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Tips for Perennial Planting and Designing

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Last Played: November 26, 2021
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Karen Rexrode shares her rules for garden planning and designing, including ensuring your perennials are being "good neighbors" to each other. Also, complementary colors in your garden.
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um So I came up kind of with this good neighbor rule was that one should not detract from the one next to it when it's in flour. And I kind of keep that in mind when I'm designing, you know, it's so that's where those really critical ones that have good foliage play that that part of being the good neighbor despite maybe the time of year or, um, you know what they have next to them. They still look good. So, like the M soniya that has the good foliage that's persistent depends DeMann that's persistent. Um, even some of those really late flowering asters, you know later they flower that keep looking good. You know, it's usually you're kind of ratty time with the perennials right after flowers. So those late blooming perennials can be those good neighbors through the rest of the year. Um, but I'm just I just I'm keen on on One shouldn't take away from the other when it's trying to do its best to look good, and I also like, you know, it's also why maybe I like the the the Astro Korda Foley. Um, it has that way of growing that arches over other things and sort of hides or connects parts. The garden like a like a froth. And I love fine foliage things with bolder things. I love anything that makes like a frog that goes between. And that's why I like some of the grasses. Um, you know, we can talk about Spyropoulos doing that. We can talk about Eric Gross. Just love grass doing that. So those can sort of hide some of the things by just making that froth over them and connecting plants together. So I love using frothy plants. Um, skills aquariums are another one in the grass department. Um, but but I I try to stick to the good neighbor rule when I'm putting them together. I love that phrasing of froth and combinations there and your concept of a good neighbor, so one not outshining the other. So when one is in bloom, the other one is kind of resting or just sharing the foliage. Um, what do you think, besides the foliage texture, where you described fine foliage or a bold foliage versus foliage colors, so there might be more of the yellow green spectrum or blue green spectrum to that green foliage. So I'm, um I'm very much an artist, and I do, you know, try to follow complementary colors and, you know, um, working, working with harmonious colors. Uh, and I remember it was very popular for awhile to do this kind of a pink and orange thing together. And when we had the platform, I decided I didn't know there was a book that came out. And again, it was an English book. But it showed what we would describe as Gaudi Gardens and gaudy gardens. Had a lot of this pink and orange together, Um, which can work for sure. Um, but I decided at the plant farm that I wanted to make the front bed by the road that gaudiness and I planted all these crazy colors. And in the end, I hated it was horrible. Um, but you could definitely you know, I think I think you're I tells you, you know, unless you're color blind, I think you're I tells you when it's off. And I tend to be playing on the safer side and do harmonious colors. So pinks and blues together, Chartreuse, You can't ever go wrong with it. I love I've always loved green flowers. So green flowers, even with some of the grasses, especially the grasses that have blue in them Our fabulous like, uh, echinacea lemon meringue was, say, panic. Um, North wind. That was a combination I saw along with gardens in it. I would always recommend to people. When they came to the nursery, they were trying to figure out what to plant with. Something was to find the plant. They loved to pick it up and walk around and place it next to other plants until they saw that it came together. And then they would know that it would work. And I always say the same with, especially when you're doing your containers in spring with annuals, find the one you love and begin walking around so you find the combo. Um, your eye tells you it's right, and the light is so important as well, so we can dream and go through plant catalogs and mail order catalogs and look on our Internet searches. But that's never going to be the same, Of course, is going to real local garden center and seeing the plants in person, right? And well, even if I knew a landscaper who she is so, so good and she would design Amazing Gardens. But she would just bring in, Um, she would have, say, a Siberian iris blooming. She would bring in the flowers from the Siberian iris and walk around my nursery and just, you know, hold it up to things to figure out What What was that? That color palette that would work. So, um, you know, it's sort of the same idea. You already have something in your own garden, but you don't know what to put with it. Yank some flowers and take him to the nursery with you because it's it's nearly impossible for us to know. You know the range of really, truly what what sometimes is such a surprise? What works together until you see it, you would never, ever have guessed that so true. And there are also those happy accidents where you literally just threw some pots together and wow, they turned out fabulously so that's always a nice thing to happen in the garden. Yeah, we love that. So you did mention a little bit about your artistic interests, and that's kind of been a thread through a lot of our garden. D. C. Podcast is so many of our plant people are also artists in one way
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