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The Try Guys Try Talking About Their Family In The Jewish Mafia

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The Try Guys have family in the Jewish Mafia! Here they share anecdotes about how it is to be living just inches away from mafia life. Zach shows how close you can get to the truth without knowing that you're standing in it. Special guest Miles Bonsignore talks about his family in the Italian Mafia.
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you know, I have actually, what is surprising because ned has the italian connection, you would think that he has the direct lineage to the mafia, but I've never shared to you guys that uh my grandmother's family was not her, but was part of the jewish mafia in philadelphia and she has some mafia, jewish mafia, it should be your God. They have some crazy fucking stories though from her growing up. I, I maybe I'll just tease one right now. But like when she was a teenager, she would go on dates, she grew up in Scranton of of the Office fame, which no, the office was set in the mob town. No, it changes the narrative, it doesn't, but it takes place in a very sad town, but they would go and drive into philadelphia and when she got there they would like clear the floor, give her the best table and she just thought like as a teenager, like wow, how everyone's so nice to me not knowing that her wasn't, her uncle was like, hey, take care of her or I, you know, so she had she had some stories of like suspicious money that didn't make sense until she got older. How long is the statue of limitation? She's all right, Right. I'm not throwing my grandmother under the bus here. Well, it was there any murders? Because those don't have a statute? No comment. My no, no, no. You're my grandma, me, but pretty, pretty crazy shit. That's, wow. That's really stuff. A lot of people have deep family secrets that they're juicy, but they can't talk about. Or some people have, I don't know. Does everyone have family secrets? My family's like full of secrets. Too many secrets. There's one that actually would threaten all of our lives that the internet is always asking about because none of, you know, because we'll never get like that in such a fun, enticing way. Yeah, it's not, it's not something that's so juicy, but it is something that I like that I just want to say I told you to, but I'll drunkenly tell people I'm close to a dinner much to my parents and we'll get to it right after that. I should probably call my mom and find out if I'm allowed to tell the mafia story. I have some so my name, last name, johnson, you're obviously Sicilian. Obviously there's lots of stories where like are nameless cousin of mine married a man and it was too large italian families getting together. The wedding was like, you know, several 100 people is enormous and on their honeymoon they went to Sicily and they, the family, the Children remain nameless had people who knew people in the mafia and they were out to dinner at this guy's house and a helicopter landed on his house and he said I have to go fuck copter and they didn't see him for like several weeks. But like you know stuff went down my family. The mountaineers actually left this late to get away from the mafia. Are you more italian than Ed? I am also the bonds and your name is very Italian, but I am 1/4 Sicilian. So I'm also Scotch, Irish and German because your last name comes from your father's not Yeah.