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The Story behind Alecko Eskandarian dating Kim Kardashian

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The call Alecko got from Kris Kardashian asking him to date his daughter.
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but you also, slightly outside of MLS, became a bit of a legend in that. Um, you were first of all, chris, Jenner knows who you are. Let's start there. You know, you went on a date with kim Kardashian right now, for everyone listening, who has just crashed their cars. What, what were the circumstances around this happening? And was this, did you audition or was this actually a real date? It was it was real, as far as I know. Um, but, but yeah, it was, it was really awkward circumstances now that you mention it. I um, I moved to L. A. There's obviously a large Armenian community um, in L. A. And I'm a very proud Armenian and uh, when I first moved there called, people reached out to me of like, you know, if you need anything, you know, we got your back and, you know, left introducing people. Um, and then, uh, out of the blue, this is probably two years later, out of the blue, I got a phone call and I answered the phone, and women, on the other hand, says, hi, uh, this is chris, I'm kim Kardashian's mother, how are you doing? And I'm like, okay, I'm getting punked. Like, this is Ashton kutcher popping out, the very popular at the time, by the way, you know, it's our viewers are not going to punk. That's bad, I'm dating myself, But, uh, but yeah, she literally called me and I didn't believe it at first, and then she was just like, harry listen, um, I wanna set my daughter up with an Armenian guy, and I've asked around within the community, everyone says you're a cool guy, um, that you should have a good time, So, um, would you be up for it? And I was like, yes, I feel for it. And then They ran me through, like, 20 questions. I started hearing, like, voices in the background. I'm like, who's on the line? It was uh, Kourtney and Khloe, you're also on my speakerphone, like running you through uh whole questionnaire. And uh, it's the Kardashian tribunal. Yeah, you want to get. And then, and then they were like, all right, cool. Like, you seem like a cool guy. So like, kim, I'll call you later tonight and questions hold on. But don't even, what were they asking you? Was it like network? I have definitely have you ever wrapped because you know, we see kim with a rapper in the future. How's your three pointer? Uh, I had a soccer work, my 40 My vert, you know, normal questions. You gotta go through a combine the Kardashian combine, combine uh, like, normal questions, like, like, like, like, personal questions was like, like, if you had a serious girlfriend, like giving the kids, I'm like what do you think about having kids? Like things like that, which I was like you guys going with this? But um yeah, I thought it was gonna be a joke all the way up to like driving up to meet her in the restaurant. So it was pretty cereal and and the day itself, I mean could you say, what was it fun was weird? Were you nervous? Uh Super nervous? All right, I'll give you guys a quick so I'll try to be quick with, it's kind of it's kind of drawn out, but basically uh you know, producers are built like a Hollywood set inside of a restaurant. It's not a normal date. You know what it was like? Yeah, I never want to go to a date, get hair and make up for a date. So they're like oh concerned with the late, just go to wait um in this other room and we'll let you know when she gets here and I'll never forget, I think it was game six NBA finals, Celtics Lakers, so I'm just like watching the game, they like brought me a bottle of wine, I'm relaxing. Um finally we go out and it was like an empty restaurant. All of a sudden it was like a full audience. I'm like, what the hell is going on? So that's when I got nervous. Um but we had a great time and then my funny story is, there's a waiter who I kind of feel like off camera and he helped me out. It was kind of like christian on the soccer field, like he was way more nervous than I was. So I was like, I feel better about myself now, I can't believe my nutmeg is now an analogy for other people's stories. Okay, your pain has inspired yet again, I seem like nervous, nervous. And finally he's like, gets the okay, and he comes and he delivers this whole like, welcome to the restaurant, this is our history, like, have you ever been here before? And I'm like, no. Um and he's like, oh perfect. He starts like going through like a five minutes, feeling like everything about the restaurant. All of a sudden as he's finishing up kim's like, stop, stop, stop, where's my bodyguard? And I'm like, what the hell is going on? So then she called your bodyguard over and and she's like, hey there's someone in the audience that's like taking video and I'm supposed to do that, like, so I'm like, hey, is everything, is everything cool as if I was gonna do something? Um and she's like, yeah, like I just saw this person was taking a bunch of photos, like I wouldn't care if it was one or two, but they were like video and they shouldn't be doing that. So they handle it all of a sudden. The producer, I guess is it told the waiter like, hey, do you mind doing that again? And this guy is like, yeah, sure. And now he's feeling, he got like one out of the way, so he's feeling a lot more relaxed and he's like, I'll run it back. I learned back. So it goes off camera and then it comes on, he's like, hello, welcome to the restaurant, have you ever been here before? And I just looked him dead in the eye and I go, yes. And he looks at me and with his eyes, he's like, you, I wasn't prepared for. Yeah. So he just freezes and now like his whole five minutes, Yeah, yeah, can't do. And he's like, ok, here's your money and he walks away. Amazing. Wait, so like, oh, are you telling me that reality shows are not real suggesting? You know, someone is so upset that you said audience? Because they're like, why would every audience for real life that is completely unscripted? I don't know either. I don't know he would call me No, but I was like, well you're gonna walk into this restaurant, it was empty and now there's like 80 people pretending to be sitting at another table. Yeah, it's like you are on this day, and then all of a sudden it's like the Truman show, everybody immediately returns to you. Thank God, there were no cameras when I was first dating my wife. Uh did you wake up paying for the day? Yeah. No, no, they never even bought a bill or anything, I think it was just on the house ways, just on the e budget. Okay, wait, you know, I'm just going to pretend that I take my wife out, I'm just gonna be like, you know, I'm sure production we'll pick this up just like, well there's no cameras. Elections, are you talking about bobo? Got it, got it way, I can hear them say no with my ear, By the way, I was expecting, she was she was super, super down to earth and open and uh she was really cool. Don't have anything bad to say about her. Okay, next week on Armenian matchmaker.
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