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The Possession with author Michael Gagliardi

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The first hand account of the possession and oppression of Michael Gagliardi.
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something that I felt very strongly about talking about on the show and I think it'll italian nicely with tonight's show as well. Our guest has written a book called Devil Take the hind Most. It is not available yet. It will be out mid august if you go to amazon there is another book but it's about financial issues that's not it. So don't buy that book within a book officially releases will put out a link for that as well. You can also check Darkness radio dot com, click on the shop tab. You'll see our amazon link. You go into our amazon store. We put up all the books that we cover on the show in our amazon store so that you can find them all conveniently there we have our true crime books are paranormal books and gifts and other items all categorized. So when this book becomes available and our guest tells me it's officially out, I will add it to our amazon list so that way people can find it more easily devil take the hind most and now tim I know I'm going to butcher the name even though I've talked with him about this before we came on. I could go with the cheap Americanized version of it and probably get away with it. But I'm gonna do my best to be respectful. Uh today we're going to talk about a possession and an oppression case our guest and survivor Michael Gagliardi, was that pretty good, Michael. Did I get close to the italian pronunciation? Not bad for an american. I'll take it, I'll take it bad, Michael. Uh the letter you sent me is heartbreaking. Uh in so many ways, talking about what you've lived through. I I can't even imagine a going through what you had to and then be to have to deal with the aftermath of this for so long alone. So This is this is 40 years or more in the making. Take us back to the beginning of your story, if you would, and give us some insights into what happened and how this happened. Well, um when I was very young, we lived in Toronto and uh feel free to ask questions as we go along because it's difficult for me. It's a lot of post traumatic post traumatic stress and it gets me shaking when I talk about it. But my mother at a very early age and my sister remembers this and she is seven years older than I am. Yeah, but it started with little things around the house as most possessions, start with banging, knocking things of that nature. Um my my mother in the early days and I'm going to say 70 to 1972 73 when I was 433 and four years old, um started to act weird, started to neglect me. And the first interesting thing that happened that I remember as far back as I can remember. And this is in the book is that you know, being italian. We always had pasta fazul which is uh like star soup for kids kind of deal. And my mother would always, you know, horrible of it. And then call me to the table this one time. And I remember I was about 3, 3.5. She called me to the table but it wasn't there. And she poured soup all down my left shoulder and it was scalding hot and burning. And I screamed. And I remember her taking, taking me in a taxi to the doctor, never saying a word, never comforting me, never saying it was all right, just trancelike. And you know, for I remember this because this was such a poignant day. And she never held me, never touched me, never did anything. We went to the doctors I guess I was banned, bandaged up. But all I remember, I don't remember, you know, the after effects of that. But I do remember the lack of the lack of love and lack of attention. So that was the earliest thing that I can remember. And then we moved into a house in Toronto. And then from there, things like this began, she would complain about hearing voices. She would um and this is all stuff that I would over here at four years old, you know, and she would, you know, say there's little people running around the house and and make references to seeing things and hearing things and hearing voices. And then by that time I was five years old and then we moved 100 miles away. We had a drastic change in our life and I don't know what happens, but my parents or my father decided to move us 100 miles away and he still worked in that area. So he had to drive 100 miles and stay down there for five days. Well, let me ask your mom is experiencing this. Is anybody else in the family experiencing strange supernatural occurrences? Well, that's a great question because I have since tried to track down many family members, Several that have hung themselves and try to find out where the entry point was. Because I've done a tremendous amount of research over the last 30 years and I remember them talking about in their early years before we moved. So this is when I was before five years old, around five years old and we moved from the city to a rural area. I remember that um her and her sister talking about sciences and stuff like this. And I casually remember remember talk of that nature and what brings me back to that point to thinking that that was the entry point is that my mother, I loved my father very her father very much. She adored him and he died in a tragic accident being drunk, inebriated and then stumbled onto a railroad track and got his legs cut off by train. Yeah, in Toronto, back in those days you would have a backyard and have no fences, no fences in the railroad track would go right through the backyard. So you know, they had easy access. So that was my understanding of of what may have been the beginning of this, that she may have contacted, you know, through a science or something like that. My my grandfather or her father because she loved him and missed him. And the pieces I put together because I was too young. But later on in life I put the pieces together, you know, with my family members would say that my grandmother, my mother's mother went off the rails at that time and went out partying and doing all this kind of stuff and my mother was left to tend to her other two siblings. So let me ask you. And I know, I know because I've read the letter that you sent me, um, and I certainly don't want to be to trigger anything for you. But I know our listeners following along immediately have seen some red flags pop up, especially if there's been suicides and, and uh, alcoholism and things in your family. Was there any state of, um, I guess mental issues in the family that you were aware of? Well, you know, a lot of people, a lot of people think, you know, uh demonic possession and, you know, mental illness are either the same or slightly different, but when you hear the rest of my story, that will change your opinion, because she began to have these, these experiences and she began to deteriorate By the time we moved to a rural community when I was five, you know, it progressively started to get worse. That by the time I was, I'm going to say between 10, 11, 12, 13 years old, she was she was spending all of her days sitting in the chair having conversations with herself completely entranced. You could clap your hands in front of her and she wouldn't pay any attention to you and she would growl and her voice is would change as she would talk between you know it was like she was having a conversation with several different people and she wasn't even aware you were even there and It progressively got worse. By the time I was 15, 16 where she was now mutilating herself. I mean spending 9-12 hours sitting in a chair, hitting herself with a log and a boot all day long and dropping her legs, lifting her leg up and dropping her leg down and having conversations and screaming and whistling, you know whistling songs and this kind of stuff went on day after day after day after day for years. It never stopped. How did your father deal with this? Aside from moving you? 100 plus miles away. What was well my father was disengaged. Okay. He my father's he was a refugee in ITaly. So he came to this country with nothing. He was traumatized in his own right being in the war only going having 1/4 grade education. He was never home. See this was the thing because we moved 100 miles away. He would go back down to work and spend, you know, 56 days down there and come up on the weekend for a day and a half and then and then go home. And oddly enough, and this is odd. But being my father, he didn't speak english very well, he doesn't understand things and he basically ignored it and would just say, oh you're crazy and wouldn't even pay any attention to her, but had no clue that this was going on day after day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year because he was only that such a short time only for 24 hours or so, you know, to come home and do his banking and stuff like that and then return back down to Toronto By the time I was 16, uh we had an incident where my mother tried to kill my sister and this was one of the big incidents that happened because we live in Canada. We have, you know, it's called country, we have a mud room, you know, And when I went to school that day, which was at the beginning of the end of May, so it was kind of nice out, I left two of the doors open to the mud room and to the exterior outside door I left was open. So there was just the door from the mud room to the living room that was closed. My mother charged at my sister saying that she was a witch with a big butcher knife and she was right behind her and she was able to open the door and because I had carelessly left both doors open, she told me she was able to get out. And if she was if she had to spend the time on one of the doors, which was one of those push button screen ones because it's stuck, she said she would have been killed. So what happened is she chased her around outside, around the car and then the neighbors called the police and then they had come and then that was the first time they took her away. They took her away to a mental institution and that was the beginning of things, even getting way worse. So she went to this mentalist, Let me ask you this. Um aside from what seems to be afflicting your mother personally and understand, I'm only asking the questions that I know the majority of the audience has at this point because again, people want to push away the concept of diabolical intervention um session because it's it's let's just be honest Michael, it's a terrifying thought and we, you know, it's much easier to just say this woman is obviously in mental distress, she is obviously having a breakdown and it can come on like that slowly and then just de evolved. But with this, is there any other supernatural activity amping up our things moving? Are you hearing other things when mom is sitting still? You're hearing footsteps or seeing things? Does anything else amount to supernatural activity at this point around her? Yes, this is when things began to get really bad and her conversations during the day, I mean they were evil conversations and she's whacking herself with this with this log and with a boot constantly all day long, All day long, there was a stench about her that was just incredible. And then at night time and this is where I have my problems today. I still have blackouts today where I pass out when I become stressed because of nighttime at nighttime. This is when the screaming began. This is where she tried, she would try to enter into my room Which by the way I would sleep with the dresser, this big dresser, armoire against the door and with a hockey stick. And I slept in the same fetal position for 10 years leaving holes in the mattress from being in the same place. Now, what would happen at night time was the screaming screaming during the night and banging going on in her room as if a brawl is happening this and it was so disturbing and I just couldn't grasp what was going on. I mean, I was just, you know, in my early teens when this vamped up to incredible degrees that in her room, things were banging against the wall, crashing on the floor and I never went and opened her door because I was terrified. We were all terrified. My sister, who was living at home at the time had a lock on her door because she would try to enter our rooms at nighttime and screaming and maniacally laughing and hitting herself while walking up and down the hall, trying to wiggle the door knob, trying to get in, you know, and then that would last for maybe a couple hours and then the banging would start in her room and it sounded like three people in there fighting and throwing each other against the floor and she'd be screaming, screaming. And I remember one time when my dad was home he was like what the hell? And I followed him and he ran in there and my mom was lying on the bed saying that satan was jumping on her chest and you know, he completely discounted that I was shaking like mad and we went back out in the hallway and it continued and we just ignored it. It became such a thing that happened every day and every night. And my father was only home on Saturdays and by that time he had a girlfriend at that time, so he wasn't even staying home on saturday night, which was his only night home. So there were just me and my sister and she locked herself away in her room with a padlock on her, on her door, from the inside of the door. And this is how we lived, She tried to burn the house down maybe 10 times the fire department would come. I mean, this isn't even the half of it. I mean if you can read in my book, this kind of stuff went on every day. She would, she would tell us tell me things that I did that week or that day and that she had no idea because she barely ever left the house. If she ever left the house, all she did was go on our street and knock on doors and tell them she was going to cut their heads off and no one called the police. Yeah, she would, she would bang on their doors. They'd answer the door and she'd say, you know, in this voice and tell them I'm going to cut your head off. And she did this to all the neighbors. She terrorized the neighbors. And when the police would come, when the police would come, she'd be completely normal And she uh, just talk. I never heard the conversations between the police because they sequestered us off in different rooms. You know, usually they took me into my room or took me outside. But this happened many many times. The police came to our house many many times and no one was ever, even when she tried to kill my sister after three months, she signed herself in when they got there and she signed herself out in three months and came back home. And I mean she attempted murder and they still allowed her to come home with minors in the house, which was mind blowing. And from that point on it even got worse. It got so terribly bad. But again, just to kind of to really second again, this is all centered around her. But when other things happen now, it's curious that you mentioned, she would have a knowing, she wouldn't be with you. And while you were out doing something, she knew what you were doing. That's telling us, I'm trying to try to massage in the aspects of the supernatural because still being alone in a room, hearing banging, screaming, just sounds like a raging lunatic. But was there supernatural activity that she could sense things she shouldn't know, that becomes more powerful. And you start to see that in demonic cases, listeners, um, these demons do seem to have a handle on things that, you know, being able to see, you know, your deepest darkest secrets. Now, it's it can be easily set again in this case. And I want to preface this. So, give me a second, Michael, because I know it'll sound almost combative to you, but I'll flush the whole thing out. It sounds like we're dealing with a woman in complete mental distress, not afflicted in any way with the supernatural. And somebody that was almost sociopathic in the way that she could be out threatening, screaming, yelling and then be in a calm demeanor. But you have to ask yourselves what does possession look like. Even with priests, they'll show up to the house. This is this is true. Priests will come there with the idea to evacuate these, these demons to release them. To help the afflicted. The personal seem normal, john zavis, adam Bly, Father Andrew called, or some of the people that we've spoken to over the years on the show will tell you, the afflicted sometimes become the nicest when they're there because again, they're trying to throw the scent off of what is actually taking place uh, in the normal world. So they do these things to us. It sounds crazy, but if somebody is possessed it would look crazy. The activity, all of this that you're explaining. That's why it would be so hard dealing with this affliction as a child, a survivor of watching your parents go down this mental route. Now there's no saying clearly she was having a mental breakdown. Does one complement the other? Was her descent escalated by this demonic realm or was her descent into madness? The opening that this demon needed to get in and mess with her so that she could it could have control over her and try to hurt those around her. That's where we still are completely unsure of how this, how this looks on the overall. So there's more right and looking at these different aspects, um you start to see the key words of this woman knowing things, she shouldn't know now. Well she's a mom. Moms know things. Well that's true. But if you're a mile or two away doing something, you know by yourself and she has this insight, there's going to be these key elements that are going to trigger you to know that this is more than just a a a mad woman. This is a madwoman being afflicted by something as well. So I just wanted to take a moment to to mention that. Now you say this continues on. Were you or your sister seeing dark images, shadowy figures? Would you hear knocks and things coming from rooms where mom was not located as though there was supernatural activity amping up? Yes. Yes. But it was hard to tell because you know the way we lived this every day was to just stuff it and not not ignore it. It became so frightening and terrifying that there was no way to deal with this. I mean I look back on it now, you know, as an adult and I see the demonic presence all over it because you know, she predicted Kennedy's death, She predicted a whole bunch of things, She would tell me what I do, you know what I would, what I did that day or where was I? Or you know, very dark things that you know, I was doing and she was able to tell me them. And there were times there were times when she was lucid for for a moment and she would tell me She would like pleading with me and I'm only like 12 or 13 years old and I could see that she realized that. But she would she would plead with me in a way saying, you know, they come in through the back of my neck, they run up my spine, in the back of my neck and she would say this on many occasions, you know, and when that would happen, you know, she would be absolutely gone. I mean, I could clap my hands and I did that, I'd yell in her face, I'd yell in her face and she wouldn't even acknowledge that I was there wouldn't even blink. She would continue going on like these conversations talking and she'd used different voices and different languages. She goes back and forth with herself. Like, I'll give you an example, should be like and then and then another person and a split second later she'd be laughing her head off and then she'd go into a different voice And what it seems like, like I was only 13, so I didn't know you know what languages, you know? But I could hear different languages. It wasn't english you know and this was terrifying. But it became so Every day and then while she was doing this she would be hitting herself and mutilating herself. I mean I would by the time I was 16 I would leave the home and be gone for seven days at a time park my bike in, you know in the uh you know where I parked my bike, come into the house before I eat into the house, I could hear something and this is like I haven't even been home and I could hear the something and I opened up the door and there she was slamming herself in the chest with a log and screaming and talking and going on and on and on. It never ended. It is as if she never slept at all nighttime. I never heard her sleeping. I never heard her snoring daytime daytime. She did these ritualistic things of hitting herself and talking and which never ended and whistling at the top of her lungs clear as anything and singing songs, You know, and I had read about this later on in my 40's about the Ronaldo case where they would, he would whistle and sing songs and hymns and stuff like that. That's exactly what she did. And I had no clue what was going on And it's good that I had no stuff really quickly for listeners. The Roland Doe case is the case that the movie, the exorcism was based on um that was the, the young boy on the uh believe It started on the east coast moved to Missouri and this is where the exorcism actually took place. So I just wanted to catch up our lists on who Roland Doe was or to get back to the spiritual spirit. You know, the phenomenal part of it, you see, none of us ever confronted her. We never confront to do, we'd say shut up or whatever, but it never had no effect, no effect. She had become so a be obese eating everything in the house, everything. I mean rampaging through the house, eating everything so incredibly unhuman like that. My father had to put a big chain and lock on the freezer downstairs. one time when I came home I came home because we had a downstairs entrance from the outside and we have an entrance from the house. I came downstairs and she was tax sawing the lock off the freezer and I said, hey, she turned around, looked at me, snarled at me like an animal and ran upstairs. I followed her upstairs, upstairs upstairs and she slammed the door and you know of her room And she was holding the door closed and I was trying to get in and I could hear her snarling and I don't know what drew me drew me to to push the issue because I was shaking and terrified. But I felt at that point I'm going to die anyway, so I've either got to fight this or something. Anyway. For 10 minutes I was pounding on the door trying to get the door open. All she was doing was snarling from the other side like an animal. Within 10 minutes I felt the pressure of her back away from the door and it was silent. As soon as I opened the door I opened the door and she came lunging at me. You know, she was two ft away from me. She opened the door and I saw her face, her eyes were black, no pupils, no nothing. And the left side of her forehead was all bubbled out. It was all distorted, her face was distorted and she lunged at me and when I saw her face I freaked out. I ran outside. I was shaking. So incredibly bad, I was stuttering and I didn't know what to do And she never she didn't follow me outside. So what I waited for 15 minutes, 20 minutes to calm myself down. I went back in the house are phone was right inside the door of the entrance, in the living room from the mud room and it had a long long cord on it. So I grabbed the phone and I I pulled it as far as it could outside and I called my dad who was at his friend's house and I told I was I couldn't even tell him what happened. I was like I was I I never got one word out, I was stuttering, so bad and he says okay, I'm coming over and then I hook up, I, you know, put the phone on the hook because there's the old dial phones. And within 10 minutes my dad showed up and he started to walk in the house and I followed him the second he came into the house, my mom being £300 you know, she was at £300.05 feet, she's five ft tall, Maybe to 80- 300 lb. She lunged at him, grabbed him, threw him to the floor with incredible strength. I mean my dad was 58 5, 7 or five day, she threw him to the floor, got on top of them and started beating him and my dad was completely in shock. He was completely in shock. I tried to pull my mother off and as as quick as it started she got up, she got up, she stood up and went back in the room and closed the door. My dad was left there, I was thinking he was going to cry. He was I never seen a man so shaken up in my entire life because she threw him to the floor like a doll and beat him and he got up and he was shaking and we both went outside and he couldn't talk to me because he was shaking so bad. So we stayed outside for about an hour, half an hour to an hour. And then my father called the police and I don't I don't know exactly who we call, but I remember the police, the police came and the mentalist interest institution people came and they came in the house and they took her her away in a straitjacket and she was as calm as anything. Good. God, I cannot even imagine what it would be like as a child. First of all, your mother, that's that's your savior, That's the person that protects you, watches over you and is your, you know, rock to see somebody to evolve like this and to see them breaking. Just even if it was simply a mental breakdown would be enough to create havoc in somebody's world. But then to know that there is a supernatural element two. It is even more. That's what I saw that day when I saw her face all contorted. That's it terrified me and traumatized me so bad that when I walked outside I couldn't even I couldn't function. My knees collapsed, I fell down on the ground on the concrete and I was shaking so bad, I was trying to utter words and I was like, I was I have never experienced such trauma in my life before Like that and I couldn't, I couldn't even say a word. And when I called my dad it took me about 20 tries to do the phone number because it was the old rotary dial phone numbers, phones, and I kept getting it wrong and I kept doing the numbers wrong and putting my finger in the wrong space because I couldn't keep my hands still, you know, to rotate the dial. So it took me I think maybe 15, 20 minutes to actually get the right number. And then when my dad answered, I couldn't even say one word, I was just completely stuttering and I couldn't say one word and you know, believe it or not. When they took her away that day, she signed herself in again and signed herself out three months later. Because I guess back then that was the period that you could um that they were allowed to hold you because an incident had happened, you know. But the funny the funny thing is the police, you know, I was a minor police. Nobody did nothing. She came home twice and it got worse and worse and worse. You know. How were you able to were you able to get any information regarding her stints in mental institutions? What was going on with her then? Was she still exhibiting these strange behaviors? Strange anything that you could get or because of patient confidentiality? Did they not open up about that? Well, I had called them three weeks ago and they had told me, you know, usually cases from that era, you know are terminated and you don't think. But the lady said to me, oh, I see it right here. And she says that's odd. We still have the, the documents in the archives. And she said, but it'll take me a day because it's off campus and she never returned my phone call and I still can't get a hold of her. So the documents were off campus. She said from those years ago, they would have been burned if they're 20 years old or whatever, they would have been thrown out and terminated. But she said that's odd. It says that they're here in the archives and she never got back to me. She never saw there were there were the reports. I never got to see them. You know, we were, I was just a kid. My dad didn't care at the time, you know, and we're talking a small, Small town, it's a town of 4000 in rule northern Ontario. So you know, your police department, everybody knows everybody. And it was a very hush hush. I felt like they covered it up because the police and the fire department were always at my house, they were always at my house because something was on fire, my mom would burn everything, she would put everything in the fire until the chimney caught on fire and the attic was heating up so bad that that uh um the sparks were flying out of the chimney and neighbors would call the police and call the fire department. So they were always out there. But it persisted and persisted until, You know, and this is the conclusion of it. By the time I was 19, my my mother and father had had divorced and he put her in an apartment building in, you know, half an hour away. And when I went to see her and she was doing the same thing. So I said I had enough of this. I can't deal with this. And I walked away and I had made plans that year to move to California and I was going to be homeless on the Sunset Strip, homeless at the santa Monica beach. I don't care. I had nothing to come home to and that's exactly what I did. That's how I got to America. But well let's do this. We're going to take we're going to take a quick break and then we'll find out the rest of the story and where it leads us to today. Again, the information for the book will be out in a few weeks we will update it. You can find it at Darkness radio dot com under our shop to go to our amazon shop link and when the book is available in two weeks we will have it there. The book called Devil Take the hind most. We will be back. Stay tuned. You're listening to the best in paranormal podcasting. This is darkness radio. It looks like summer will be almost normal, which it turns out is super refreshing. Now, if you want your brain to feel like it's summertime all the time, you're gonna want to download Best Friends, Best Friends makes your brain feel like well, relaxing beach vacation. And if I love anything, I love me some vacation. I also love best fiends. 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So go to talk space dot com and save yourself $100 off your first month with the Code Darkness. Give it a try. You'll be glad you did. Welcome back to the program. This is Darkness Radio. I'm Dave. That's tim I want to remind her body again. Michigan Perricone is coming up soon at the end of august. I will be out there along with the political aura of other fantastic speakers. I hope that you'll come on out and see us. It is one of the premier paranormal events of the year. It's amazing. My Peric Con dot com is the website to get your information. M My Peric Con dot com. And also I'm working with a production company that is seeking footage. If you have any filmed footage of strange encounters there specifically looking for, well they want anything supernatural but if you have anything that you believe to be a shadow man uh cryptid creature, something bizarre and unusual like the night walkers. Uh anything like that, Even angelic in nature. 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Make sure you check out our Darkness Radio Youtube page. Subscribe to it, click the bell so you never miss any of the new content and you can also watch it on our social media. We'll be live tonight with eco bodine and Jamie. How cause we deal with spiritual attachments and release. We'll also be talking about how to heal yourself from these type of things that will be made available tomorrow as an audio only podcast right here on darkness radio. I also want to mention, remember folks there is a premium version of the show where you can get all of Darkness radio and our dark hives along with our true crime Tuesday program in total all of it. Commercial free, five bucks a month. That's basically what it breaks down to five bucks a month. And if you go get stitcher premium now and use code word, Darkness radio. All one word or darkness, you're going to get deep discounts savings and I can't remember. There were two different discounts. 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At this point, Our guest today, Michael Gagliardi, and we're talking about his experience with a mother dealing with possession um, And in the aftermath, what the effects have been like for him, we've heard the heartbreaking story is it evolved from his very early childhood of around four years old to 19 years old, Michael. Again, our hearts go out to you with this. Um with this tale, I I can't imagine the kind of fortitude you have to have personally to see something like this through and and survive. So first of all, congratulations for making it through that and and being here with us to tell this story. This is this may help others as well in understanding that they may not be alone if they're dealing with this. Um so you you've decided you're going to get the hell away, you're going to America, you're going to separate yourself. Put as much mileage as you can between your mom and yourself and what's going on. Um Take us take us on from this part of the story, please. Well, you know, by that time, You know, I was 19, I was able to leave and I had went to see my mother one week before I was going to leave for California. And my plans were to go to California and be homeless and figure out something because anything was better than than than what I had here. And a lot of my friends and family say, man, I don't know, you have had the guts to do that. Well, it wasn't guts, It was anything was better than what was going on. You know, if I was going to be homeless on a beautiful California beach, that was, that sounded much better than what I had, uh, you know, gone through the last 12, 13 years anyway. Um, so what had happened was I had seen her one last time I had left her apartment and it was within a day or two that I had left and then went to California. I was on a bus. I came to California. I had a family member that I stayed with for a couple of days and I think it was it was exactly a week later that my family contacted me because I had left a number of somewhere where I was staying and they had contacted me and said that your mother had died and and I wasn't shocked by that and when they told me when she had died, that was the day that I left. So it was very interesting, like the mission was complete, So to speak, but she was only 46 years old. Was it a sense of relief and I know that's that's horrible to say, but you know, I don't know if you're dealing with that all your life is that kind of a no, it wasn't. It wasn't because the damage could be done by the time I was 19, was having severe insomnia, maybe sleeping an hour a night For and that lasted 10 years. The extreme insomnia. The after effects like you were speaking of as I b I began and I began this in school where if you ever watched that movie, a perfect mind with Russell Crowe, that's exactly how I became I became, you know, walking into a room and calculating my plan of escape. Who in the room was a threat, how I would take them down all this kind of thing, remembering shirt colors, pants, anything, you know, notable hair hair color, weird haircut and establishing threat levels with everybody. And I did this for decades. I couldn't drive my car without looking at license plates, computing license plates and taking down information about what if something happened here while it was by the palm tree at the corner of blah blah blah blah blah blah. It was madness, absolute madness. And this was the after effect of it and it progressed and changed over the decades. Now I have blackout the the the craziness of my mind is still there, but not as bad. But now I have when I have the events of extreme stress, I just passed out, my body can't take it anymore and I just passed out. I've probably passed out over the last two years probably 12 times and I passed out a couple times while writing this book and even even after this, You know I met my wife very early on when I was 19 and when we had Children, the paranormal stuff began to happen with us. You know, my, one of my, let me ask you about that. Did you have a fear um that what happened? Your mother might happen to you and could end up no negatively influence over? Okay. No, I never did. I never did. I never did. But what had happened, You know, things began to happen when I was in my 20s, Actually, when we were in, when I was 19, we had, We had a big earthquake or maybe I was 20, we had a big earthquake, the big earthquake in Los Angeles and my wife saw a crouched demon sitting in the corner. Seconds before we had a major earthquake, she was woken up by something and second had seen that seconds before we had the major earthquake in California, that it was the whittier quake that we were in when that had happened, when that had happened. That had triggered my PTSD so terribly bad that I stuttered for nine months after that Because I was just coming out of all of this stuff at 19 years old. Um you know, leaving Canada and you know, thinking I was, you know, you say, you think you have some sort of relief, but I never had any relief and we had that earthquake and ice Stuttered from the trauma from that for nine months and you know, things just continue. I've never been able to hold down a job That was like a 9-5 to this day. I'm a musician because that was my therapy when I was a kid and that's what I do. I go, I go play place for an hour or two, do a concert and then come home. That's about all I can process in around people being in any sort of a situation where I have to perform or beyond or communicate, you know? That's about it, I've got a two hour limit and then I'm done, I can't do it anymore, you know, and these are the things that have manifest themselves, You know, and we've had many paranormal things happen over the years that we've been together, we've been together now, 36 years we had stuff with our kids, we had stuff in the house. In fact, just a few months ago while I was writing this book, we had banging on the side of the house, I ran out there with a flashlight, you know, and my house where my front door is to the side of the house, the banging was on the wall where my head was against and it was banging my head right off the wall. I was like, bump, bump, bump, and I ran out with a flashlight, took me maybe all of two seconds To get out the flesh and there's nobody there. And I ran around the entire house, looked up on the roof, went on, the roof, looked everywhere, that kind of thing has happened tremendously over the last 20 years. Um I've been sitting in a room and hearing the teeth, kettle whistle, full blast in a small room. And then I feel like the only place anyone could hide is behind this armoire and the second I get up it stops. And that happened while I was writing this book. It happened several times. Well, I was writing this book, you know, and we've had banging, we've had, you know, cupboard doors fly open and my daughter now is experiencing that kind of thing. She lives in Yucca Valley and she's been experiencing things like that as well, Michael, Why do you, why do you think your family is afflicted with this type of? Well, I'll, I'll tell you. And this is this is this is my opinion that from the research that I've done over my family, I've had several people in my family hang themselves from my dad's brothers to my cousins. And there is a, there is, you know, I've studied demonology for years. I'm actually a speaker on it now, but I can only do two hours of it like I said, but after researching all this stuff, I know that demons, they've been around for a long time. They have the information and the knowledge of everyone's family. They are, and they're assigned two families. They're assigned for the breakdowns of the families and to destroy people. And when people commit suicide, that is a demonic act, that is a demonic act. It is if you're killed by somebody that's one thing. But to take your own life is such a low, a disparage herbal act of self loathing. And I got to that point in my 30s, I was actually admitted to your Belinda where I couldn't deal with life anymore. I just couldn't shut it off because nothing shuts off. There's no rest. There was no rest for me. And I ended up in your Belinda. And when I was in your Belinda, I stayed 3, 4 nights and paranormal stuff was happening around me while I was there. And the guy people there were like, well what the hell? You know? And and uh you know this this is what was going on. Even while I was trying to get help and I've sought help from psychologists. I've had I've had a number of psychologists just tell me I can't deal with this. I can't help you and send me. They are they saying that because they are not prepared to deal with the supernatural? Or are they saying it because they were being dismissive and think you're just crazy and no. Okay. No. They were overwhelmed by what I was telling them. They were completely overweight. It was beyond their scope of ability to find reasoning to cultivate some reasoning in this to help me. In fact one psychologist told me you need to go see a P. O. W. Uh psychologist ones whose because this is the worst stuff I've ever heard and I never went to him because I thought you know you know there's a thing about this kind of thing. It's that it's with anything you don't want to talk to somebody who doesn't understand your experiences, who hasn't gone through something. You know what I mean? Like talking to a psychologist about things they have no knowledge of that doesn't help you any, you know, it's like that statement, you know that birds of a feather flock together, you know to no one is to be one you know and stuff like that. You can't talk to somebody that my situation, my story is so extreme that people just can't deal with it. The psychologist, in fact, I talked to psychologists at county who I was I was asking could you just please refer me to somebody who could who could help me? Nobody could help me everybody that I went to. They were like, I can't help you, I can't help you. This is beyond me. It is too overwhelming and it is a rarity and that's why you were saying in the very beginning, that's why I feel completely so isolated and a freak and so by myself in this world because I can't find other people that have had these experiences and for so long, I mean you hear about a possession or something that's a couple of weeks or coming in the analyst Michelle case, it was nine months, but this went on for me for 12, 13 years, day in day out, there was never a day of rest, never a day of rest. My mother was full scale by the time I was 12 or 13 into these yelling, screaming, talking invoices, other languages, yelling at herself, you know, talking to different people going, switching languages and people I'm talking voice is completely different from each other In matter of split second and hitting herself. This never ended. Like I said, I'd go away for seven days and come back and hear it by the time before I even walked into the house. And it was shocking to me to think that I never heard her sleep. It was as if there was no rest and I didn't know how to deal with us. Now. You could understand that for having the mother is the pinnacle of the family, making dinner and stuff like this. This created a whole, another aspect of issues for me where I was starving and I and my father was gone and I had to steal. So I stole from gardens in the summer and I stole kids lunches in the winter time. I was a thief and they never caught on to who was stealing all the lunch of the school for years, you know, they will now, but these are all the issues I never had close. I had to wear girls clothes. I I wore boots that were too small that cramped my feet. You know, my legs were bloody from getting chapped and I never no one took care of me. So this this this mental abuse continued day after day. And it was different because Canada we have seasons. So every season I know, here comes the torture of winter. You know, All we had was a fireplace, You know, to heat the home while it doesn't heat up the whole house. If you're in your room with a with a big drawer pushed up against your bed, it doesn't heat your room. So you're freezing, it's -60° out and you're freezing, you know, and trying to sleep and you got insomnia and you're waiting for your mother to kill you. And and this just never ended. Yeah. Tell me, Michael, what part of the are you in Canada now? Are you still here in the United States? No, I'm actually in Palm Desert And then home, dad, I've been here since that day I left. I've been here for 36 years. Because I would like um off air, I would like to connect you with a couple of people that I firmly believe will believe you and might be able to help get you some help to deal with this. Um, it and you know, dr Raymond moody has been doing a lot of work uh, in helping people with PTSD and helping them to release the spirits and release themselves from this. And I believe he can help. And if he is unavailable, we have some other resources that might be able to help you through this and deal with the, uh, deal with the attachments. Um, so I'd like to help you connect with those uh people that again, we trust. We love and have been longtime fans and friends of our show that are very good at helping people in your situation. Yeah, I have yet to run into somebody With a case. So I mean my case is basically like the Roland doe like the Annalisa Michelle except for an extended period of time for 12, 13 years. I saw things that a child shouldn't see. I heard things you know that a child shouldn't here and it completely broke me down as a human being. And I believe that that was the issue. That is that's what demons are all about. They're all about destroying the institute. You know that God has provided from the very beginning which is the man and the woman, a family and Children. You know, and that's what they do. They come into a family, they know everybody's ticks and they go after you, they go after it and they go after the vulnerable and that's why I named that devil take the high most because my sister at once my mother tried to kill her. She left, she left a couple of four or five months later, she left and then there was just me left in the house and my sister when I talked to her, she said she had great guilt leaving me there all alone. So it was just me and my mother there. And that's when things escalated to incomprehensible Levels of the things that I heard and seen on a daily basis that I was so freaked out now because I was older, I was able to process things better at 17, 16, 17, 18 years old that I had to leave the house, even if I slept outside in the park, I had to leave the house, I had to not be there, you know, because it just got so bad. And it's like, how much can a human being take, you know, when you're, you're subject to this abuse, 24 hours a day, it never stopped. Even when you're not there, it's still going on you know, and that's what was the hardest part for me. And to this day, I still, like I said before, I can't hold a job, I can't do much of anything longer than two hours. And I mentally done, I mentally cooked, I have to go home and depress, you know, so it's been an incredible, an incredible uh, journey. But the one thing that, you know, there's a couple of good things that did happen from it. Um, I became in school. You probably, maybe some of your listeners to think, well, how did you do in school? It probably was a wreck. No, I was over an overachiever academic. I want everything. Everything there was to win academic. Captain of this. Captain of that championship of this. I've got Award of Excellence is honor student. I've got times for sure. Nobody, You know, when I was a kid, I had no one to show them to. I don't know, maybe I was trying to, to, in some way, you know, impress somebody to pay attention or give me some love at that point because I didn't even know what love was. But I was a complete overachiever all the way up to high school. By the time I hit Grade 10 it was over. I dropped the ball and I said, I'm done, I can't do this life anymore. And my grades began to fail and I didn't start showing up to school anymore. And the reason for that was I focused on guitar. I had found my escape and my escape was music. And that's what I do to this.
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