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Totally Unacceptable

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@EricMalpus and @vincetracy discussed
the invasion of #ManchesterUnited by fans who have been
outraged by the shenanigans of the proposed
#ERuropeasnSuperLeague.and the injuries to the police. We
discussed the #PremierLeague sanctions before discussing
what can be done to stop this happening again. There is talk of
#Tottenham tripling the wages of #BrendanRogers to lure him
away from #Leicester and #Guardiola's comments regarding
rotation. We discussed the immoral money being offered to
#Pogba before looking at possibly the best signing of the week.
#HarryRedknapp is joining the cast of #Eastenders!
29th April 2021
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it's a very difficult one. We'd sort of put time aside to make sure that we were ready to watch the game. Got home very fortunately, some very tired, but we had a little kip and when we woke up they were telling us all about these families that had come in and obviously we're creating a bit more of a disturbance, just a protest. So what did you think of what went on first and foremost? Well, first of all the components should be a little support stepped on anything, you know, But what actually happened is that it's just amazing how this, you get inside the ground and you know, it is a strange one how they managed to get inside the ground easily on this. I believe that we have values with outside the ground. You know, where this is a bit weird stuff where the front tires, you know, you can put bodies across there, but it didn't seem like it now you gotta go underneath like that. It's not a tunnel, but it's like the bridge corner trust where the railways and uh, I just don't know how these are in but obviously somebody said what of this deal with brand name, but even you don't know you called here saying that. Well, I don't know where eric is it because a couple of weeks ago, Dave Williams was telling me that there was a whisper that there was going to be a protest. Now, obviously somewhere along the line, some people have organized this and to be able to go into a massive stadium like that and create the habit that they did obviously suggests to me that there was more of an organization than people are prepared to say at this moment in time. I mean the very fact that they had barriers there, surely barriers normally come and go, oh, am I right in saying that or are they a permanent fixture, do that? How do you do with the put there on the day? You know, it's it's the guy that people, whichever where you're going. You know, if you stand is uh, the one report you stand to see over there, you know, on the road faxing and when we uh doing some work and you perhaps enough like that, those kind of values, you know, that's the thing is you just telling this and uh, that's what I can gather. Obviously, if you kind of all over the universe, you get past that and that is not a problem. So it's just if I really got anything down that's uh, which is uh, it's almost impossible to get into a football graham, you know, unless you got something passageway where somebody's right here. Yeah, what amazes me? Well, I would go along with the supposition that somebody has colluded with these people who were protesting. I don't really forget stretch of the imagination too far because the people that work there obviously feels passionately about the football club Pepper. But there's a difference between feeling passionate, having a protest and then doing what they've done to this for a policeman who's obviously gotta life changing injury. Now. I think for me that's where the line has totally and utterly being crossed. And I do think there's gonna have to be a lot more than just an explanation of how it happened. I think there's got to be some form of political perfect person. Well, I think, you know what all he's done strength in football, general region protesting against the bill and things like that. You know, there's always somebody there and you pay it. It seems to cause most of the trouble only needs one to spare from get something up and the next thing, you know what all and I don't know, I think it's the old story where you get people to move into these situations Well because they're called best and then they're probably not even 94, you know, they're probably there too agitating problems and makes it difficult for the. And uh, I'll be a major to police. Don't know, these kind of people, you know, you look deal looking down the 20 year old pole set and don't forget the existence of social distancing into sports. You off. This is always the cannon. It I mean I was on the tonight, so the part of the people are open down the countryside do things which keep things to drive. And then these times in government mean to certain people behind this and I think we just look at the same time before. That's just some of these protesters football book process in general and against government and so many people nowadays being used within high, it can be quite lives matter. That's another one, isn't, it? May be splitting people up all those things and this is just another one now. Yeah, no, actually totally agree with you because I think You only need to go back to look at what was happening in the 80s. Uh, so back in the 1980s, they knew that they were hooligans about the peace would sort of turn off and make sure that the horses, the mounted police were about and they were well organized to combat them, but they knew that they were there. Now my uh, my information from Manchester United informed Supporter tells me that there was a whisper that something was going to happen. Um This is the biggest fixture of uh, one of the biggest pictures in british football because of the intensity of the rivalry between these two clubs, uh Nonetheless, for bragging right over what trophies they've won and, you know, obviously with other, better clubs around at the moment in terms of playing football, it seems so sad that we're now concentrating on this rather than looking at what football has been played, although I think we do have to discuss.
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