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Trishelle Cannatella on "The Challenge: All Stars"

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Trishelle Cannatella discusses how she got on “The Challenge: All Stars”. She tells what her expectations were, how it’s different from a different “Challenge”, and more!
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and older people, I would love to do it. I just don't want to go on another challenge and being called like grandma or anything like that. So I wanted more people that were like me and so I was completely interested. Were you hesitant at all? Like, were you nervous at all? Well, yeah, obviously because I was just like, okay, Mark, am I going to have to start like doing crossfit? He's like, just for yourself. And so being myself is like, no, like I don't do anything working out wise. Like I used to, I just haven't in a long time. And um yeah, I would say that's probably not a good idea if you're gonna do a challenge. I mean, the first episode we saw you saying, you know, I thought I was going to be enjoying drinks by the pool and were they threw you guys right in hard, right from the start? Yeah. Like my expectations were so different than what, what happened. It was crazy. And I think I was just, it was like my coping mechanism to like tell myself over and over no it's not gonna be that bad. And then when I got there it was so bad when I saw T. J. I was terrified. He scares me every time I see him and then he was like this is a real challenge. I was like no, what was the vibe like this time versus a normal challenge? Because I feel like from what Marcus had said, it is a little bit different and a little a little bit more like laid back and relaxed because you yeah, you know you've been doing this, you know what, you know what this is? So the normal challenges, it's like you can't even take a nap because it's just constant gameplay, it's exhausting right? Like all the kids like, and I say the kids like not me, like the younger ones, they're just like, oh, like scheming all the time, It's like, you know, whispering here and whatever, and I'm not saying that this challenge doesn't have that. It did, but I think that we know to separate like the game a little bit. Well I say that and then you saw the episode, which I did not do any of those things, but a little bit, we know how to have fun too. And so like the first night we were there, we did a big champagne toast and Mark, you know, gave a speech. It was so fun. Um So yeah, we know how to party, old school people, not a party. Yeah, that's for sure. And your theme parties again, I mean 1990s Party is amazing. Was the hangover much worse now that you guys are older? Oh my God, yes, it was horrible. Um Yeah, my hangovers last for like two days now, so I'm just out of commission, so that's hard on a challenge because you're doing stuff every day. And so yeah, it's a little difficult. Yeah, I feel like once you have like 25 hangovers are no joke anymore, so it's like it changes definitely. Um one thing