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How To Be the Worst Father by DaddyOFive

From Audio: Case #073: DaddyOfive and MommyOfive

station description Crimes - Cults- Conspiracies - Killers - Creeps - Curiosities -Mysteries
Occultae Veritatis Podcast - OVPOD
Duration: 03:56
DaddyOFive pushes the limits of what content should be on YouTube. Unfortunately, he takes it too far.
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Channels like The Ace Family and 8 Passengers are already contentious for putting children's lives on the internet before they're old enough to know its effects. It's even worse when abuse enters the picture. Since YouTube is a relatively new medium, there are tons of ways to push the limits on what belongs on the site. But DaddyOFive stretches that limit too far.
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our fun, funny, funny Children, funny kids, hilarious funny kid videos. Angry kids. So you see, he's trying to frame it as like, ha ha, this is a fun family vlogging channel where we can prank each other and have lots of laughs and funds. It is not like I almost started crying and I like don't cry, no. Yeah, like I watched a bunch of stuff and it was now, what makes you feel like gross watching it? Oh yeah, Now there was something called the xbox destruction prank and I'll be going through that video slowly in the future. But That went viral as fuck. And they learned that kids crying equals money and they kept on riding that train until they built that YouTube channel into a behemoth. This is kind of behemoth. It was um it had at one point had 266 videos which worked out 275 hours of content um at its highest, it had 714,000 subs and 100 and 76 million views. This Youtube channel was bringing in about $1350 a day. That's insane. Yeah, $1350 a day in ad revenue. Um, what makes this even more egregious as this was active and now this is going on. Youtube awarded them when they reached 100,000 subscribers. A silver play button. Now, the requirements for silver play button, there's no copyright infringement. Okay. He didn't cooperate anything, whatever. Um, community guidelines strikes, which accused like things against violence and visible abuse. Um, they were supposed to check for that. They were supposed to check that this channel fall the community guidelines and they awarded him a silver play button. And the silver play button isn't just like, hey, you reached 100,000 subs. So you get one, it's, you are an outstanding member of the Youtube community and we want to award you with the silver play button. It grew into this behemoth this huge moneymaker and they started making more and more abusive content of abusive content that people wanted to see. So that's what they made more of. Yeah, and like who the fuck was doing this channel? So when you go through the channel archives, everything's fucking deleted now, you have to go through way back machine and the archive dot org and all that to see the comments and all but you see comments from actual sadists. So there's a small amount of actually saying, is that saying like please hit Chester harder or please please smack the kid harder and longer. Like I wish the whole family would team up on this kid and beat them until they're dead. Like these people just voicing their sadistic, fucked up desires. That's one that's one group of people. Another group of people were child abuse apologised that whole like I got hit and I turned out just fine. Like there's, there's a whole bunch of people in those comments and they saw the Daddy five Youtube channels like here's a father doing it right, hard love, hard love. That's what these kids need, tough love. They need to have the shit kicked out of them to become good, good people. There was also survivors of child abuse. There is a small subset of their that recognize the child abuse and constantly voiced it and they were like, what the fuck? Yeah, are you doing this? This is harmful and not cool. And this wasn't like people frame this is like, oh it's a big surprise Youtube didn't know about it, but they were constantly reporting and talking about this guy, these child abuse survivors. The other 80%. So what I just described is like 20%. The other 80% is this silent majority that never comments, never likes just observes, just watches and their demographics are 18 to 34 60% women, 40% men. That's all we know about them. We just know the demographics and just watch the videos. Yeah. Now, Well that that was me because I watched a bunch of videos. Yeah. Yeah. We don't know. We don't know if the silent majority if they're watching it to observe the carnage or watch a train record to like or because they like get off on it or we think it's funny and like, yeah, this is how you should be raising your kids and they have constant fear either. Yeah, exactly. Either way this this channel just
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