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The Mythology Behind Hera Syndulla

From Audio: Hera Syndulla
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Secrets of Star Wars
Last Played: April 27, 2021
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Obviously named after the Greek goddess, Hera Syndulla of the animated series was written in the reflection of the goddess of women. All of the Secrets of Star Wars favorite qualities of this character come from her mythology. Vanessa Marshall, the voice actress of Hera, digs deep into her past.
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you. Yeah, and I don't think that's um looking too deep into it, because as I was reminded when I was going through Wikipedia as well, that um Dave Filoni. Um and another one of the writers as well, has um mentioned that some of these characters were um were named for specific historical or mythological or religious character characters or figures in order to kind of drive home something about them. Um and so hera, you know, being the goddess who was um the wife of Zeus, right? Um and the goddess of Women, of of Marriage, of um motherhood, childbirth. Um so all of those qualities, you know, we've been talking about right endlessly, but I think also, you know, that that um that look at, you know, being grounded, um I think also it was very intentional, you know, in connecting with those different aspects of what she really stands for. Um That was very intentional. I think any other lessons we can learn from from her character, um I want to say reconciliation because of how she deals with, I mean, everyone really, but especially with her father, um I really, really appreciate the a couple of episodes that we get, but especially the one, I think it's Harris heroes, but it might have been something are something else. Um but she she talks about with her father, she has this really kind of cool conversation where she actually we hear her using her Rylov accent doesn't eat. Um so, kind of falling back into that sort of childhood, like part of her brain, and her father actually tells her that she's wasting her life. And she, first of all, I like the fact that she sticks to her convictions and her mission, and she says, I know I'm not, I'm not wasting my life, I'm helping people. And ultimately she um she comes to this point where her father even as, like, pointing a blaster at her and and threatening to blow up this ship, that she's trying to get all of her crew members are on and um, is really kind of um you know, we we have been told that pam Cinderella was sort of, I think thrown into, thrown into, he was thrown into this um warlike attitude when um his wife died in the war, um and he only cared about the liberation of rye loss at that point and sort of vengeance. But so to, to face her father in those circumstances, she, I think what she does is she she offers him her heart in this amazing way, where she actually tells him the reason that I do what I do in helping people is because of your example, that I I saw you helping people and I and she she's creating this common ground with him, she's she's again being very humble, you know, she's saying, hey, you know, I learned this from you and this is all, you know who I am today is because of you, and she didn't have to say that, you know, she she we know that she was very hurt by him, she didn't want to talk to him um at the beginning of that episode and she didn't like him, you know, I think in many ways, but when push came to shove, she was able to really um to reconcile with him truly and he came to the point where he actually ended up helping them um and she found a way to satisfy both what she was trying to go for her mission and his mission as well. Um So I really, really like that episode a lot, I think it says a lot about her and her character and what we can learn about um you know, reconciling with people and sometimes, you know, things won't end up that way, you know, things won't end up wrapped up in a bow and you know, you, you're on this great, you know, wonderful relationship with the other person, but I think, you know, ultimately just the way that she um we know that she handled herself and that she presented herself to the other person um that had hurt her um very deeply, obviously um is a great lesson that she teaches. That's awesome. Yeah. Any other lessons you guys got, if not, we'll go, we'll go on to your favorite moments, uh what are your favorite moments with hair? Uh it's tough. Yeah, it's there's a lot, you know, I really like the episode where she's stuck in the ship, it's it's towards the end of the series and she's stuck in the ship and its um and she's having to repair it. Everybody else is off doing their thing and she can't be involved right? And that's it's such a great episode because you get to see her without everyone and that it completely changes the tone of the character because so often she is, you know, she's the one that that they anchor to. And so now not only do they not have their anchor, but she doesn't get to be the anchor and she has to be she she has to move outside of that shell of herself where she lets everybody else do what they're good at. And she has to really just take on all the hats and do it all to to fix the ship to get the ship there in time and and seeing that moment in her character where she can step up when she needs to write, but she's more comfortable getting the right people in the right positions and and to see that not only is that uh that the quality of hers, but that she's capable of doing all the other things. She just knows when it's not her responsibility and she's comfortable with that and is good at not delegating but encouraging and uh causing people to rise to the occasion. That's cool. I never would have picked that, I think I always enjoy hearing what everyone's because it's kind of like a peek into your brain in a way. Yeah. Well I'll share mine. I actually I rewatched Harris Heroes. So so the episode that you were referring to Angela is not Harris Heroes. It was the other episode with something yeah something like that. Harris Heroes is where thrown has captured her hometown, her home village and he's he's captured. So they want to go in, Hera wants to go in and retrieve her cala. Corey the little the art thing that that has every I think it's every mother adds something to it as it's passed down from generation to generation. So it's a it's a piece of art that reflects her ancestry and her her family. And it's so it's
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