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The reaction to Saweetie's "My Type"

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The group discusses the success of Saweetie and her single, "My Type". Along with women in Hip-Hop.
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all the female listeners I know y'all live right now, Shake some ass. You feel me not? You can, I don't want to see you shaking shit, sit your ass down. I don't wanna see you shaking shit. Yes, that is much. Yeah, shout out to Sweden. But yeah, Big Creek has sweetie on the album, that shit was hard. Like her voice is she got your voice? Yeah, she do. That's what I'm saying. She can rap like if she can just get it perfected somehow, I don't know what she's missing doing this. Oh yeah, I'm rocking. All she needs is a bunch of 2000 beats. I'm rocking and she just need to make videos and look fine as hell in them and she good the record is at 100,000 souls right now it's gonna go go like I'm just saying it right now, that's going to go with it. So I just got to take a picture with her for the one time. Just for the one time I got to flex on instagram. She keep doing this. This *** Anthony is a slap. You said I need more. That's on a slap. one of my gun shots for the record for the record for everybody. Sweetie is not from the baby. She was born in. The baby was born in Hayward I think and she was raised in sacramento, the rich part of sacramento. So she's not a Bay Area artist. She's about his bay area. Yeah. Yeah because she's representing her roots I guess her roots even though she was kind of raised in sacramento. But sacramento's only hour and a half away so I'm gonna let that shit slide because you know I live there and it's not that far. But either way one of six don't come in in sacramento so it ain't the bay, I can't hear K. M. E. L. And I turned it on and I hear the mariachi band, you're not in the bay area like everybody for the bait know what I'm talking about When you pass that bridge, you pass Fairfield. It's mexican. I don't know what radio it is but it's a mexican radio station. Pretty much pretty much. And that's when you turn on the ox. If you were slapping one of six you put like a dog because you try to hear that shit. So yeah shout out to sweetie. But speaking of female rapper since we're already here, go ahead. Give me the ox. We're gonna talk about JD this ***, jermaine Dupri woke up the other day and snorted some cocaine and then went on on and start talking about shit. And I don't know what straight, I haven't watched this video so I don't know if what he said was taken out of context. I see what you put on twitter, Ronald, Reagan still pushing that way. *** was saying anything broke. *** was saying, what? I think somebody said that john wall was better than Russell Westbrook and I said, yeah, y'all, *** is all cracked. Reagan is still pushing, pushing that way from the grave because there's no way in hell that's true. But here's Jermaine Dupri about female rappers and he starts talking about the brat who was his artist on. So, so def in the nineties when brad came out, um she was the first female solo artist to go platinum. So we together broke that the mode that I was in prior to meeting brad. Um and since then female rappers have been able to sustain and sell a lot of records, actually more records and guys, So um but before that, prior to breath, that wasn't happening, it was good artists but they weren't they weren't doing the numbers that I felt like I needed to for my company. And you yeah, you mentioned other female rappers. Do you have a favorite right now in the rap game italian and out to you look at this *** face? No, you know the reason why I can't say it because I feel like they're all rapping about the same thing and I don't feel like that, I don't think they're showing us who's the best rapper. I think they're trying to show them for me. Um it's like strippers wrapping and I don't I don't, as far as rap goes, I don't I'm not getting who is the best rapper? I'm getting like okay you got a story about you dancing in the club, You got a story about you dancing and you got a story about you dancing in the club. Okay, Alright. Who's getting ready? Who's gonna be the rapper? So, yeah. What is the thing that you want to see if you're not just more I mean, I feel like at some point somebody's gonna have to break out of that mode and just show us, you know, talk about other things. Like rap, Just rap about other things besides that. All right, y'all uh instagram is fucking wild. Good. But we saw So listen to everything that you made a pre just said, wait, I'm becoming a I would call me on your baby, but I wouldn't put anybody into the joke first. Snoop is a fool. But if you go to sleep instagram to snoop instagram, a fucking jumping into the camera and this *** jumped up like a nightmare if shit is hilarious, gets out by today, but just go look at his third post today. Today is july 13th. This ***, Snoop is a fool but Jermaine Dupri based on what he just said and what I heard, I think Anthony can't breathe. I'm trying not to laugh right? Because this is not the topic to laugh at and I think it's going to take me out of context. I'm sorry, Okay, Russia is a fool, right? Somebody takes Snoop Dogg's foldaway please. But you just see the reaction. I didn't even see that part. Now Jermaine Dupri based on his comments, it echoes the comments that we made an episode for. There are rappers out there that rap about everything, no name, rhapsody etcetera etcetera, right? But when he's talking about mainstream, he said that brad broke the mold for rapid female rappers to go platinum and sell more than most male rappers sometimes. Right? He's talking about the mainstream rappers right now. Cardi Nikki Megan. They make what type of music music to bitches like torque into? Am I wrong if I'm wrong at this point, turn the podcast off. If Cardi Nikki Megan, that's the three that they think and then throw city girls in their same same. They may not well, he said strippers wrapping, Cardi is a stripper. Megan is not a stripper. Megan is not a stripper. She doesn't rapidly stripping. Nicky is not a stripper. Nikki raps about everything low key, but it's a lot of making music. Honestly, she talks about wrong. I don't think Nicky's in that context, but Card is a stripper and she writes about what she does and then Megan makes ass shaking music. Ain't no problem with that city girls make ass shaking music. He's complaining about he's talking about the mainstream ones though, but he's talking about how what they're rapping about, he said they're all right about the same thing. I don't care either now because they're steaming rappers out there that do rap about other shit like no name Rhapsody, all of that. You do get a mix of all that's not just all of them all the tweets and everything that came from this word. Men rap about every men rap about fucking pussy blah blah blah. First of all, yes, they do. Hip hop has been generalized to sex, it's been generalized to sex. So that goes both ways when they asked him the question, his answer is literally like answering exactly what you like, what else was he supposed to say? Honestly? Because when they when you say if he would have said I like no name have like I bet money that those two anchors didn't know who that it was, You know what I'm saying? So if he wants to say I like rhapsody, they might not even know who he's talking about. When you think female rap, you think something could work too right? Most times now when the brain disorder like but we don't necessarily but generally when you say, oh what um what female rapper you listen to our listeners, I would have said someone like, like one of my favorite new female rappers is greedy with greasy go crazy. Yeah, that's not actually music. That's a wrap now JD made like help the brat break the mold. The brat didn't just wrap it up shaking ass little kim and come on, come on, come on out here too. In the nineties when Dave brat was out, little kim and um Foxy Brown came out. That was a sex symbol, wrap the whole like you're shaking ass and doing all this stuff. Talking about blake sex. The brat didn't do that. His point is the main ones that he knows are saying the same exact thing that you heard back then. That's all I took from this. I didn't take him being sexist or anything from this. Now. I get why they think that it's a little ignorant, it's ignorant to say because he knows better because he's been in the game too long to say something like this. But I don't think that's what he meant. But based on his other comments about outcast, pretty sure this *** smoking crack, because you know, I want to play one of the cocaine is a hell of a drug. It really is now Trina said this, like they're strippers. Yeah, because I don't get the whole strippers thing. Like what the strippers gotta do. Like a bunch of strippers rapper. Because I don't think uh City girls carry, she's not a stripper. She was a stripper. Like, I don't I don't really understand that part. Well, I would say though, is this like you have uh don't try to knock the woman that's coming, You're doing that thing. Like it was a it was a vague blank dead spot. It was like Casper the ghost on female artists for a moment for a couple of, almost a decade now that these girls are coming into the game and doing their thing. Um I don't really feel like they should really focus so much on what they rapping about, rap about what your life is, what's happening. You're like these are young girls, they having fun, they're doing anything. They out here traveling, getting their bags, securing their baby, talking about what they see going on club and partying, getting fly bag, securing the bags, like dudes, being goofy, whatever, whatever is in your life, you can't, that's what you're talking about. You're not talking about bible study. If you're not, that's not what you're doing, You're not talking about being a lawyer. If you're not going to school to be a lawyer, you're not talking about being a judge, You're talking about life, the lifestyle, having fun, doing your thinking, don't get me wrong, I'm listening to these girls listen to these songs. I'm like, you can't sit girls. I mean you got number one history on the record right now. I mean it's a job that comes from under me comes to Miami so they're bound to win. Like when I think of it as like me all over again in 1998 so of course I'm going to support it all the way 100 when I hear them talking. Yeah, it's raw, it's raunchy, Unapologetic is it's saucy, it's not about trying to be the next barred lyricist or everybody, I wanna be jay z everybody wanna be lyrics of the year, People just want to have fun and that's the problem because believe it or not, what are these guys talking about the same thing? Drugs, sex money, guns, shooting, banging girls, getting no high. So what are they talking about? That's so different than what the females are talking about. Girls not talking, they're talking about having fun, twerking, shaking a but having a good time. They're young, you're young. Girls Under the age of 30 years old. What do you want to talk about? Like, you want to have fun? You want to be in the lively of having fun the kids. When I think about the first of all, men don't count. Women and kids are the ones that supported by music, it's not men and that's always been that way since I started. That was the one thing I learned when I first signed to a label when I look at my niece, now that's 14, it's a whole replica of everybody that followed me when when when I came out that age, all they want to hear is this this music fun, having a good time, dancing, party, whatever. Nobody wanna be sitting up here, like they're in sunday school talking about He got the best bars of Spin 16, Nobody Wanna do 16. Now I agree. 100%, I agree. And then she made it seem like just because you're young, you shouldn't be like everybody is not going to be a lyricist, obviously that's not an issue. But when she said you're not gonna sit here and be like, we're in bible study, that's not, that's not what hip hop is, but I get what you're saying and I agree with it. Now Ari Lennox was alive at this job a degree and this shit was hilarious. This legendary *** and tried it. I'm offended defendant defendant. That gives me a dominated, just wrapped it with sexist lyrics that women fox doubt and promoted atmospheres on his own thing. To me, it seems like Peyton. It seems you don't like how that queen this is alive. So if it will make up the summer bacon, but we rose up so fearless. You have the amazing teacher not to, but she slept on her half the way. Like it was devil wears Prada. So many sexist pricks, I love our little she's a fool bro. They masturbating and job rating to the greatness of Female Brown speaking the truth. But in everyone's playlist casually and sweetly in our guilt. The double standard shot me shaking. Yeah. Get rid of good shots. Uh Any box we go here if you do it now. You mad because City Girls truck shit because she always went off a lot of looking weak. Jazzy holes ***. It's that quality content. Listen J. D. I don't got time for your trifling ass. I'll show you how the real players playing D. C. Motherfucker. She looks fucking idiot bro, shots. Ari Lennox. That's why they would never want shit like this. Give me the gun sets bro. Give it a good