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Teams across the league, both in the National League and American League, are heating up - and it's just the beginning! Tune in to hear how your favorite team might do this season, as well as some World Series predictions.
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Hello and welcome to talking baseball. We got another series recap a full week of games. Some teams swept, others got swept. That's how it works. Let's talk about it. Yeah. Yes. Mhm. Yeah. But. Mhm. Hello and welcome to talking Baseball. Thank you guys very much for tuning in and hanging out with us for a little bit on this friday afternoon as we recap the week. That was my name is, Jimmy sitting next to me. I got jake, we got Trevor Plouffe coming here from California and B. B. D. In the corner producing his butt away. This episode is brought to you some very brought to you by some very special patrons. Ben, cole pin joe Duffy. I know that one dan peters and Ian Jaffe, Jeff. I'm gonna go Jaffe. It's more fun. J. A. F. F. E. Those are most recent patrons. Thank you guys very much. Uh We have a Patreon. Uh We give them a lot of exclusive content. There's some twitter account on instagram account that does behind the scenes, let them know when we have guests on, gives them kind of some insight. We also do a Q and A once a month jake and I behind the scenes of the company of our lives of whatever we want, it's Q and A. Uh and there's a ton of other parts that come with the patron. So check it out if you want to. Young jake, how are you doing? James, Trevor, David Mendelssohn doing well, doing well. Just got my first back shot back stup and waxed up uh winky is a little small, but that's no side effects from the shot. But I'm, I'm feeling good man. I think uh the Yankees getting a day off, what, what is going on right now? Where did that come from? Some people are wondering if that's a side effect? It's not, well, I actually don't know because I've, that's a personal thing I'm doing. Well man, I'm excited to get into the weekend slate of games. It's kind of uh, you know, we're starting to get out of excuses season, man, you know, a weekend, you know, the arms are loose, the backs are loose. If you're slumping, you're slumping and we're going to come at you in Fargo, Get ready. Trev you and chris Rose on the pregame show. Trevor. How are you doing? Uh huh. I'm doing great now. I need a little pick me up right there. That was an incredible introduction. So I got excited, excited for your vaccine late it well I got to talk to jake and noodle last night when he was walking the streets and he had like a nice um, button up shirt on. He just got some sushi. So I was like sexy, um, you know, kind of like established dad jake and I really liked what I saw. I saw like your future. You saw my city vibe. You saw the bomber jacket on, you would really go low noodle. It wasn't there a couple that was like trying to commandeer you to come into their apartment or something to play? They had a little wine on their breath and oh, we like your dog. Why don't you, why don't you come upstairs and try this vaccine? Nice people. That's where he got it from. Yes. They gave me the first does corners to you guys. I love it. I got a haircut huge. Didn't you get a haircut before he came out here? Yeah, I had to go get it done up again. So I'm going to florida you like it. Okay. All right, well let's get right into this slate of games. Are you tim? Oh, I'm doing well. I'm doing well. You know, we front load our weeks like crazy that john boy media, like monday, Tuesday Wednesday for me, jake and B b D R and especially this past Wednesday, we did that live show are an absolute like, slog of content where thursday's pretty light, friday is really light after this. I'm headed home and watch them Yankees day game opening up against the race. So I'm excited. So yeah, friday shows. I mean, the drinking on Wednesday really threw me for a loop because thursday felt like friday and then I was like, oh yeah, but friday's I liked anyway, I was like, well, we have the recap show, which is a pretty big, big, big chunk of content we bite off. So I'm good. I'm excited. I did the classic, I knew I had the Nl so I went through all the NFL games I like made sure I kinda tuned into them. The A. L. Trav which you have this week and jake, you have the interleague series. I don't know nothing. I'll be honest about it. Like I tuned into games here and there. But I really, yeah, I was watching and following baseball but I'm excited to see what happened in the A. L. But let's start off and I will tell you guys what happened in the N. L. Are you ready? Here we go. Well, here we go. The reds swept the pirates. We talked about how they have an early schedule and the early weeks schedule and they can really take advantage of it and they did not. Quinn has two homers. Castillo seven shut out innings for them. They needed that. Castano's just going crazy, having fun there. The swag, bad team, bad guys talking about sweeps in the central, the cardinals, they sweep the marlins, they right the ship, they got good pitching from daily own and john gant and our do J flare which they needed after the bad pitching in the first series, marlins don't do a lot of the hitting. The mets and Phillies. They played an exciting series, Phillies take two of three um more versus two Kromm Kromm go six shutout. Then they lose the wind forum Stroman pitch as well. Our guy Reece is hitting the hell of the ball, brewers took two out of three from the cubs. The brew Crew arms are showing off ready. Peralta who we were told that they really like has a good outing. My dude. Travis shaw with the big three run homer low cane with a three run homer. Woodruff, he has a no hit bid of his own Giants and Padres played each other. The Giants won the series as the Padres get the bad Totti's news and they lose the series to the Giants. Darren Rough had two homers, Braves take two out of three from the nationals. Want Soto hit a walk off in. Game one max freed um pitched pretty poorly, bad outing by him. And you know and Strasbourg had a picture stool. Well there's a lot of national games Rockies and Diamondbacks. They played as well. Rocky's took two out of three from the D backs. Um I gotta get a longer version of song. Um marty left. Game two with cramps sends a tele had a really good, really good outing. And that's the N. L. Uh I can loop, I can loop that song. I think I'm gonna loop it. Just follow your heart man. It's been loop about that Phillies in the field. About that people are talking pretty good. Pretty good. Yeah. How about the reds and the cardinals? Both teams that don red in the N. L. Central getting sweeps. Um They meet up in a couple weeks and we talked last episode about how you know if if the reds keep this train rolling, they got like Arizona coming up and then I think another team that's not like you know on paper uh incredibly hard, whatever you know what I'm saying. The Pirates are also so bad on purpose that on purpose, Pirates are bad. Jim. The reds five and 1 on the season five and 1 at home. You know I I know baseball isn't a sport where we start, a lot of people lean on home and road splits. I can help you out. Big buddy, let me know next time. Uh but man, uh you know, MLB is the same way we see teams every year that they dominated home, They take care of their home series. I mean we've we've talked about it with the Yankees stuff for a little bit, like take care of your business at home when you're home series, stay 500 on the road and that's that's a formula to get into the playoffs, interested to see as the reds eventually go on the road. But man, they are, you know, one of the early storylines in baseball, then them in the fills, keep hitting, man, those are tough lineups to get through and if they pitch enough you're good. I was happy to see the braves take a few because they get swept and they go in, get the walk off and I think they ended up taking two in a doubleheader, right? Yes, they are. That's what's good for them, because that's if they start to keep going down that path. I mean, that's my World Series champs right there and you know, sometimes you just need a few wins to get you started a little jump start for them. So it's happy to see them kind of clawback, show some fight, you know, start hitting the ball a little bit.
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