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The Read talks Lil Uzi "buying" a Planet

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it's the role as a gag. Like okay they you know what I mean Like they don't they're saving it. I feel like they're saving it. Okay so why some people are saying that they feel like she's replacing Leticia Wright? Which I don't think it's true. Um No me either. Some people think that she might be playing Aurora Monroe. Okay. Storm. Oh that's wait the X man that's not the same. Go ahead I'll clear it up. Thus. X man is Mhm. Is D. C. No X. Men is marvel marvel. But X men does not exist in the black panther universe. But does it why did I just I just assumed that these why do any of these girls to be in the same movies? Do they? I mean the X men they just don't they? I mean you suffered through infinity war because black panther was in. And why do you think Spider man was you? Yeah because he's a superhero. Oh excellent at superheroes. Okay what do you think? Do you think they work at the bank? I mean I kind of was thinking of like Captain Planet a superhero. Yes but not really storm into child over literally married O. C. And so when I first heard this news I started thinking about what she got her baby doing. And then I realized very quickly I do not know enough about the black panther universe to start speculating on what this role could be. So see I knew then to just give up on even trying to have the conversation with myself. I knew then I just don't know enough about this. So whatever y'all get Mikayla cole to do, I'm sure I will love it because I loved everything about the first one. Just I adored it, yep. Right now I need it right now. There's also remember that she could be playing a character named Madam Slay, which is a real character that exists. Um It isn't a gay thing that I just made up because I'm Gary and I love it. Okay. No, it's Madam. So uh and I don't really, I mean that feels like the most likely to me if any of this is true, like I honestly feel like she's going to be playing someone that's none of these rumors, but I feel like of the things I've heard that's probably the most likely, but it would maybe be adjusted or switched up a bit because I don't, I don't, again, whatever. I would love her to play Storm though, I would love her to play Storm, but I feel like we got to um iron out this Multiverse thing. Okay. Yeah, because I clearly confused the hell out of me. All of the special needs to be re casted girls. This is your time because I feel like in a few more years they can be like, oh my God look, it's t'challa from earth 76 they buy um I don't know, some tic tac said Lawrence, J Alice. I don't know why. Come on. Lawrence. I don't know why he's the first person to me because that shady as opposed to it should be all today. Did you see that? I did? And I said, leave us alone, congratulations. Right, It was fun. Congratulations girl looked like an absolute doll. But the arrest the glow like everything about it. The way she played it off in the instagram caption, literally everything about it. Uh I love you lisa. But um what else can I ask you the X men? Um do they have like a human face that they put on when they around people in like the real world? Like do they transform into the X men? Kind of like power rangers used to transform into power rangers? Because I don't think I've ever seen a human ish looking X men, They all look, you know, like wolverine and they could be looking like a wolf. Wolverine is an X man, right? Yeah, you do right. But, but do all of them, I know storms are black lady, kind of just looks like a white top. So just like real like bushy and yeah, just with a lot going on. Okay. He gives like white kinky trade, very circuit party. The wolverine basically just looks like a circuit party day. Uh Okay. Their music there yet with the music okay, there people. Okay. And that's the whole thing about it is, it's very like, it has a lot of underlying like civil rights, Black undertone Stewart, where it was kind of like we can't help who we are, but we're being, you know, eradicated and destroying personally just by virtue of being who we are. All we want to do is exist. And then some of them are like we can get these people to understand that we all can live in harmony. And then magneto and them are like no kill all of them bitches because what they're not going to do is continue to try us. So it's like, you know what I enjoy. The Brother got you. I should watch some X men movies. I'm Googling now saying that there are many movies. Are they not good? They're not, don't ever do that. Don't do that. Don't ever do that. Maybe watch the cartoons. You know what? I'll just read the Wikipedia. Look at some of the show on Disney Plus. Oh, there's a show on Disney Plus. Okay, but this was that was my problem because when I picture X men, I picture cartoons. I don't picture because they were all born from animated picture books. Mm Yes, that's correct. All of these things are cartoons So it's animated from the 90s to yeah, but most of them do look like people. Yeah. Some of them unfortunately have a gene that makes them not look like human. For instance, Beast doesn't see, I never even heard of that one. It's unfortunate. You know, some of the girls, they don't, you know, they have something that makes them, but then you have like Mystique who looks blue and has definitely yellow wise, but then she can make herself look like, oh, yes, okay. I understand it now. And I will be looking it up further. Thank you. All right, this week in Hot tops Godzilla versus Dawn, we will start with an update from Lebron James. He retweeted an article from deadline About the Space Jam film. It's a space jam. A new legacy steals the ball away from black widow with $32 million, I believe. That was their first weekend. Um, Lebron retweeted it with the caption. Hi Haters. Space Jam two has since wrapped in apparently 94 million worldwide. Okay. What? What? Um, There's still a little over 50 million under budget, but um, sir. Great. Oh damn. That's 50 million under budget. Goddamn Yeah. One 150. Oh, wow. Oh, okay. Well, okay. Um, I don't know. Covid Isha has anything is I think really has had, she has a lot to do with it when you can just pull it up on Disney Plus or you or whatever the hell like. Yeah girl, we're not we're not going to the theater for that. We're not I'm not not for space jam back at it, you know, something else perhaps. Yeah. The reason for me is it's just that I'm not going to watch this whether is um, at the theater or the comfort of mine. Neither way. I really don't care to watch space Jam plus not. If no one like begged you, you would more space jam. Space Jam all the way. Yeah. Like if no is like we're watching Space Jam the remix then. Yeah, I probably you need to, you need to see this is for your own edification. You would sit through it, right? But like Maybe maybe I will find in 95 mask and go to the theaters for black panther too. But I can't have a movie. I cannot think of a movie that could give me to the, to the theaters before that one. I just cannot. I thought about going to the theaters to see the Suicide Squad. But then I was like you know what? No, no, why? I like I'm actually having a decent time watching these brand new movies at home and there are some that really I think need the theater experience. Like I'm not going to watch a Quiet Place part two. The group's I just can't do it because a huge part of what I loved about that about the the first film was the way not only that the yeah, I find that horror films are fun theater anyway. I love watching them by myself because I like to be scared. But I don't know, I like you know jesus um watching them around other people that are like absolutely going to be more afraid than I am like that. It's fun as well. But then like that particular, you'll love it cause most of these things don't scare me to be honest with you. But I still have a really good time watching them. Um but like that film, like a quiet place then the sound design within it, it was just something about being in a theater and it's just like you could hear a fucking strand of hair hit the carpet. I don't want to watch the sequel in mouth. So, so like the Candy man film, I think uh, needed the cost of the directors and film, right? I think so. Sure she did mama was like, listen, I know you're going to watch it in the theater or you're just not and we will. Well yes, yes, yes, I did hear about that. She was like, well wait until you know it's looking like it's safe enough. But no, you're not going to watch it until then. I don't care if you know, and I respect that I do to like, I respect you as the artist saying this is how I want the work to be consumed. I just also need you to understand that. Like it was never an issue for me anyway, like as somebody who hates scary movies and can barely tolerate them in a full theater, like I'm never going to watch it at home anyway. But like for me, movies at home again, the bar from to get me outside of my house and off the streaming services is extremely high because as much as I love the movie theater, there are a lot of things I do not miss, like white people taking their shoes off and putting their feet up on the damn chair that's in front of them, crusty nasty feet, dead skin flakes just dripping off that motherfucker. And you just sitting here picking your fucking toe jim and talking enough. I don't need, I don't need *** phones going off in the middle of the movie. I don't need *** overreacting laughing for too long. All of it. I don't need none of that shit that you're doing, you're flashing back set, all of the movie related reads that I guess you've had a lot, you've had a lot of people bringing their newborns to the midnight showing and see the con drink. What the fuck is wrong with you? The movies used to be like extremely irritating man was a dead girl that I Saw. I feel like I had to read once on like I don't know, $1 will remind us but I went to see a movie that was very blatantly rated R. And also known to be like, you didn't have to have seen it or even heard like we all knew it was a violent movie, rated R. And sat next to two kids. I want y'all. I feel like it was Deadpool, but it was a blatant R rated movie with tons of gore and sex trance sitting next to like, you couldn't even be an adult sitting next to this adult stranger kids on the other side. I had to like be the other parent and listen to and watch your kids as motherfuckers are having sex on screen. It was absolutely Deadpool. I remember because I remember there was a scene in Deadpool where they have sex like all year and they showed them like fucking through each of the seasons. It was like a montage of them happened. You know, I didn't watch whatever that pool is. You don't need to. Yeah. And I just remember sitting there for this like, four minute long sex bit thinking, why are these kids here? Yeah. Anyway, yeah, I'm never watching um Space Jam returns and that's fine. It was not worth my stream, like I said, but my nephew wanted to watch it. So it was worth it. However, the rest of y'all, I'm not leaving the house, like I said, until black panther too. And you know, changed my mind. Mm They won't. But it's mine. Speaking of leaving the house, the Whitney Houston Hologram concert is officially coming to Las Vegas. Starting October 20. Somebody needs to be in jail. Jill a prison like under the fucking sell. Why won't y'all let with fucking rest? Has she just rest? Was it not enough that she tried so hard to contort her life to please y'all while she was here, can y'all not let her rest in the afterlife ever? All right in the evening with Whitney Houston, Get a job, leave her alone. An evening with Whitney Houston is coming to Harrah's las Vegas and on october like I said, where you can go and watch a hologram, virtual image of Whitney Houston several looks um, featuring a four piece band, uh live dancers. So at least, you know, she'll have human living organic people dancing around her as well as living singers, backup singers. And she will be performing, quote unquote all of the heads for you in Vegas by way of someone's iphone and dongle. Oh my God, of course, Pat Houston said girl. Of course this is the tea like when he would have loved it, bitch. Mhm. Oh, I'm sorry. I know. You know that's the mother, but, wow. I mean that is the person who gave birth to Whitney and was the vessel for entering this word world so Oh wait yeah. Mhm. Wait yeah. Mm 60. I am so sorry. I clearly was thinking about her mama and this is not I'm pretty, I'm pretty irritated with. I mean yeah truly like I don't have many nice things like I'm so focused on that. Like the fact that entertainers now seriously need to consider putting some kind of clause in their will about not having their likeness brought back as a follow up program girl that you're greedy ass family can't continue to make money off you after you die. Like we're really out of place that this is where we are in society that people girls have to explicitly say it. Like do not resurrect my image to be projected in some digital format after I die so that you can continue to make money. I mean kiss my only a select few. Alright, But all of you need to do it all of you who it applies to. You need to really consider it because Bruno mars can go ahead and do that now. Like Bruno mars might not mind. Oh, you know, he won't, I he's probably mocking up. Let's go say he probably forget all suede, all suede socks up to the knee. He in the dressing room with some pink lotion. Oh, fixing his little afro boo fun. Listen, I am, I got tickets are available, tickets. Go on sale. No, no, the devil is a lot. If y'all don't pull up a fucking Whitney Houston essentials playlist and stay the fucking home. Okay, so listen, I will say this, this seems very Vegas. Um it seems like I say this as someone who has still never stepped a single toe inside of las Vegas ever in my life, I'm not in a hurry. Um but what I, I feel like I know about Vegas, like lines up with this hologram experiences of people you go to when Houston hologram or whatever. It glitches up in the middle of I wanna dance with somebody and her head like leaves her shoulders at some point or just like technical difficulties, whatever. And then you leave that, you go to a restaurant where like, they bring out a live lobster, they shoot it with an ak like, this is exactly what happened to me at a whole Treasure island is literally a Treasure island. Yes, correct. I'm guessing I'm literally like, guessing. So That's what happened to you could this is like two hotels. The absurdity of it sounds like Vegas and that's why I'm kind of like, I guess I'm never going to go. Even if I am in Vegas, Like, I don't want to have anything to do with this. I um I'm good. But it sounds like something that a couple of mm, Oz and aunties and probably go to when they're out in Vegas. However, Pat, a tour and a new album and the musical, Living Alone. Leave it alone. Save it. Please just let Whitney rest. Like, I see it going to Vegas because drunk high tourists from all over the fucking global, do anything in Vegas. Of course, random white people who are here from fucking Australia or whatever. I'm gonna be like, oh my God, A Whitney Houston. Oh my God, A hologram with me, babe! Let's go. Like, of course you're gonna sell those fucking tickets. I'm not shocked that somebody saw money making opportunity. I just don't know when y'all are gonna let that lady rest because you didn't let her rest on earth. Mhm. So when are y'all going? Like, do all of you have to also depart this this plane in order for Whitney Elizabeth Houston to just lay down. I just, you know. All right, well, everyone have a great time I suppose. No, do not go to this show. Some of the stuff is just like, it's getting really weird. Like even like the pop smoke shit. Like, it's bizarre already dropping another posthumous album, like, right after the other one. And it's full of features and Travis stop making Pop Smoke Dior shirt. It just feels a taste icky. It feels like somebody's trying to get paid. I don't know who's trying to get paid. But it feels like somebody won't say money, the money they thought they was gonna collect while these people were alive. And so that's why I'm just really uncomfortable taking up. Um, Aaliyah's uncle says that he feels like Nor Mani should have gotten permission to use a sample of Aaliyah's one in a million record on her latest single, wild side featuring cal levy. Um Yes, one Barry Hankerson. Aaliyah's uncle slash catalog manager says that no one gave no money permission to use a one in a million sample. Um, and that he believes it would have been quote unquote, more honorable for norman and her team to seek approval for the sample, but still gives, still gives her his blessing for whatever the fuck I was supposed to. You are right. Um Apparently told TMZ I will not stand in the way of something that brings to light the incredible staying power of Aaliyah, but you do constantly. Okay, so in that light wishing Armani well with the song and overall career, God bless, I think Julia would be pleased. I mean, certainly she would, but like, first of all barry Hankerson, like blessing, what am I supposed to do with what is this actually supposed to, I have to eat a shit like I brought it. Okay, so I was wondering at first, I thought, is he talking about like the dance part of things? Because you know, that's not a legal matter, if you're saying that they sampled one in a million, um You know, in the actual song itself, like production wise or lyrics wise, that would be something else. But I see here from this story that I googled in the last 10 seconds that her team is saying, there is no actual direct sample um From one in a million. Oh, I didn't know you was, I was trying to understand this story because I had not heard it. So I was just trying to see where like what his justification was as soon as you said something that was so my bad. Anyway, what happened when I read this? I needed explanation because he same. Why would I had to google it immediately? It's very clearly a statement from someone who lost. Like it was very obvious that like, and it sounds like one in a million. But yeah, it's not a direct sample of the song, which is puzzling to me because it sounds just like, but I guess not an illegal matter, honey. And that explains a lot of this because barry was like, I guess you must feel swindled. He was like, I can't legally do anything up outfit. So I'm I'm just going to be like, it's fucked up. But it's not because we love it. Shut the fuck up and put her goddamn music on streaming platforms. What it's like, right, What it sounds like to me is that this big grown man's feelings are hurt, that we can't do anything, but you can't do anything about this. He's really pissed because y'all know if there is anybody who loves to exert their legal power over a dead artists work. Barry is like, and probably in the top five girls I can think of, like, and the fact that Aaliyah fans have been asking for since she died for you all to do something about this, Like, especially since streaming services really got popping, like, please, what do we have to do? What do we have to sacrifice? What do we have to ask for? Y'all to put Aaliyah's music on streaming? Like, what is the issue? And I'm certain it boils down to money. He don't feel like he's gonna make enough and so he's not gonna do it. She's another one just like, as much shit as *** put her through while she was here. Like, here we are now. Furthermore, I saw a clip of timberland listening to the song and vibing the fuck out to it, loving it, giving his blessing to it, saying that it was bombed shot in Armani a and all of that other stuff. So if the person who actually produced and constructed and co wrote the song itself likes it and approves, I don't give a slice of a mother fuck about what this *** is talking about. But again, you just wanted to be heard on some mojo jojo's shit on some fists swinging. I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for these pesky ass kids shit, sit your ass down, like just Mhm. Could not be more irritating or like I have less because I will be crunching, I just can't think of anybody whose opinion I would value less than Barry Hankerson in this situation, like I simply don't care and I mean, as far as I'm concerned at work because it got me truly interested in something Normandy had done, I downloaded the song, I actually do enjoy it. It's fun to me. So I mean, I've always wanted the best for her and I can't wait to see what happens after this, but if you think I'm gonna be like taking up the flag for Barry Hankerson girl, A whole another thing coming. Not at all. I'm glad she sampled it and got away with it. I'm glad she put the choreography in her damn video and made it her own and all that shit. I love all of it. Good for her and bad for you. Mhm. Bad for him. Um younger man's have to address rumors that she might be pregnant. Oh my God, are you fucking kidding? What? I'm sorry. Okay, after a podcast interview where she was talking about wanting to have kids and you know, I wouldn't have a boy first and the little girl and all of this, you know, gay shit. And literally in the clip references her girl who I guess was sitting off to the side because of course she was probably, you know, posting selfies and being really pretty. Um of course, but that they've talked about it and I guess are working on it. And somehow this turned into rumors that young Emma is with child. Yeah, because *** love to joke. Exactly she posted. Um and the comments to your gossip, of course my girl is the one that's gonna be pregnant. That's why I looked at her and mentioned her, y'all board elbow. But I get it sell your stories and we're working on one now. Well, actually love that response. That's a great answer to when *** was acting because as soon as I saw it, I said, y'all are just looking for jokes. Y'all are looking for a reason to fire up Photoshop or whatever app does Photoshop. And y'all are looking for a way to like poke fun at a masculine presenting woman. That's what y'all are doing here is literally, that's all that, that is because the whole joke is ha ha she dresses like a *** but she's pregnant. That's the whole joke. Meanwhile, studs do carry babies. They do all the time. They do rarer than the other way around, but it does happen, but it happens so, And we might all want to just grow up a little bit, like, just a little bit sometimes. I think the curse of being gay is actually just knowing better and having to experience those maybe so, maybe so. That's kind of that's part of the curse of being black. Yeah. Yeah. It is. Yeah. It's having to just constantly here the dumb shit. Yeah. Yeah. And that, like your grandparents knew were nonsense, right? And yet we still have and yet here you *** are right. Like when y'all said the government was trying to track out with the vaccine, I a person who has taken a science class had to sit through that. Yeah. As if you did not say that I have, I've had months and months and months of people saying things that go directly against science or make no sense. That's what I had to enter. And it's the exact same situation like ha ha ha young inmates trending because *** have Photoshop her to have a big pregnant belly and all the jokes about how your *** fell off or whatever, like I'm just truly board and like, and I'm not entertained, you want to say, oh you know, you need to get a job, you are not going to do whatever. I guess they do, you're at work right now doing this, you have things to do. You have shit, let's do you about to complain about your boss or supervisor. That is probably heinous, but at the same time you have due dates, you have shit to turn in and instead you're photoshopping and pregnant barely onto instead because it's funny to you because you live in like the sixties um well, you know, you do have a baby or whatever, God bless the best of luck to your child. She's not that young. Young and may. Yeah, she's 29. Oh yeah. You know this is around the age that a lot of hashtag us right And yeah, good luck to them. If they decide to go down that road, Kanye West lives at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Fuck out of here. That's what the streets saying. You mean The Fake Mercedes Benz Stadium or a Real one wow. Uh and everybody knows exactly which one is which. So wow, wow, I just, well the Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta that um Kanye Omari us used as a listening event for his done to album. Um He was presented with a plaque backstage at the event On July 22, which the city of Atlanta is apparently dubbed Kanye West Day. He has also received the Dr Donda West Meritorious Service award from Horse Brown, Where Dr. Donda West taught for 20 years. She was also the chair of the english department there. So it's a big musical event where he was dressed in a big red puffy thing. He had some stockings over his head and he played a whole bunch of music for the ***, that was the worst. And now apparently he lives there in the studio where he's finishing his album to be released whenever. So how excited are you for New Kanye West? Music literally could not be less excited to the point where I'm not even mad at other people for listening, I am just bored with it all together. I'm past being annoyed by it, I'm completely indifferent to it. Yeah, like I just do not care and it's not like I care you know, in a negative way, like you're you're boring to me everything about you, All the things that you're millions and millions of white fans hype you up for. I find to be repetitive and dull, I'm not seeing the genius and I haven't for a long time and it's fine if you're on whatever, you know, journey or trip you're on, I'm simply no longer supposed to be a part of it, but like I have not even heard or seen any retribution for the trump shit alone alone and I would say damn you *** will really forget anything. But again, most of these people ain't ***, most of the people behind and Exactly and having right haven't forgotten. But also like the people driving Kanye's success and popularity right now are mostly not us. So it's true pissing us us pissing us off doesn't really mean too much to him, I mean, but honestly if we're keeping it, but that's like the the real dollar movement in hip hop right now is barely us. Yeah, no I know you know it's like the people who are like pushing the scale over really us anymore. So I feel like that also explains a lot, but at the same time I won't say I won't say I haven't seen a genius, I'll say I haven't tried like I haven't Yeah, somebody asked me about his gospel album and I said I literally never listen to it. I can't tell you if it's if his gospel album is good or not because Kanye West and I are first of all not serving the same god. So I I had no desire to sit down and devote myself to listening to like him talking about how great whoever his leader is, we're not being led by the same ***, so I just don't care. No, thank you enough. I don't feel attached to any one particular creator or there were enough to just slide past a lot of the stuff that I would slide past in order to just dive back into this and slavery was a choice. And I also just don't, you don't like, I don't care. There's so much to listen to. There's so much to watch, so much to eat. There's so much to wear. Um, I didn't really feel like I'm missing anything and I, yes, that's it. It's like, I don't know, I think in different is the right term as well because I don't feel the need, the desire to go on any crusade or ask y'all, how could you still be supporting it? And like, I don't really care anymore. Like everybody's gonna do whatever you want to do. Um, but I, I do find just a taste of, I don't know, intrigue and uh, I wouldn't say entertainment. It's just, you know, consistently fascinating to me, the things that we just gloss over women, This is head *** money in it and influence. Yeah. So exactly that because I can't imagine any black woman saying, you know, well we should really, you know, we should look twice as slaves because really, how are you just gonna let slavery rock though? Like when you think about slavery was a choice, you think about it, They had the choice to be slaves and they chose to stay alive. I mean it's not even like, it's like the things you said and the things you did, like, it's not even like I'm just, I can't like you all and trying to run for president so that this *** would win. Again. I don't really know what's up with the girls. You know, music is great and I don't doubt that his music will continue to be great. He's good at it, good at making music. That's why we liked him in the first place. But it's also to be separate of like, it's separate of the influence and like our largest eh, thickness of the Kanye West like movement and all of that. She's just so influential and *** will like living and breathe and die by all of the things that he said. But then again, it's like if you also put some of these shoes on your feet for real for real and walk around and uh, then yeah, I think he could probably convince you of anything and at this point I don't really have faith in anybody that's human. So I'm kind of just like, have, you know, do what? Having fun, I guess until we're on the ground, What am I supposed to I mean? Which is fair. Honestly, I wouldn't say I don't have faith, but I definitely don't have expectations. I ain't got shit for y'all I and I will live until that's so profound. She really spoke a word. You don't even know what I'm talking about. Not Oh my gosh, I thought you felt really empowered right there. So you decided to say so? I don't know. I don't know I would live until I die. I bet it comes up. Okay, let's see. Here. Do do do. Oh my God. Speaking of which I have Levar Burton I will live until I die. It's a song virus. Oh, that's not what you were looking for. I will live until I die meme. Try it again. I bet it comes up that time. Mm Is the enemy? Oh my God! Is that not what she said in the video where she's in the bathroom, What's her name is? They're going to live until they die? No, when mama was singing that gospel song in the bathroom and she sounded terrible because it was in the other room and there was like shut up And she was like yes you don't know what I'm talking about. I have never seen this. And now I desperately want to, somebody sent it to nothing. No somebody just sent it to me because I want to see this but sorry, it's not showing up on google. Anyway what I was gonna say about Kanye before we moved on is that like I tried and I feel like if I was still deeply attached to his music this would be a lot harder for me. But I did not like jesus, I did not like the life of Pablo and I did not even listen to anything that came out after those. I remember a video where he was walking around in some big ass costume or something talking about poop a scoop or something like that and y'all ate that bullshit up. But other than that, I have truly not been tapped in to anything that Kanye has done. So it's been a lot easier for me to detach myself from his bullshit ass antics because he has acted stupid as shit. Like his actions have been ridiculous and the music has fallen off at the same time for me, like at the same pace, so it's very easy for me to be done. Yeah, I just don't care like I, you know, maybe there will one day be a documentary or an interview. Perhaps give me Northwest will put its a guy and maybe by that time he will arrive at a place where we can discuss a lot of these things and get to a place or whatever. I'm just not holding my breath because I don't care. Like I said exactly, looking things to listen to all different sounds and genres or just like, I don't know, take a nap. Those are nice. Like it's just like whatever, have a good time. Exactly. Um, speaking of having a good time, steven universe universe is back. How? Uh, well, apparently, according to grinds, little Uzi vert is in the process of buying a planet, a real planet, a planet buying it from. Who is that a crazy question for? Like, it's not, I feel like it is not what is, what is grimes going through right now? Who like, okay, okay, I'm just not gonna, So wasp 1 27 B is the name of an exoplanet, 1.4 times larger than jupiter. That is primarily gashes and orbiting a yellow dwarf star looks really pretty in this picture. Let's take something from, you know, the cover of a sci fi film or whatever. Um And yeah, cuz retweeted this and said, I tried to surprise everyone still working on it. Crime says documentation of almost complete for little Uzi vert to legally claim watch 1-7. This is huge, would be the first human to legally own a planet. Um Are you sure? What the fuck is wrong with? Y'all? Are you pinch yourself, man? Like what the fuck is wrong? Like, God help me, y'all really be complaining about, about taxes. Meanwhile, are out here chucking random fucking stacks of cash into a truck for any random white person to buy a place that you're never gonna be like, what the fuck is wrong with you? What is wrong with your ho you know why he'll be the first person to legally own the planet? Because that doesn't make any fucking sense and nobody would do it. Who the fuck are you buying planet from? Where is the intergalactic enterprise? Mm. Do you have to take some sort of a shuttle to an off planet walmart where you go and like, yeah, Do you have a virtual tour? Who is your real turn? Who was going to do landscaping on watch 1-7? Buz oh man, where's your space? United Nations? This doesn't I don't. Mhm. So um is JC the co signer for the who looks like this is no this is impossible. This is the widest thing I think I've ever seen a *** do or heard of And not because of the money because of the colonialism. I mean, there is also Exactly you do not buy a planet and there are, you know, it is just not possible who owns the planet in order for you to be able to buy it. Nobody because nobody can own the fucking planet. And if this was not common damn sense, I I urge you to google the United Nations and the office for outer space affairs because some while ago people realized they were going to need to make this a rule before somebody tried to do what grimes and little Uzi very claim to be doing right now. So just so you know, there is no way that like this is not possible. He is not buying a planet please. Why? I mean, he might, I think he's buying plan. He maybe might exchange legal tender for what he thinks is a planet. Um What does it mean to own something you will never visit or see or touch? What does that mean? And why would you care what The fuck this is like. I hope this is like those things where people are like adopt a star and you know you pay $100 and we'll name a star after you and your girlfriend and you know Blah Blah Blah. Some kind of bullshit like that is fucking you get like a cute it is but you get accused certificate. It's like oh that one star you saw blinking in the sky at one time. That below sea all or whatever. Of course does not a real thing. It doesn't know. It does not because it can't belong to you because you can't go get it. It's not yours to have like it's not even use this. It's not listen why people to have. I don't understand why *** still speak to grimes or Elon musk or Jeff Bezos or any of the others. Clearly they're from a different breed of like life on earth or off earth. Then you all, I want for us to not get too comfortable because that shit, whatever the motherfuckers are over there doing it is very frightening. And I feel like that's probably what Jordan peele has got coming up after this note. Have you seen the poster for this next movie that Jordan people call me? Um I did see that and I said no because us was scary enough for me. I do not think so. Jordan peele, you will not be tricking me once more. I'm sorry. No, I don't have to be in a relationship before. I watched that movie. I will not do it. His company. They're so good at like promotional marketing's, they're just like building, suspense, dropping little hints of like what is this about?