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The Teachings Of Henri Nouwen

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Discover today the lessons learned from the inspirational Henri Nouwen and how these can be applied to both your personal life, and your coaching business. Join Rob as he discusses the importance of being your true authentic self, how building a community within your team can lead you on the path to success and why you should always make time to protect your inner sanctuary.


One fundamental lesson that runs through everything is that if you really want to achieve a level of success and happiness then, you have to be authentic to yourself. When all the false selves that we have and all the identities we possess are no longer important or relevant, how are you with your real self? It is ultimately freeing to come to the state where you really know and accept yourself.

Things great in value and things that are built to last are focused on community and cooperation. As a leader, manager or coach it is your job to create a community and facilitate that group of people into a functional entity with the ability to collectively achieve whatever it is you all want to achieve.

There is nothing more attractive than somebody who is secure in their own life. Think about the people you are attracted to; there is probably a strong element of security within them and the fact that they are being themselves is what will attract you to them.. They are probably not concerned with what other people think, are ambitious and are considerable people.

Protect your own sanctuary, your own mind and your own thoughts. You will need to find that solitude because overwhelm and overwork can easily take over any situation. No matter what, there needs to be a balance in your life. Finding and maintaining that balance is not an easy thing to do in the 21st century. The demands on our time and mind are great, we have to learn to protect our minds and our own inner sanctuary.

“It is so applicable to leadership. It is so applicable to coaching.”
“Everything else that goes alongside that, is superficial and you recognise that.”
“It is a fact of life.”
“Aim for the eagle, bag the pheasant and don’t eat crow.”

Leader Manager Coach Podcast
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Rob Ryles is a UEFA A licensed coach with a League Managers Association qualification and a science and medicine background. He has worked in the football industry in Europe, USA, and Africa; at International, Premiership, League, Non-League and grassroots levels with both World Cup and European Championship experience.

Rob Ryles prides himself on having a forward thinking and progressive approach to the game built through his own experience as well as lessons learned from a number of highly successful managers and coaches.

The Leader Manager Coach Podcast is where we take a deep dive examining knowledge, philosophies, wisdom and insight to help you lead, manage and coach in football, sport and life.

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