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Kolby presents Tyler with a bracket filled with eight Super Smash Brothers related items and discuss which is the best of the bunch.
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move on to our final section of the day, which is a mystery bracket that Kobe is prepared that I know nothing about. But I assume it's in the same vein of the last one where we compared smash those characters based on their power in the smash rose lore. Yeah. So back way back in that episode, I made two brackets and I'm like, you're gonna pick one of these brackets and oh, the smash brothers characters or smash brothers things. Which one do you want to? And you said, I'm very intrigued about Master exchange. Let's do characters here today based on the lower well, we did that. That's over shadowed Captain Falcon. Now it's time for smash brothers things, right? Eight smash brothers things that, that summer's Mass Brothers, Lower Summer. It's a mix of everything. You can base it off what you ever, you want. And we're just going to hash it out one through eight and we're going to see who moves on and who wins these Between these eight smash brothers things. Are you ready? Do these have any connecting tissues at like between them at all? Like they all have something in common. Each match up or just all that? I guess what? We'll figure it out because I'm wondering what they're all they're they're they're all smash brothers things. Ok, There are these smash brothers events. Are they items? There's there's some Okay, we'll figure it out as we go. What's the first match of the one seed in this tournament? His trash online servers. Okay. Versus the eight seed sacrificed 10 p.m. Eastern Time tweets. Uh Well, I mean, what is more of an impact on smash I guess. What are we talking like? What is more what is more like indicative of smash? What do you like more? What's more indicative however you want to base it off of? Well, I mean, you at home can play as well. Any Sacher I tweet is just a banger. Like the screenshots, just the random thoughts. He has got, its remember for like two weeks I stayed until 10 p.m. On twitter and retweeted every single time. Thank you. Mr sacker are very cool. It it's great. Like that man is just the second coming of christ. He's on the he's on the video game about Rushmore. He has solidified his place. He is and his tweets are so like all the screenshots are so cool. Like they always reference like some something from either the games or he remembers every anniversary, every game anniversary somehow. It's true. He does. I mean he's just he is the real life Mr video game is he is. I agree, but he deserves that. So I don't think anything that more needs to be said online just is has been a problem for years. Yeah, I haven't touched that since the game first came out. Uh Really? Yeah, I mean we we will get online like you and me just to play against each other, but we don't go into like matchmaking or anything. No, I don't know. It's just so much better to play in person than online or just with a friend or you just get a lobby going and it's so much better to think about and read sacrificed tweets than read hate about online servers. Very true. So, I mean there's a reason one is the one seat and one is the eighth seed and I think we, I think the Saccharine Tweets isn't easy, easy move on to the next round. Saccharine Tweets is moving on. I should, I should say for the record, I did the seating based off of just the things I thought of in that order. And the first thing I thought of was online servers and the a thing I thought of was sacrificed tweets. You're going to find out how my brain works here. But before the 45 matchup is the four seed subspace emissary boy versus the five speed five seed link versus pitt anime battle. Yeah. Oh fuck. This is a tougher one. It's tough for one. But I mean, I don't know man, like a whole whole campaign of a bunch of crazy story, cut scenes that depict other like anime fights like we have lucario versus met tonight. We got chic versus Fox. We got all sorts of crazy shit. We got more, we got Mario vs Lincoln. Yoshi, this is actual and then a this is the closest we're ever going to get to a smash where there's anime series. Yes, but it's just one thing. It's a cool ass thing. It is a cool ass thing. But it's like it's part of a palatine is revealed trailer. It's not even something, it's a character or Bill, it's a big deal. But the thing is it's a huge event now. 150,000 people. I'm not gonna lie. I love seeing link beat the absolute socks off of pit and him not being able to do literally anything about it. And I think it's like super awesome. I'm just I'm just taking his lunch money. Like how did Link even get the sky world? Like what the hell is he doing about dark Pit in this reveal? Yeah. At the end and he said like one line and we didn't even know, I don't even even know he was a character. He said uh I don't even know if he said online that was his line. I could have done that. Yeah. So look, subspace is like we get sonic breaking the wings of a deity God like darkness, deity God and wagging his finger at him as he rages out. Diddy kong and fox versus goddamn re quiza. How can you forget that? I should have fuck, I should have made that picture on this bracket. It's just that picture. Yeah. You know what you can collect. Yeah. Yeah, that's it. It's in my camera. All it has to be some space. Thank you some spaces. Yeah. The coolest story mode we've ever gone and we'll ever get all right. Two relatively easy one so far. It seems like it will make for an interesting second round, but now we go down to the latter half three seed a hype DLC announcement. Just a straight up a height deal seeing So think of the bile if for us Safarov steve Yeah height DLC announcement versus The complete and utter outrage of eight firemen characters. Okay. Uh while the outrage is loud, while the outrage is funny and it will never not be funny is it is so please Edel guard for this last slot. Dude, I internet will burn uh that would be a twitter breaking announcement. I think they would take Sacha right off of Mount Rushmore. That would be the act. Yes, but it was so fun. I I don't mind it and I like I don't think either of us mind it, you know, it's it's just funny to see like it's just so funny. Yeah. How, how much fire of them really like that guy really doesn't want to push fire on them which again is just more characters for the game. This is basically a matchup of like, do you get more what makes you more excited? Like seeing a good DLC character? What makes you laugh harder? Seeing eight Firemen characters and people being mad about it. I mean to be honest, you got a lot of funny shit from the DLC announcement because you see people like wasted, slide, blah blah blah and it's just funny to see that people on today, we're like we need this the character to save the fighter pastime. Like delete your account. What are you talking? What do you got several of the Minecraft fucking steve. Like what the hell are you talking about? If Zach, I was like you're going to more fighters and you all can fuck off and it was Stephen Seferovic, everyone would be happy. Yeah, if they save them to last. I wonder how they figure out the order for this stuff. Did you see that one tweet of like someone completely redoing the order of the how they would have they would have announced the order of the DLC. It's pretty cool. But yeah, I mean it's weird but like hype DLC announcements like they get me out of my chair. Like the Seferovic one literally made me like it's got about of mice. Like it's an event. Exactly. The DLC characters are just like all eyes are on them every single time. Like people watch the game awards just for that and the people who don't even play smash. I want to know who's getting in. Exactly. It is literally okay. A big event in gaming culture. Is this a smash DLC reveal? And it's just always hyped like violet. I was in fucking I was an S. R. A. Class when that was announced. And I would like if I was alone I would have been fucking laugh and jump. But like when they do it again, Safarov, when they just build it up, you know, you don't know who it is immediately and they just build it up build up and then you see it and it all comes to a head that might that might be the best revealed. That might I think that's the best one is Safarov killing gleam in a single hit and then murdering Mario was awesome and then murdering Mario and then going toe to toe with cloud with the advent Children. Uh Fight recreated DLC Fighter wins easy. In my opinion. I think you're right. And the final matchup we've we'll talk about both of these people already. It's number two taboo. Okay, this is so far off at number seven. So one b. 1 Tyler who wins. Yeah, I mean I think several fucking wins in a fight. Steffi wins, right? I don't know. They both have wings to their credit. It's true. I mean Stefan has won so maybe a bit of a taboo basically has just one now after what sonic sonic to do. Yeah, poke two holes in the little butterfly wings. But I mean to to boost cool. But I don't know. Safarov has really like kind of carved his own little spot in smash. Like he's become pretty like he's got a pretty good like me um uh In the smash community he did that when he cut them in half. Like that kind of solidify a spot that as well. But like I don't know, he just been so fucking well in. He's perfect, he's perfect. She is the enemy swordsman. Exactly. Uh I mean again I voted subspace Adversary. Taboo is cool. He scared the shit out of me when I first played brawl heart. Really, really hard boss fight insanely are super rough. Like if you don't know how to like spot dodge through his wave attack, you're dead. But this is actually pretty hard because I'm kind of, it's my memory because I have like sentimental attachment to taboo and like fighting him and going through the great maze and searching for him. But I mean separate. So fucking cool dude. Like several was the best deal. See like we just talked about several things, the most hyped DLC character for us and we, Violet was in this fucking DLC so and steve and steve as I say Violet for us personally steve everybody, but um I'm moving it suffer off he Yeah, I think he could look at what we would kill him. That's true. I mean he what he did to Colleen like holy shit God he dropped him into the great seat like it was nothing. I think so. We'll go with Steph. All right. Just to cool. He's got the best like victory animation to when he walks into the fire. Yeah, that's great. All right. Round two. Okay, soccer. I tweets versus the subspace emissary. I think I gotta stick with subspace. Really? I got dude. Captain Falcon killed so many fucking Pickman for no reason. In the subspace adversary. Captain Falcon thing though. No, it's a subspace emissary. No, no, no, no, no, no. That's the whole dude. That's Captain Falcon. Okay, well still the subspace adversaries, fucking sick. Captain Falcon and Alomar like they have to fight the they have to fight a toy a toy that was market as a video game that robs like that's true. They are the main things you have to fight. Like it's just so batshit crazy. I totally want them to do it again for the next smashed rose game. Make the roster short is that you can have another campaign like that. Listen, Sakurai and his tweets, There are 10 p.m. on the Button every night. It's a picture that is a camera that is not used in the actual game every time it is, he remembers every anniversary, everything he knows every gaming anniversary. He loves video games and he loves tweeting. This is my guy. I cannot vote against single handedly created subspace. I understand that but nothing brings him and I more joy than when he fires off an image tweet. Not even writes anything, just fires off in. No, no elaboration. No, no. And he's and the fact that the fact that the only thing he bought his bios in english is I will not answer any questions Savage like I love that about him. I have to go with Sakurai and we're going to have to have our first tiebreaker. I have a wheel sack versus sub to be honest. I thank you. So I don't even think you use it. I think you sold me and I've just been saying sacrifice praises heat. He deserves this. Yes. So you know, look at that. The only thing english is by please. No, I won't be able to answer any questions. Fuck off. Fuck off and leave me alone. Is this what he says? Look at that, Look at that guy, look at that pose he had today, the infinity gauntlet like ah photo shop. I have that. Where is it? It's in here somewhere obviously. What? Discord? Yeah, I I haven't saved my camera was a disaster when it comes to that. But Alright. Yeah. Sakurai tweets The eight C. is making the finals and we will take on basically a battle of like minds Safarov versus a hype DLC announcement. Fuck. Well the they're the same thing for me. Uh So what's cooler every other deals a year during the game or several? Okay. I mean I don't know man, like I've had so many memories now of of like being hyped up for the DLC announcements and again getting ready for like being a cloud. Uh The um Youtube coming back all of us understand like like the mutual reactions, the cloud reactions I think had an animated one. Like all that stuff Louisiana and Robin in the same one. Yeah. Uh Is that like C. G. I. It was it was just a game trailer just in game because they probably wouldn't allow it. They couldn't afford them as separate. They turned that on their head. Oh yeah like $10 on that one. But what talks about smash for is that like not even the DLC fighters. It was the smash was heavily leaked like at the back at the back end. Like even like the newcomers to the series of the base game, it was leaked before even their trailers came out which severely screwed up the hype cycle. And even in some of the DLC characters released as well I think re you had been leaked before his his DLC character was announced. Ultimate However Ultimate is there for me it's ultimate pretty pretty close to the chest. There have been a lot of like rumors and leaks like the grinch leak and all these edited strain shots. But it was you know that if the grinch is the love it. Yeah I I thought about that first one second grinch. Stop trying to I'm trying to make a point. You can't do that have been like the villain or hero tone kind of both as an anti hero. The grinch, the grinch. Oh my God you're saying that lagged this lag the video. But I know they know. I know but yeah, smash so great. Like I guess we can't, we can't like we can't count that everyone is here thing or the the individual newcomer announcements but but you'll see like joker game awards. Game Awards two for 2, two for two on hype DLC and it was like that was nuts. Yeah. And what it's about to be. Do you think the last movie in the game boards this year has to be? It will be yeah. It's either, it's either a Nintendo direct earth the game boards, things, the game awards, but like joker and joe, fucking terry hero, Violence. Yeah. Hero and violent or 60 of amazing as well. Safarov obviously like I think Safarov kind of plays against himself in this bracket because his high DLC thing is added onto the opposite side. You know, just like this though, the memories like, like, you know, all caps texting to you, like when different shit happens, just yeah, just seeing how it's evolved. I think alone is enough to move it on. It's crazy. It's an event. I think that's that's it is literally like a part of gaming culture now. Like when you see the smash ball light up, it's, it's go time. It's immediate like edge of your seat and every every character that comes to mind, you just yell out, you're like, oh my God, is that blank, blank, blank blank and you find out who it is and you were just way off the entire time, like, oh my God, how is he? And smash exactly, I just pulled the rug out of out of it every single time first with Steph Roth and Kazuya, Those are the two that I can actually like say like that was came out of nowhere. Yeah, completely add a left field and I think that's going to, it's going to move it on, so sorry, so I tried, but here's the, the NFS God Sanders is the last, you'll see, I love him, but this puts, oh, oh the Sacher is going to be a debate, Sakurai Tweets versus a High PLC announcement. I don't think it's gonna be a debate, it's gonna be, it's going to be the DLC man that it's set. Come on in. What universe does Saccharine Tweets win? And what did I say to convince you listen to me? Most of the best Sakurai tweets come about? Because after a DLC announcement, it's true. Like the image tweets that he posted right after usually involve that character when he put the Claver Safarov the final fight in this mass killers that tweet did numbers and I'm like, damn, that's so cool. Okay. Yeah, you'll see is the reason for a lot of uh sacrifice amazing tweets. It's true. There's not there's not one without the other. Thank you. I don't know how they're going to wind up. Like the crazy reveals that we've had in later installments of this series. If we ever get another. I wish the unit was around. For when sonic got in broad because I think that would still be the hippest it's ever been. I mean the internet was around but it was obviously it's very you know, it wasn't as bad as Yeah, I imagine it now if like, he somehow wasn't yet and he was the last fighter that would fucking great. The internet. Absolutely insane. I mean, he would probably be the most wanted DLC fighter for every single game. It's true. He would be smashed ballot. Like the top top in every country. He probably would have won the smash ballot. So he would have been smashed for Yeah, there's literally no world where he isn't already. But like, if there was like, it would be move over several move over steve. That would be like, like I was listening to a podcast early, ironically enough, and it was like Every kids during the 90s was to have Mario and Sonic in the same video game and everyone points to the olympic games is the first time that happened. No, it's actually smash Brothers brawl that actually happened in the same game and they fought against each other. That's every man's dream. And if that happened then got 2007 maybe before the game came out. Do you think he was revealed? Yeah, I think Snake, my God. Numbers Snake and sonic were the 1st 3rd party DLC characters and smash. Uh And they do like in the gallery of smash, they would go into like the videos. They have their revealed trailers like they are little revealed trailers for them in in role which like again sonics I watched that shit over and over as a child. Like I was couldn't believe it was so cool, I couldn't believe that he was there and he was my main and roll so but yeah man, I feel say dude it's just changed the internet really from everything from them. Like the actual announcement itself to the tweets that follow to just the twitter, breaking reactions to them being added to the mural which oh my God they better sell that. Oh no they do and then you got to get a custom framed, you gotta hang that shit. But like how do they sell it? Like it's huge. It's a it's a landscape painting, there's a yeah there's an accountant etc. That like the once it's updated they sell it but you have to get like us, you have to get like a custom made frame for it which well worth it. It's kinda it's absolutely in getting that when yeah, when it's finally over and decidedly done, I'm asked that for christmas, the smash brothers mural of course. But yeah, I mean Zachariah, I'll be firing off another banger tweet here in an hour but how DLC announcement? It's it's a larger it's a large reason why smash bars as big as it is. I just, it's absolutely to smash in general. Like obviously DLC announcements for the sake of this winds. But just in general, any smash announcement kind of just take storm. Yeah, like in every direct like after smash for like every single like a news drop or anything, people are like, is it gonna be smash, smash gonna be here? Are we going to see more? We're going to see the next smash brothers. I wonder if that would be the case this time. Like after smash ultimate is well and truly over. Will we see people automatically like clamoring for the next entry or will people be satisfied for ultimate with a for a long, long time? I think I see a lot of people ask for their fighter pass even though we're not getting it. There's no way I don't think so either. Again, I hope not. Like I really hope not. I hope that's over. Like I don't know obviously this last fire is gonna leave a lot of people out and people are like oh my God you have, you have enough room for this to another. But if they don't get in they don't, they don't have a place like they couldn't work. It's for the better. You don't, you don't want a character get in there and just immediately like flop and but when there's other characters out there that there were camps were perfectly even though they're not as popular, like maybe that's what happened with Dante too many sword, too many swordsmen. Like the economy is going to believe that this last character not gonna be a sword fighter but which heavily leans into your, you're taking this to the grave, that it's going to be Scorpio. I think so, man. Like I think scorpion, Scorpion or sub zero Scorpion, right? I think scorpion like get over here is like such an old like scorpion has been the poster child for mortal kombat. Yeah. And he's like on the cover of mortal kombat. I think there were recent 1. 11. Uh so and he's the main character in the movie. Yeah, like one of them and again, like the Get over here is just such a is like probably the most iconic mortal kombat line besides like fatality and finish him. Sure. Yeah, Sub zero could work as well. But I think scorpion is just I think I have a lot more fun with this move set. He has a lot of like undead shit because he was dead before. He's got some cool kunai stuff. And again with all the fighting game, the iconic fighting games that smasher has been collecting over this DLC. I want to add one more, add the last one, man, really add the one. Yeah, moral combat is also just such a long history with Nintendo with, you know, being on the shit. What was it on? It's not a snazzy I think. Right. Yeah, but obviously it didn't have, it didn't have blood in it because it's an intent because it was the Nintendo version. But people are, you know, there are rumors going around that there was like a blood code that you can put in to reactivate the blood and it was just a really early part of Nintendo's history and they, I think it wouldn't be what I would want for a final DLC character, but I think that's the most likely. But I don't know man, just, it's going to be weird without constant smash news because we have had, we've been living in a time where this stuff is like, like it's eventually going to happen. You know, you have a long, you have long swath sometime between announcements, but first direct post smash, there's going to be like, what? Yeah, where were Sakurai? Yeah, I don't know man. Like if Zachary never wants to surface in the public eye again, I really wouldn't blame him if he just wants to spend all this time drawing Kirby. I'm fine with it. Just drawing him. That's his anything else that his retirement Atlantis drawing, curb your facial expressions and for car was like, we got to get you back to work. He's like, no, no, I'm happy. Listen, he's wanted, he just points as Merrill, he's like, get the fuck out of the house, get the fuck out, done. It's the mural stranded by a bunch of drawings of Kirby. Get the fuck out. Yeah. So I think we need to address the fact that Zachariah literally said God told him to add just God, how did I forget? Jesus, jesus came down and told him you heard a voice from the heavens, jesus like dude, I love taking sectors. Like I got you seven like the seven days of me to create the fucking universe. Dude Masahiro cause who you are since I woke up in a cold sweat and just rushed to the board meeting guys, guys, you're going to believe what happened. I think the joke was that like the company that like is what is like they had to negotiate with the tech and or like they approached him, they had like heaven in their name or something like that. Or like the Kanji for like the heavens or something. And he made a joke. I wonder how that, I wonder how that joke is going to go overseas. How that's going to be translated. Uh, we're here. It was like God told you to put Kazi in smash. I wonder what happened. And I was like the devil friendly to put scorpion in the game. So here you guys go. I heard a voice from below echoing Sacha rise like, oh my God, what? I'll do anything. I love mortal kombat. Put scorpion in the game. I'll pay extra. Uh, exactly. I just making literal deals with the devil. My God. All right. Okay. That's it. That's it. That's the episode by Yeah. Uh, anyway, but seriously, thank you guys for, for sticking with us. Uh, for this ramble festive an episode. Uh, DLC fighters are the best thing in smash, uh, apex and smash updates tomorrow or today. So go play those. If you're listening to this, you haven't already. And gotcha games are good. All of them. No, most of them are bad. But the ones we talk about our good. Yeah. Especially the summer updates. Uh, video games are good. Ah Oh yeah. Get ready guys. Because we're really close to episode 15 of season two. Episode 100 overall. Next week starts the countdown 15 to 11 of our favorite games of all time. If you want to find out any more information, click the show more. So more section. Follow our personal councils to twitter account. On instagram account. I guess. RDM what you like? What you don't like every rating you guys leave, which has already been one is one copy of paper Mario, the origami king for his girlfriend for her for her birthday. So she has one our terrible experience down. Hopefully you guys can. One couple more. I'm getting her I am getting her game for her birthday, but not no paper Mario. I will give her my copy. I will give her my coffee will be an additional gift system for free. It's a piece of shit. I don't want you to free. I fucking hate it. All right. But yeah, get ready for some longer episodes coming up because I assume even though we're only talking about five games, it's going to take awhile in addition to the rest of the stuff we talked about in the podcast, probably might get some two hours in there. So get ready if you're going on some road trips, get ready uh, and bring us along with you because it will probably give you a few hours of gaming talk. But yes, there's thank you guys for supporting the podcast for so long. Apparently. Where the number one game podcast in Thailand according to an email that Comey got shoutout Thailand baby, I love you guys, Thank you guys so much for number one and number eight and leisure, a leisure podcast. Oh my God yeah, we're kicking ass over there to you guys were just so we're so leisurely. Sorry, I just need to look at these numbers again because looking at our analytics Like only eight, like almost 20% of our audience is not from the states, which is well as awesome. One of every five of you is it's crazy, is a foreign, a foreign citizen. So thank you guys so much for first round this podcast around and just listening to us talk about random shit all the time and absolutely ramble and have no cohesion at all. At least on my part. What? Yeah, 100 episodes coming up, be ready. What the festivities begin to see you? Uh huh. Yeah, mm
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