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This Podcast is Self-Care: 46 - Making Your Bed with Claire Downs

Last Played: March 04, 2021
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Guest Claire Downs discusses her daily cleaning routine and the importance of making your bed. Claire credits Buddhist monks for her newfound interest in cleaning during the pandemic and assures hosts Cait and Drew that they can find their zen through making the bed as well.
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I do it every morning, but probably before noon, because then once I make it, I can work on my bed on top of my covers, which is controversial. Some people say you're not supposed to do that, but it adds with quarantine, it adds, liken additional surface they could be sat on and enjoyed. Yeah, that's a great point without getting under the covers that, like noon, You know, you're sitting on top of, like, rumpled covers. You can use it as a surface. Yeah, I like that, Like justification a lot. I am fairly agnostic on bed work. Um, I think now more than ever, Like if you need to work on your bed Awesome. But I do think it's good for you if you need to use an area or surface form or than, like, one use to transform it in some way. If you're gonna work on it so that your mind is off of the mindset of like, this is a bad And this is now my workspace. Yeah, and I also So I went to Japan on my honeymoon, and I was talking to some people there about Marie condo, and they were saying that. You know, Marie Condo, um kind of took existing Zen Buddhist principles and she uses them, you know, to do declutter. But there was this other book that came out around the same time and actually have it here. It's called amongst Guide to a Clean House in mind that is sort of in the same vein, but it's like a daily cleaning book it talks about, like how Japanese people clean everything. Because if you're there, it's a very clean place. Yes, yes, there's whole stores dedicated to cleaning supplies that I have never seen before in my life, like brushes and scrubbers and all that. And so what I got from it? And let me just preface this by saying, I am not Buddhist. I am a regular white lady who doesn't practice any religion. I just read a book, but I got from it. So the monks in these temples they clean almost all day if they're apprentices. But they the senior monks who are there, they start their day by washing their face, brushing their teeth and then doing cleaning, like right after in the morning. So I started doing that as well, like right Before I do anything, I wash my face, brush my teeth, and then I do like 30 minutes of cleaning. Like while I drink my coffee and it really, like, set me up like I feel so accomplished in a way that's like Like, have you ever timed yourself cleaning? It takes? No. Yeah, I know that's the worst part about it is that you build it up in your head as like, Oh my God, I don't want to clean. I don't wanna clean. And then when you do it, it's really quick. It's like 10 minutes per task, like it's not a big deal. Yeah, we will use an egg timer and one of us will clean for 30 minutes, and then the other person will clean for 30 minutes, even get a lot of things done in just 30 minutes. And you? Yeah, precisely like the like once you just like set because, like the overwhelm of like if you have a specifically messy room or like a place like that needs cleaning or dishes the overwhelming what coast? Yeah, like you got to just get in there and start so you can then feel accomplished. Even if it's not like, yeah, I love this concept, though, of having it a part of your daily morning routine like And I'm guessing it doesn't have to be that you that you're cleaning the same thing every time. It's like just general cleaning, like if there's something too clean, you clean it in the morning, right when you wake up right, and for me, that is making the bed because that only takes the way that I do it on. Lee really takes five minutes.
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