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The Rockies Are Bringing Back Old-Fashioned Baseball, But Not In The Right Way

Last Played: April 05, 2021
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The Colorado Rockies seemingly have no plan for their team now or in the future. They don't seem to be trying to rebuild nor reconstruct. With lots of management changes in recent years, what are the Rockies doing?
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with this on the defector to was that the Rockies are not the Orioles. They're not the Pirates. This is not an intentional, like tear down or rebuild. This is not like a McKinsey Astros efficiency rebuild thing. This isn't 20 teens MLB roster construction. This is, like very 19 nineties baseball. Like the Rockets, the Rockets are still very much in the nineties like and their mistakes are very old timing. It's kind of it's like in a way, it's like, weirdly comforting that this still exists in baseball. Not not Certainly not comforting the Rockies fans, but it's like almost kind of their opponents, right? There's almost kind of nice that there's like this thread to old timey baseball still. But, you know, because, you know, I think if we've learned anything, if you submit yourself to an intentional rebuild, that is absolutely not a guarantee for success. And if you come out the other side not having any kind of legitimate, like playoff success, then you ruined five years for nothing. How depressing is that? Like you know, sometimes I wonder if that's worse than how the Brockie's are stuck in their own mud. I really don't know which one would be worse. But the Rockies are going at this point, really year to year and just sort of kind of kicking the can down the road, Um, on a lot of their issues, and it's just, you know what is unique about them, and I've had to look, I've had to expand my my eyes, my scope to see if there's any kind of parallel, even in other sports. But I at least in baseball, I don't see a parallel to how the Rockies are doing this in an old timey way right now in baseball, I don't I think they're They're unique in that way, and I don't know if there's I don't know if there's like an analogy in the NHL or, you know, I don't know if, like the Cleveland Browns or some kind of like comparison. I really don't know enough about the front offices and other sports to know if there's a parallel. But there is something unique about how the Rockies are screwing up right now, which is interesting to me anyways, so you can't fire the owner. And as you said, that sort of takes some of the hope out of the situation, the path to improving this. But do you think there's any evidence that man for the British have the capacity for self reflection? Self evaluation? I don't know whether they read your article. I'm sure they're very aware of it. At least if they're seeing person after person say these things, Do you think that that gets through or do they just hunker down and discount the critics? And we're not even going to entertain the notion that we're doing something wrong here? I mean, another unsuccessful season, perhaps hammer home, that they need some sort of plan. And if they do develop one, Is this an organization that people would want to work for? After reading this article? I can't say that the top baseball operations talent will be lining up to work for the Rockies, but it does seem like they need enough people to provide the information that other teams are providing to their players and to their leadership, and not also making them work as clubhouse attendants. I mean, is there any way that they might sort of reflect and without just stepping down or handing over control completely say Okay, we recognize that we need to do things differently because that has seemed to be kind of a consistent quality. Where Monfort I don't know whether it is denial or whether he genuinely believes these things or whether he is just trying to put a positive spin on things. But it always seems as if he thinks that the team can compete and then it usually doesn't. And I don't know whether he then says, I guess I was wrong about that or whether he thinks like, well, the players just need to do better. But they're the same players as before. Yeah, first of all, if if they need an article to explain their problems to them, then that's a problem. That's a problem in itself. But and I hope this came through to in the article. It's certainly something that shines through when we talked to other front office people around the league, their impression of the Rockies and I think this is very accurate and they the Rockies, disagree with this. But this is certainly their reputation in the league that they exist on an island, that they're in a bubble, Um that they're in their own bubble and they kind of don't see. They're sort of not able to see the forest for the trees. And when this has been brought up with, for instance, Dick Monfort, you know he'll say, You know? Well, yeah, but you know, Dan O. Dowd came from Cleveland. You know, we weren't totally insular on that one, and it's like, Well, true, But you only had three GM. So you just mentioned one of three and Jeff Reid. It's started with Iraqis almost 20 years ago, so he's been with the team that's long. Even though he's been GM only for six, his staff is almost all basically homegrown. All all of them sort of worked their way up there, very. There are very few outside voices with the Rockies. And it seems, though, that even though Dick Monfort is active in some owner committees, that he kind of This is my impression that, you know, this is just me injecting here. But it's my impression that he just sort of doesn't have a lot of input from outside the team. Either he's not interested in it or he just doesn't have access to it. He just Sometimes it seems like he doesn't have anyone to give him a context for where his team is at now. I would have, I would guess, like Jeff Bridges. Certainly smart. He knows baseball. I would imagine that he is a lot more aware of those things. But together, the two of them together, they sort of become one at some point. And, you know, whatever they're doing to self justify the past that they've been on, it's been enough that justification been enough to keep them going on on these sort of errant pass. So I I wouldn't foresee any Any changes after the are not a trade. You know, somebody asked him if he'd ever considered firing Jeff Bridges, and he said, No, I haven't at all I've considered firing myself. And now he said that slightly jokingly, I think, but But he's sort of like I can't I really can't tell if that was some self awareness or not. But the key to that was that he had not considered at all a change as general manager, and again this was in the story. You know, their last general manager Dan. No doubt he wasn't fired. He left there last manager Walt Weiss. He was not fired. He left. He kind of got fed up and left the manager before him. Jim Tracy also wasn't fired. He left. There's a pattern of people who work for the team who just sort of have had enough and just left. But there is not a pattern. There's not any any evidence of recent evidence of them making wholesale changes in any way internally. So again, I think that's just proves a pattern that we can, you know, extrapolate to how they'll act here in the near future. And this is probably not going to be any major changes unless somebody just decides. I've I've had enough. I think we'll transition to some of the results on the field last. The Rockies fans listening offer themselves as sacrifices to dinner, although I don't know that that's going to improve their moods all that much. But I guess maybe we can start with a relative bright spot and talk about her mom. Marquez, who you mentioned is sort of one of the good trades that they've had and certainly the ace of their staff. And there was a brief period when the Rockies were good where they were really being led by their pitching. And they've seen some regression from some of the guys who we could point to as part of that good 2018 staff. But Marquez has done well. He, you know, he had a bit of a regression from 2018 and 2019 season, but his short season in 2020 was very impressive, particularly when you consider the envy.
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