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Former president of the Miami Marlins brings some raw thoughts to light as the MLB opens and investigation with Trevor Bauer for using "altered" baseballs. Searching for an emotion-filled, real and raw baseball podcast? This one's for you!
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within the organization. So ken Roosevelt writes an article that Trevor Bowers balls from his recent outing against the Oakland A's were taken out of play and are being sent to MLB for testing and for examination. She wrote a whole article about this and it was not an article full of attitude. It was an article full of fact, but Trevor Bauer decided that he was none too happy. So he and Rachel luba went on the offense and basically they were selling ken Rosenthal's reputation, calling him a gossip monger and a gossip blogger wanting to know why ken Rosenthal would write what he wrote and then he sent a bunch of tweets, L. O. L. Always fun reading desperate and misleading Clickbait headlines from national gossip bloggers. I think he does protest too much. He claims that balls are being taken out of play by many pictures and he's right. Except ken Rosenthal never said that balls will only be taken out of play of Trevor's MLB doesn't have it in for Trevor. The Dodgers don't have it in for Trevor. Even the reds don't have it in or the indians or terry Francona or me or Kenny. No one has it in for Trevor Bauer. Trevor Bauer can be good for the game. He's got a good social media following, but it's not good for the game is his constant whining, complaining and thinking the world is against him. It's running thin in baseball circles, it's running thin in dodger circles. There is great concern that the Dodgers already have about whether or not the clubhouse has been ruined by Trevor Bowers presence in the clubhouse. MLB has a small problem here, and it can be solved. And I'm here to solve it. When you've got a player who may or may not be a face of baseball are Arguable that Trevor Bauer is the face of baseball. He may have the most social media following. So that may count as being the face of baseball actually, and certainly not the best player in baseball, certainly not the best pitcher in baseball, not even close. For me, it's Jacob deGrom in a runaway hard stop. But when baseball and its integrity gets questioned, that's when the commissioner usually has the hair on his next stand up and immediately snaps into attention and gets a statement out. There's such animosity between players and the commissioner. I'm wondering whether he was advised to say something but said, you know what? I've had enough. I'm getting so much heat over the All Star game being moved, which I did for the players. I'm not going to give them another olive branch on this. And I think that's a mistake. I think the commissioner needed to come out with a statement, except it would have been the commissioner. I would have had this is not commissioner worthy. It's commissioner office worthy. That's a very important distinction to make. There are certain times the commissioner has to attach his name to something. In certain times the office attach is the name or the deputy commissioner or someone in on field operations. In this case, I would have Michael, he'll do it senior VP of on field operations and I would have a statement come out that says in the first week of the season because it's now been eight days. And this should have come out yesterday in the first week of the season. As per the new directive by the commissioner where we are studying baseball's and beginning to crack down on foreign substances on baseball's. We have removed approximately X number of baseballs from Y number of games. Our plan has been and continues to be to do a cross section study, a random study. We're not picking on any particular player as an increase in spin rate. That is bizarre. You know, all the pictures to go to Houston get this huge increase in spin rate. Trevor Bauer taught us that except Trevor Bauer neglected to mention that he had a huge increase in spin rate as well. There is an argument to make that an increase in spin rate is based solely on doctoring the ball. Not all of a sudden learning different grips or different places to stand on the rubber. I'm on the third base side. Now I got great spin rate. I used to be on the first base side. Now on the third base side, I come sit at my hips, not at my chest. If you're watching this on Youtube, I'm coming set at my chest, not at my hips. The hips don't lie. That should have been the statement. Bowers ball should not be the story. They should never be the story. No one cares. Trevor, this is not about you, frankly. It shouldn't be about studying foreign substances at all because I'm all in, I'm all in on sign stealing, I'm all in on foreign substances, do whatever you have to do. Good luck. We always told our players, if you can figure out what the other teams doing to figure and nose and you know, you don't know that they have are signs, then you're not doing a good enough job of changing the science. If you're getting caught with foreign substances, you're not putting them in the right place. Trevor Bauer had one good point. I want to mention how do you know the picture, put the foreign substance on