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This Morning Ritual Will Change Your Life Forever

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every morning. So, like, I'll wake up, I'll go down, we'll turn the coffee on and then I go back upstairs and I set a timer, which is the most important thing I've done for myself recently. And I bought a kitchen timer because, like, what would end up happening is I was using my phone and I would, like, find myself on Instagram for, like, 20 minutes. Me like, What are you doing? Like you're supposed to be really dating right now. So I bought myself a little kitchen timer and I set it for 15 minutes. A timer is always extremely important. Meditation, Like don't sit down and meditate without timer because that's the thing that will keep you coming back. Is knowing this will end this moment Does end like I'm gonna sit down. I'm gonna do this, but it ends. You know, if you just have this endless meditation time, we're like, it'll stand up when I feel it's like you're never gonna do it. It's not gonna be a consistent practice. Sometimes I do that with music to I'll be like and 20 minute timer boom practice, because it was like having that end time makes you want to do it more. So I'm gonna take for 15 minutes. I have a mantra. Well, I guess I'll tell you it's quite private. But if it helps people you know, then I don't That's the thing. So, um, I said, John, you say everything is always working out For me, everything is always working out. For me. Everything is always working out for me in my head for like, 15 minutes, literally. And it helps to if you listen to, like, the heater like a consistent noise outside. Yeah, yeah, because that will bring you really into the present moment is like listening to what's happening in the moment. And then after that, I do what's called the morning pages. So then I go get my coffee. Then I go into my office and I say, And I said another timer for 20 minutes and I Right. Whatever comes to mind, that's a Julie Cameron. The artist's way tactic. Have you read that? No, I haven't. But I do want Is the app right? Morning pages out? No, I actually sit down with a notebook and I like physical notebook and I Right, So Julie camera has this book called The Artist Way, and it's a fantastic. It's like a 12 week program about, um It helps with people who have, like, creative blocks writer's block, who just feel like they're not. They're stuck creatively. They don't feel creative. Maybe they don't think their their creative. That's another option. So if you read this book, it's a 12 step one, you know, once a week. And so her main thing. One of the first lessons is the morning pages, and it's kind of sitting down and just letting yourself like I have a separate notebook for this that I show absolutely no. One. And it's literally like Good morning morning pages today I have to do this and this and this and this and I got to go to the grocery store and I was feeling so annoyed last night about this and this and this, but then I really came through it like whatever comes through, like even if you can't think of something to write, just write, write, write, write the word, write the word right. I'm writing right. I'm writing right, right, and like just letting it flow out of you because that allows you to really, like, get beyond your judgment mind and into allowing yourself to to physically right this very physical motion. But so I do that every morning and then I, like, go about my