guys that gallon had a little setback to the season. Um, little injury in spring. Mad bum just has been awful, like absolutely awful in his first four starts. So really, I mean incredible day to be a Diamondbacks fan and horrible to be a Braves fan. Seven innings pitched, seven K's, zero hits, zero walks for mad bum. It was one error that led to it. He faced the minimum because he got a double play right after the air. So he did face the minimum wage in school and then Zach gallon 70 and run six K's. And that's right after each other. It's not one day then the next day. Like if you're a diehard British fan and you watch all 14 innings, hello man, draining, that must be, that's awful. But congratulations to Zach gallon and Mad Bomb. Maybe the single best day in uh, maybe the single best day in Diamondbacks pitching history. Statistically, I don't know if you'll find more innings and left less hits in a single day of Diamondbacks baseball, right, can't get the most with the least amount of hits allowed in. Diamondbacks history has to be like that. I can see that we're crediting Madman with a no hitter, right? Like Yeah, I mean, I don't think he would have got a nine anyone because you have 98 pitches, but maybe would have. But also like if you're gonna credit as a complete game in the book, which I don't think you should, well I don't care, but you can't do complete game. Not a no hitter, it's either it's not a complete game, whatever, it's a complete game. No hitter. He didn't choose the circumstances. Yeah, that's kind of where I landed. I'll go through my whole process real quick. At first. I was like, well, MLB got in front of this one and nipped it in the butt like the day they announced seven inning games, they said, you know, perfect game or no hitter won't count. And to kind of end the conversation and it was like, okay, yeah, I kind of get that because it's seven innings, baseballs, nine innings, I get it. And then, you know, you see madam do it and you're like, well, fun, fun exists. I like that. But then, yeah, I saw everyone else on the internet that was doing uh, you know, like this was the game he was given, he was given a seven inning game. It's not like they played two more innings or he could have even said, let's play two more innings. Like he was given a seven inning game and he threw a no hitter. So I almost, there was an error that was the only ahmed threw one away. So I'm almost happy it wasn't a perfect game because I think if it was a perfect game, I think people would be a lot louder. Like I already think the internet stopped caring about it a little bit. Um, but yeah, I mean, Zach gallons one hitter goes down as complete game, one hitter and it's in history with all the other one hitters. They want to exclude mad bums on. I think they're going to figure this one out. I think baseball is smart enough to find the easy win here and just do it and it's hilarious that it's mad bum. Did you hear his post game trev? I did hear it's pretty, I didn't know that he like had humor in his bones or like, uh, lightheartedness is a better way to put. He's probably funny but lightheartedness like, well dude, you probably super stoked. He's been so bad. He had a really good game. He was like, this is awesome. It's pretty good. You remember what that feeling? Should we play it for anyone? Maybe some listeners haven't heard it. Sure. By the way, Mad bum did say he would have thrown a no hitter. Yeah. Take that for what it's worth. All right, here's his pro, here's his post game. I just want to I want to I want to say two things that I'm gonna go celebrate with the guys. I want to thank these shadows in Atlanta. They helped me out a good beer. That's pretty awesome. And I want to thank rob Manfred for making these seven in the games. All right. It takes the headphone often leaves. That was like, he didn't let them ask a single question. Our play. Do you as a hitter trap? Do you like him thanking the Shadows because it's kind of like, you know, tipping the hat like, you know, I had some extra help here. It's funny, yeah, I mean it's funny because you do get pissed when there were shadows as a hitter. You know, the pictures are benefiting from it, but you know, good for him. I think that that probably was a lot of weight lifted off his shoulders. Like we've been talking about like I think he does care. You know, he's been pitching poorly and and he doesn't want to do that. Um well this propel him. It's kind of like maybe did he find anything out or was it just the Shadows?