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The OutFronts – Star Trek: Discovery

station description Founded by UCLA students in 1982, Outfest is the leading organization that promotes... read more
Duration: 42:59
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as we as you know, a lot of this is there's been so much pressure as we know, um for queer and trans and non binary characters to play like the actual people to play those roles. And I think that is something that, you know, really this is a beacon because it is representative. You know, we hear so much flak and crap from the industry that we just, there's not that great a pool of people and you know, there's just not, we don't see them regularly available. And I think what this particular show has done is called bullshit on that and said, you know, yeah, it may take it will take a little bit more time and energy, but look at what you get back and look what you give, not only the community but to the world. Has there been any particular feedback or fan gift or or message or story that any of you have heard that just demonstrates how important as we're sharing this with the world, why this is so important um and meaningful to do, to do more of this, to inspire more of this. A huge one for me is I haven't met any uh fans in person yet because of the pandemic and everything, but I I've gotten a lot of messages um not only from uh trans non binary kids, but some from parents, which was like most mind blowing thing for me to receive messages from parents who are like, I'm cece, but my my kid just came out to me and we watched the show and we watched these characters and we like, just want to say thank you for for that, and, you know, making something that we're able to see and and and show them and show ourselves and like, just really insane to me, like multiple parents just messaging me um these things and I was like, I don't I don't that's so much emotion, thank you. It's really crazy. But it's it's that those are a huge one for me seeing um seeing parents of these kids uh talk openly about it. I shot with a few fans similarly to blue online because of the pandemic. And one thing that was really, really touching is that and hand painted these custom made era and grey Funchal pots, you know, they're like a little big bobblehead characters. They like custom painted because they're like, they don't sell these. But these characters are so important to me that I will make my own. And like I was like the level of dedication, like the still like the artistry. Okay, Like I was so touched, the heart is amazing. I was just a joke. I have painted my own Jeffrey. No, but then I burned it. I set it on fire and melted it. But that's it. Can we a mute Anthony and hear what he's saying? Shit, Okay, you're welcome. I will say you know there was there was a conversation that happened on twitter a while back where there was a talk about uh someone started a conversation about the fact that they didn't need they didn't even need to know that Anthony and I were playing gay characters who were in love. They just they just saw in in in the way that we looked at each other, right? That it was they didn't need any more than that, right? And didn't need it to be spoken. And and that there was something that came from the way we interacted with each other that felt authentic two gay male relationships. Um And I thought you know that's that's one of the things you don't get when you hire to straight men to play these roles, right? Because they're so busy trying to find, you know, whatever that is that we just bring to it naturally. And my my friend is one of my very best friends for a long time. It was early, early, early trek fan and he's gay and he was part of the band. Um they were doing like slash fiction, I don't know if you know what that is like fan fiction, where they were having like Kirk Spock where, you know, lovers and things like that. So he's been a part of the queer star trek fandom for decades and anticipating this kind of thing. So there's been this real desire and hunger for that kind of representation. So it's just been he's clued me in on his, his anecdotal experience of how much it's meant within that community also, you know, which is which is nice. They've been they've been waiting for it and creating it themselves when they didn't have it
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