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The Sour Ballads

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Last Played: June 25, 2021
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I can't lie to you, the ballads of "Sour" are currently on repeat in my home and heart. Nora and Nathan discuss what they love and loveless about the ballads on "Sour". Honestly, how does "traitor" not make you want to break up with your boyfriend to get the full album experience?
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So I'm so interested in your feelings and producer Kai's feelings that the upbeat songs on the album are the ones that you're drawn to more so than the ballads. Because there was a lot of chatter. I mean one of the industry plants conspiracy theories was driven by the fact that they had put out a couple of these more up tempo songs as singles and then people got the album and went, wow, there's just a lot of ballads on here. I'm personally drawn to some of the ballot. So I want to know how you feel about songs like traitor about songs like enough for you about songs like Favorite Crime and Hope You're Okay. Did those resonate with You? Are there skips on this album? I I listened to it very happily all the way through, which again is another reason why there's absolutely nothing wrong with a 35 minute album and really a lot of artists should take that to heart. Uh My favorite down tempo one is happier. and think of your hands, I hope you're happy. Don't be happier. Mm I just love That's actually the one where I get the most Lord, particularly liability. Another song I love. So maybe that's part of it. So they pull back, make other plans. I understand I'm a liability but one I love the persona in it where she's super, super feeling. But she's also really mature. Like this is one of the ones where I was listening to it and being like, gen Z is cool. Like they get it, they totally get it because she's talking about this girl and she's like, I bet she's kind, I bet she's pretty, this is hard for me and I don't want to feel replaced, but I'm not wishing for you to have a terrible rest of your life, right? And that's like, that's kind of commendable perspective. And I also just, I like a waltz, you know, so that's one that really works for me. Um Hope you're okay is not my favorite who were Boylan's when I was small, a tow head blonde, his eyes of salt and played the drum in the marching band. Is it because it has the exact same chords from the better. Oblivion Community Center Song, Service Road mixed with the guitar from I know the end and you don't like Phoebe Bridgers. I love, I know the end, I love Phoebe Bridgers, that is not the reason, it's crazy, it is a Phoebe Bridgers song in a lot of ways, but I know the end has more um I know the end just does more with it. Somewhere in Germany that I can't place it then hate this part of texas, close my eyes, fantasize. It has more of a high, it has more sort of diversity through uh song and favorite crime. It sounds favorite crime. I really like none of these songs I actively dislike but of the lie. Lie. Lies for you. I get it. They're not lie. Lie lie. There are no lie, Lie lie. What about trader? I mean traders got to fix you chords. It's got some no one by Alicia keys vibes. It's got some searing lyrics. What about trader? So this song is, it's in the same category as like enough for you for me where I'm never going to have it on repeat, but I also won't skip it. The thing that I will say about trader that I love is first of all, I think the lyric, ain't it funny, feels like a subtle paramore reference to me. It's definitely a tailor one in theme where it's just so direct and it's just so emotionally honest, like the fact that okay, it's a song called traitor, right? This really like charged, you're the worst thing possible kind of word and then the twist, this person didn't cheat and that's such a real feeling right of being like don't even talk to her, like I hate that and I love that she went at that and didn't flinch. I think that's really cool. Um I can't believe also though while we're not having this conversation, we're not talking about brutal because I also love brutal, which is the other side of the coin.
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