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and you were able to, Social distancing is not required like bro. And the mayor apparently I heard the mayor isn't planning on having any of those rules regulated at all. Let's yeah see this is exactly why nothing is getting better. Yeah yeah people were all upon each other sweating, yelling screaming, it's a city girl. Oh I'm not saying the Dodgers for the fucking city girls pussy talk hey this pussy talk, german and latin and french girls. This pussy talking diamonds because that's just nasty. That pussy top covid 19 and friends. That's just nasty. Yeah you're about to with your life for the City girls. No offense to the city girls. But day I wouldn't risk my life for them, I wouldn't even risk my life for Beyonce concert, Beyonce wouldn't even risked her life for a Beyonce concert. No she wouldn't. No I need you guys to keep doing these cute little virtual online concerts please please. Ooh speaking of virtual online concerts that brings me to Chloe and Halle. and speaking of Chloe and Halle that brings me to Halle and speaking, no, that brings me to Chloe. And speaking of Chloe that brings me to none of you. *** ain't shit because you guys will let this girl live, I'm so sick of it. So um I talked about it on Patreon too. So if you guys want the full rundown, go ahead and check out my Patreon exclusive. But so essentially Khloe has been posting on her own Chloe and Haley made their own instagram pages and people are saying that Chloe has been posting more like sensual and like just, she did like the silhouette challenge and she's just been having fun and she mm and people yeah leave her the fuck alone and people are just like yo this is this is tired, um she just wants attention, blah blah blah. And so tell me why Chloe gets on instagram live and she's like crying and she's she's like yo honestly I didn't even realize that what I was doing was like you know sexual or anything, I was just being me and I shot a video of me like burning sage and just in my underwear and like I didn't realize that like people would take it the way that they took it. Like I was just being me and I'm like can that just brings up so many different conversations of one stop over sexualizing black women, especially young black women to stop policing what women do online and on the internet. Three stop assuming that just because a woman or woman come out to the public a certain way, like people assume that Chloe and Halle have this good girl mentality, nowhere anywhere in any of their songs ever have they given off that they were good girls. Like you know, like that's just an illusion that people have placed on them. And so it's like especially that one tweet where somebody was like um seeing Chloe redo that trope, that good girl gone bad trope that Janet Jackson created is so tired. Like she's just being herself. Like it's undone what? That's the thing. So yeah, I heard she when she got on the live that she was talking about how she's dealt with insecurities and stuff and like isolated herself and her body image and all blah blah blah blah blah. And that's why she was like bawling her eyes out because the fact, you know, people bullying her pretty much for her being comfortable in her own skin. And that's the thing is like okay, the reality, they are going to be people that are going to sexualize women. Like it doesn't matter what kind of picture you take, Someone's going to sexualize it, right? But also at the same time, it's like why can't we have the freedom to be able to show off what we like about ourselves? Why then why? Why? Also it makes sense why people are like, oh you guys the whole good girl view on them because they were young when they started this whole music thing. I'm pretty sure that's because it's that image has been stuck and engraved in people's head that they expect that from them even as they're growing up, which is not reality. It's not we all grow up, we all and the, you know, changing our personality, our looks are how we just maneuver in life as we grow older. That's just part of it. And if she wants to, You know, share her parts of her body to other people, let her, she's fucking what? 21, 22 She's in her early 20's, she should be able to do that. You don't buy her bills, facts. She's away from her sister Halles in um London, I believe, shooting for the Little Mermaid. So away from each other and they've been on live Together and have expressed that being away from each other is hard, you know, and that's completely understandable. Their young women in their twenties who came up together just because they don't have a sisterhood relationship did a lot of, you know, regular people probably have, you know, um doesn't mean that being away from each other isn't hard for them. Exactly. I just, I don't understand why we can't just leave people alone.
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