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The Passengers of the Doomed SS Utopia

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History nut Max starts a paper on an early version of an experiment, but there's a reason why its results were never repeated. It was just supposed to be a paper. But when the paper takes Max down a dark path, he finds that there are things worse than failing it.
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So that's Penny so far. I've liked her the best. Now. I know you're probably thinking this is really boring. The people themselves are interesting. But as far as why I would make a podcast of all this, it seems pointless. Right? It's not. I assure you. I was researching Dr Weissman for my thesis, but it was what I heard on these tapes that well I know I'm not crazy and I need other people to hear this. I need others to hear what I hear. I never expected a simple thesis to turn into this. So please bear with me. I can't even pinpoint the exact moment where whatever happened all began, but I know where it got way too real for me. I tried letting in the people in my life. Friends, lovers, classmates, No one will listen to these. So I'm hoping by putting this out into the world, maybe I can find even just one person that can help me make sense of it all. Okay, enough of that. Next let's see. Uh Aidan manis. I'm not letting you turn me in it. I have no intention of turning you in. In fact you're exactly what I need. Look I don't know what you do in your private life and I don't care about this. Has to do with science. I'm researching how living down here affects people. Um mentally I'm attempting to achieve a proper cross section of people to research at current. I lack the view of the average poor person. I ain't poor. I'm a hardworking man. Just getting would I earn? And what do you mean by that way? Please read this out loud for me. Was this oh it's a standard release form. I'm recording this conversation and you will be recording yourself in the future. So you need to read this to cover us both legally and you're not going to turn me. I have no business in dealing with stowaways. Alright. Sorry. It's it's the same thing you heard Tommy do and he asks a million questions during it. Okay. All right. So to continue what I was going to say. What do you mean You're getting what you earned the ship? Who do you think built it? Businesses hire people like me to build the luxuries that only you rich people get to enjoy. I bled to build this ship. I know every square inch of it I deserve to be on it. So, I snuck on I'm not the only one, but I'm not gonna rat out my friends. We have a small community people and families that constructed this. We earned our place in the ship. And it's bullshit. We couldn't buy tickets bullshit. So you mean you couldn't afford a ticket? Of course we couldn't. They barely paid us to build it. I made $400 a year. You people probably make that a month. Why should I build your way to escape the war? That still have to go to war myself? You people profit off people in our position because we can't do better. And that's what's bullshit. Fair enough. Well, I would greatly like your input on this. Tell me do you have anything family? No. Heard a sweetheart while back. But once her family found out where I'm from, they wouldn't allow it. Damn girl left me. Didn't even argue her parents. Yes. That shows how much she loved me. Oh, that's an awful situation. Yeah. Well, convince the rest of the country we are retained a problem and will be square. I'll do what I can. Perhaps your tapes can even influence that with these tapes. I want you to record your your thoughts, your feelings, how it feels to live here. Perhaps you can illuminate to the world, your struggles and bring understanding. Yeah. Uh, that I'm in. If I could show these riches, what for then I'll do it. So I just take this case and record everything. Yes. Do not share with those around you what you're doing. Uh, though in all fairness, you can tell them you're recording them. If you want people like us, get spoke to when we know people like you are listening. They got onto that idea would be a damn riot in the bottom deck. Do you feel safe to do this then? Oh yeah. Look, boy, I got no problem helping you and your little science thing. I'm not gonna tell anyone what I'm doing other than I stole this fancy device from the upper deck folks and I just want to play with it a every week. I need you to drop off your tapes so I can give you new ones. They only hold so much time. Got it. Are we done here? Oh, yes. Here's the Aidan's intake is the most intriguing to me in movies. You always see the secret society of poor people. To me that's way more exciting than regular, rich life. But, well, everything about this ship is beyond regular. So next, let's see. We've got Fiona better here now.