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Tips for Starting Your Spring Garden

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Best Home & Garden Audio On Vurbl Looking for tips on how to keep your garden healthy and beautiful? Curious about the newest trends in interior design this season? This playlist is perfect for anyone looking to stay up-to-date on the best tips and tricks for your home and garden. From picking what to plant based on the season to merging your favorite home pieces to create a unique and stylish home, this playlist has it all. Perfect for any season, make sure you come back to hear podcasts like You Bet Your Garden, Simple Farmhouse Life, and Clean With Me. Vurbl From the Earth: Farming, Livestock & Gardening
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Especially for those who are planting their first spring garden, this episode is full of information on how to ensure your garden flourishes through these next few months. Ben Gardner and Batavia "B" Choctaw are here for you and your new plants!
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the biggest answer that my first tip right now, my first tip is, you know, official too, because I feel like we've given a few out already is plant accordingly to the low temperatures. Okay, so right now in my spring garden, if it dropped to 28 degrees, I sleep just fine because everything out there is going to make it through that 28 degrees. Everything I've put out there is. And so, as the days go on and on and on, and I'm putting in stuff that needs a little bit warmer, a little bit warmer, so, you know, I don't have that worry at all. So I'm sorry if you just heard a big sunk out there, just hit the mike. But, you know, that's go ahead. I'll take that tip. Yeah, yeah. I mean, it's something that I didn't realize before. So, like, I purposely put out my kale, my cabbage and my broccoli first. You know, actually, my broccoli went out a week later because we start to warm up. Probably. I would say that our temperature goes to the warmth a lot faster than you. You know, we'll rapidly start getting warmer and warmer. But, you know, I know like cabbage and kale. They can take a deep cold and come back. So my lettuce No. And all the lettuce that's out there all winter has been struggling to come back, so needs to regulate that temperature. Okay, so I absolutely think that's something to keep in mind. And excuse me, Don't you know, don't be overzealous, right? You know, when it comes to, it's easy to get excited. Yeah, when it comes to a warm days. Yeah, um, and 50 feels a lot different after you've gone through twenties for months. Right? Um, so my the next tip. So my first tip is going to be especially if you have more than one growing space before you actually get out there to plant. So you can have you start hardening off your seat lands and all of that. But before we get off the plant, let's just not look at the top of the soil, right? Because that's what you're gonna see. That's going to thaw. If you're in a freezing area first, you want to make sure that you're digging down and make sure that soil is truly workable. But most important. Just because the soil is maybe not ready in one area of your garden doesn't mean that it may not be in another. Um, so for me, like, right now, at the time of recording, I have a couple of spots that I can get my spade into and just fine. Um, and that's we talked about this a little bit before we get started. A lot of that's the positioning of the sun. You know, um and and how much? Um, kind of cold and snow. And, you know, certain areas have gotten hit in other areas have actually started to thaw sooner. Um, so make sure that you just don't wait, because one area of your garden is still kind of frosted. Yeah, make sure you're checking all the areas that you plan on growing in because you may be surprised, So yeah. Yeah, and I mean, I agree with that completely because part of it needs to be, you know, you need to be aware of what thoughts and what doesn't at what time, you know, because moving forward, just like like, if this year is your first spring garden like it is yours, just think about next year. Once you know that and think about that plan you can put together. So, you know, I think it's important to know that Yeah, I didn't even need to be said, to be honest. I don't know. I'm gonna tell you, you know, So it's the what's accessible. You go the cage. Maybe it's a great example. I'm not going to dig through the cage. Maybe if I don't have to. So if I go to the front yard, which is much easier and put my spade in its frozen, I may assume that the rest of the garden is frozen, too. Um, and that may not be the case, you know, Um and that also depends on again how in tune you are with where the sun is traveling and how long it's out for. Um, The good thing, though, is every day you'll get a little bit more. You know, like every day there will be a little bit more exposure to that son. So if it's not ready right now, you know, it could be it's probably gonna be not necessarily days, but you're on the right path. That's a big difference between now. and fall is you're getting more every day. You know, every day you're getting like I think it's two minutes a day Roughly more sun, maybe a minute. It's like it's more like a minute Yeah, yeah, it fluctuates, but still you're getting every day you're getting more versus in the fall It's like damn everyday is last, Last, last, last, last And just remember time change doesn't give you an hour or more Yeah, you were, uh, you're really nippy with me one time when I talked about that. I don't remember the episode, and no one really wants to hear that again. The dark side of you. I'm sorry, but I mean, you know, it's But I caught myself thinking of that the other day, though, and I was like, Oh, well, we're going to get an hour back and you know, But it's just it doesn't matter to the plants, but so making sure things aren't frozen solid, Um, for me. Oh, no, I think Let me in summary. It's the your garden may have thought at different times, so keep that in mind. Share different area. Yeah, it's more about that. Um, let's coined a term for that for the backyard gardens podcast, Backyard gardens, TV. How about sawing rates? Yeah, I like it. Yeah, no, you're sawing rates. Hashtag hashtag not trending anywhere. But it's still important. With your help, we can make it. Well, with your help, we can make it register as actual hashtag. I don't know if it's gonna trend. Alright, everybody. Now that it's spring, we're going to do one more give away to get seeds in your garden and we're gonna do our direct seed sowing giveaway, which happens to be Ben's favorite giveaway. Shockingly enough, give away closes on May 1st 2000 and 21 and whatever is going to let you know one of the ways to enter so one of the ways to enter is by going to backyard gardens tv dot com and enter your email address. With this, you'll be entered into the May 1st giveaway and all future giveaways. And then, for an extra injury, head over to YouTube to the backyard gardens YouTube channel and watch the video gardeners love spring. Watch it like it and leave a comment telling us what your favorite thing to either grow in your garden is or your favorite thing about spring gardening. That way we know more about you and you might win our seeds now on.