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Top Five Rey Moments: Do You Agree?

Last Played: May 04, 2021
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Coffee With Kenobi is a spoiler-free space for any and all Star Wars discussion. CWK explores the mythology of Star Wars, the films it has inspired, and the people who created this galaxy. In this episode, recorded live, Dan Z talks about his top five favorite Rey moments while also reading off fans' top five.
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really nice. Number five for Ben raised mirror scene, she's tempted by something she really wants and the scene shows perfectly the disappointment that can follow. We give into temptation for the dark side. That's right. Good wow, great choices. Everybody. Number five for mason is when Ray takes on Dark ray, it's a quick sequence but very memorable and very creepy for sure. Alright, Let's jump into number four. Number four of our top five favorite rain moments for me, it's the Jedi mind trick in the force awakens. It's when we first kind of see Ray come into her own consciously using the force. I love how she tricks the stormtroopers. It's just kind of a nice passing of the baton to me, just a great scene that I always enjoy it. I watched that movie, which is a great movie. Excuse me. Number four for me to her training with luke and the last Jedi she got a better understanding about the the legacy and was able to put him in his place before she left Ashton boy. Did she ever I was debating how to kind of encapsulate that as far as what parts to talk about and all that. So you did a nice job. They're very good. Okay, let's see Number four Ferraz dark raise. Such a cool encounter and I'll never forget seeing that trailer in at D 23 and then everybody started screaming how like what, what's going on this regular turned evil. We know how that turned out. We're far for Jason. The scavenging scene inside the star is for wreckage on Jakku. Our first introduction to ray, a simple life set against the backdrop of a much larger world. She's about to step Nice. Well set. We'll sit. Let's see. I don't want to miss anybody. We got a lot of them, wow, I love everybody's feedback here. This is fantastic Jose when right pulls the lights. They were passed. Kylo and Star Killer Base gave me chills. Oh yeah, that's so cool, so cool. Amber Ray scavenging through the start story in the first awakens the first time we meet her awesome Number four for Rachel healing ban on the Death Star and the Rise of Skywalker, awesome. I like we're getting a bounce of all of the, of the movies such as cool. Nor for for Ray fighting with paul about light skipping the falcon po, complaining about baba being damaged. Their chemistry is great. It is too bad. We didn't get more of it because it was cool when we got to see it so far for blake her battling alongside Kylo in the throne room battle at a great character moment. But that fight really blew me away and hey, that's great. I'm here for it, man, They've been moved you whether it's character, fighting music atmosphere. Anything to me, it's fair game. Anything that brings you enjoyment from this character, which I think we can all agree is a fantastic character. Let's see eric when Ray says B. B. A. From the sand worm in the force of destiny. Nice. Eric, what a good call that. I had forgotten about that, but I love that, I love that one. Ben, Therefore Ray heels, Kylo ren is a lot. It takes a lot of humility to admit in the heat of the moment. You get carried away. Made a mistake and to immediately try and make immense indeed it does. James number four Ray training on the obstacle course and Rise of Skywalker with leah watching on From a distance. So that's a good one. I probably put that as an honorable mention. That's a great one. I love that. Let's see what mason has for his number four. He has um the fight against Kylo ren on craft beer in the rain. That whole sequence very, very intense, very intense. All right, let's go Ahead and move on to # three. Kylo team up in the last Shit I boy did I have a hard time not making this number one, My number one and two will make more sense. Why didn't? But I talked about this last week, but from Kyle's perspective, but from her perspective, the way that she gets that Lightsaber after defeating Snow Oak and the fact that we realize they're going to team up the electricity, the chemistry, the choreography that fight, the lighting, the fact is in the red environment is beautifully lit was just absolutely phenomenal and I'll give Mason's number three right away instead of saving him for last, Number three for Mason is when the lights that were flies to ray in the force awakens was just mentioned a few minutes ago. Let's see what everyone else has for number three. Uh I mean to you think the Jedi mind tricks in the force awakens awesome. The Good one, my number four ross dominating colorado. The lights that were fighting the stone. Which uh wait, is she going to go after watching Hand get killed, yep, man, that was so much good tension in that part. Number three for mary fighting the emperor with Ben at the end of Rise and the two of them bring the light Sabers up. It is such a great visual, it is Oh absolutely. Number three for Amber fighting with Kyle in the red room in the last but I Exactly like my # three. Number three for Jason having to repeatedly point to the Harris branch of the Millennium Falcon because Finn was so clueless, funny, well acted and sally. I've been in Finn's place before. I think we all have So I understand Jose # three, Ray Skywalker just encapsulates the message of the single. It doesn't matter where you come from here here buddy, I like that. Number three for Eric when right interacts with Leia and the Rise of Skywalker. I enjoy
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