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The Soccer Specialist Podcast
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Coach Gregg is a soccer trainer, coach, and youth athlete development specialist. On this podcast he is talking about the importance of Goal Setting.
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confidence and the reason I want to talk about goal setting, which I know, wait, what, Hold on, let me explain goal setting is crucial to success. It's something that's not taught um really well by parents or schools or what have you. It's something that I think a lot of kids should learn, not just for their soccer, but for life in general, I think it needs to be encouraged, explained, they need to help with going through the process of setting goals and not just for soccer, but for anything. And setting goals leads to a lot of the important things that leads to putting together a plan so that you were able to reach those goals so that you're prepared, being prepared, leads to confidence. Okay. And uh bam it's a great way to develop confidence, starting by setting goals first, even for younger players. Okay, it's going to be simplified, it's gonna be a little different maybe in how you approach it, your six year old might not be thinking, yeah, I'm going to play in, in college and let me do my, our day of training and this and that. They're not necessarily going to look at it like that, but I think there's still some things you can do with them that are going to help them on their journey, that will set them up for when they get a little older and they start taking on their, their own soccer journey as to what they want out of it above and beyond. Just the fun of playing a new activity. Um, because I know many of the people here in this, uh, the parents anyway, gonna start thinking of setting goals with young players 789 years old and think, oh, here we go with some crazy soccer parent talk. Uh, but it's all in the approach, not necessarily the content. I think goal setting is a great skill to learn for everything. Uh, doesn't mean an eight year old again has to map out the path to playing professional soccer. While specifics are important when starting at a younger age, it can be simply the teaching them the process of setting goals, understanding that there's, there's something to look forward to. Um, and, and it can be as simple as becoming a better dribbler in two months okay? And improving your passing with your weak foot or, or learning to hit a shot with the laces if you, you're not doing that yet, whatever the case may be, and then commuting, communicating that with your child on how they can make that happen by saying, okay, you know, in two months we want to be able to hit a good shot with the laces from the penalty spot. Now work backwards as to what we have to do from this day forward In order for that to happen. And I think that can really help your players get a lot out of it. I mean it could be simple as something that you have them do 10 minutes of uh you know, a few days a week, okay, it doesn't have to be crazy. And then as they get older and they discover more about what they want from the game, what they want to accomplish. You can get into more details in terms of their goals, you know, a more um complicated or detailed plan and what they want to do to reach them and so forth. And I go back to uh I guess starting around when my girls were saying, you can uh whenever we got into the discussion on the subject of our approach to practice whether, you know, being mentally focused on what we're doing, even if it's a simple passing or dribbling drill, you know, our our physical intensity and how we approach things and I would always talk with them and do it in in terms of asking questions about, you know, what it was like when they first started playing, you know, asking what they remember when they were six or seven or whatever. And, you know, you can put the ball a couple of feet from the goal line and they run off from five yards away and swing as hard as they could write. And the ball would be lucky to cross that line, you know, versus how they play at whatever their current ages and what they're able to do and the differences and just getting them to understand that the better they get as a player, the more things they can do, the more fun the game is and and the hopes that they understand that connection between, you know, putting in the time and the effort to improve. So if they're playing for fun, the games are going to be more fun. The more skilled you are, the smart you as a player, the more things you can do on the pitch. Okay. And so this is going to be, this is all going to come back to how you approach your practices. Okay. So practices are very much affected by goal setting when you can get players into that mindset because you know, there's nothing like going into a game. I hear this a lot from parents know about trials coming up and there players nervous or, or there's a big game or tournament, what have you and there's nothing like going into a game or a season or try outs, whatever the case may be knowing you did everything you could to prepare for it, you're ready, you may not make the team, you want to make okay, you may not win the game, but it's not gonna be because you didn't prepare okay. And that level of preparation, going into games, try out to whatever, knowing you did everything you could in your preparation, that builds a serious amount of confidence with your player, just doing that okay. And the goal setting is the first step to being prepared because that you set those goals, then you develop the plan for it and then you put it, then you implement the plan and you do what you need to do and that's what's gonna get you prepared, which is gonna what's gonna build your confidence. You know, if you're, if you know you're prepared, there is no fear, there's only competence, you've done what you needed to do. Fear comes from being unprepared, unprepared. Fear causes worry. Worry takes away a player's confidence and then they don't play with confidence. They play timid. They make mistakes because they're worried about messing up right goal setting, preparation, confidence, success.
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