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These 2 habits will cut you above the competition.

From Audio: FMP 010 – Aphasia
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You need to listen to this if you care about your work.
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a lot of people think they can do without sleeping workaholics like I'll just sleep less sleep when I'm dead. Yeah, you're more like you'll die if you don't sleep like and we know, yeah, So for me, mental clarity is really important, And sleep helps me with mental clarity a lot. So that's all. I really don't sleep As far as my opinion goes. It's like, really, though people should study sleep. They should look at the studies on how it reflects into mental states how it reflects into overall physical health. It's important to sleep, I think, and in electronic music there's a lack of sleep going on in the scene, and that's not healthy. I'm not saying we need to change all the shows to start at 3 p.m. Or anything like, I like to have a late night and have fun to like anyone else. But I just bring that up because a lot of people, an artist to that, you know, care a lot about their work and having a career in music. They make sleep something that's not important, and I think that's really bad. I think there's a reason there's a lot of depression in the scene. Lot of musicians get really depressed. A lot of there's a lack of mental health. There's there's a lack of health, I think, and I think sleep is a big part of that for me. Making sure I sleep correct has been actually a big deal. More important, though, you brought up meditation. I mean, I single handedly. One of the more important things I engage with in my life is meditating because it's just listening to your breath and focusing on what your minds trying to throw at you as you. I mean, for me, all meditating is, is focusing on your breath and being in the present moment. It doesn't have to be in any position to sit a certain way. Do you have a mantra or anything audible? I don't. I just listened to my breath, I think, and I did get into it honestly from like when I was young. I learned some things about Buddhism and a lot. They are like they invented it more or less. I think Hindus did, but the Buddhist brought it to really practical place, but myself, it's very simple. I just focus on my breath. Maybe I'm sitting cross legged and maybe I'm sitting in a chair. Maybe I'm laying in bed for me. It's just a matter of not being a victim of my thoughts, but being an observer of them, watching them occur and trying to disassociate myself from the reactions. Because we okay, we're reactive creatures. Things happen, we react. That's how we've survived. We've learned how to react to things in certain ways. We also react to our thoughts. We like to think we create our thoughts more or so we get that we get them like a package in the mail and we decide what to feel or think or do. Sometimes we decide what to feel. Sometimes the feeling kind of comes with it. But all meditating is for me, is dissociating from that cycle, and trying to watch it occur more than flinging around with the that cycle of thought reaction, thought reaction, choosing my reaction to be watching. That can be the reaction. Watch your reaction can be non action. Yeah, more or less. I think that's what it comes down to. So meditating is good for me. Mental health wise, I use
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