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Us Weekly Watch With Us Audio Snippet: Naya Rivera Interview

From Audio: Naya Rivera
Last Played: December 31, 2020
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Audio Snippet from Us Weekly's Watch With Us Podcast. In this clip, actress Naya Rivera is interviewed and discusses Season 2 of her YouTube Red Show Step Up: High Water, her children's clothing line, and what it's like to be a professional actress and mom at the same time.
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Um, And then you also have a Children's clothing line because I scale about it on social media, and it's adorable. What? How do you kind of make time to do that in on top of, like, doing the show and being a mom and doing it's like, how do you kind of, like, separate it all? Thank you. Yeah. So I started that sort of like I would say in my, you know, quote unquote offseason from from step up. I wrapped last year or last season. And then, um, you know, had this idea and sort of started it, you know, grassroots all by myself and, you know, found a manufacturer and designed everything myself and really just made that, you know, like, my full time job when I was done, um, done with this season. And so I sort of do the same thing. You know what? I'm way out. You know, passenger Thio, some people that helped with it, and then when I'm back, it's, you know, my my baby again. That's so nice. And like, do you feel like if you didn't have kids, it would have been like you would have been inspired to do that? Or do you think, like, solely Because you were like, Oh, he needs cute clothes. I'm just gonna make it myself. I mean, I've always been interested in, you know, making clothing and get doing something in that space in that world. But it just was a natural fit, you know, being a mom. And I love to dress Josie Andi, I get, you know, he gets complimented all the time on now. He dressed. So I'm like, OK, let me try to like, Here's a, um that's so funny. His friend's parents are gonna be calling you to make their their kids clothes. Now I know I dropped when I dropped him off this morning at preschool that there was a substitute teacher and she was like, I need to go shopping with That's amazing. He was wearing fringe Nice. Oh, my gosh, she's more fashionable than I am. Um, I when you growing up, you obviously we're on camera for ah, lot of your younger years. Um, and I feel like you were in the public eye a lot. You were on social media a lot once that started, and then you kind of pulled back Is that intentional? Do you kind of, like, decide not to do as much social media now that your mom or does it kind of go back and forth that you like, go through phases of it? E mean, it's sort of just, like, not even like a thought, You know what I mean? Like, it's just like, you know, just with your day, Like, how much do you really have to like Post E S? So if I have, like, projects and stuff that I'm busier and you know I'll post more. But today, today there's really nothing that fascinating going on. No, I've always just curious because I feel like some Ah, lot of actors go through these like spurts of posting a lot and then a lot when they have, you know, a lot. Sometimes when they have kids, they go through, they don't want to post for a little while or they pick and choose what's You know what to put out there and what not to put out there. So I don't know if you had, like, you know, if if there's things that you're like, E think I'll just keep to myself. Yeah, I mean, I also just, like, have a really old iPhone. And I'm really bad with technology, so it takes longer to figure out, like, how to get it. Oh, like just the whole process is something. And then when it comes to being a mother working, doing all of these doing all of these other jobs that you're doing do you take time like, specifically for yourself? Do you find time to, like, completely wind down and just Do you? Yes. Um, I try to, you know, like it's really hard obviously to find that time, but when I find little windows here and there now, you know, I'm getting better about really, you know, making a conscious effort to do that. But yeah, I'll go and, you know, get my announced on our facial and something like that. Definitely, definitely. Um And then I have to ask a little about your personal life because a lot of people obviously want to know. Um, do you Do you specifically keep your relationships private now, going forward mawr that you have a son, you kind of just stay out of the limelight. Well, I mean, obviously that's something that you know, is always a private thing, no matter what. And you know, personal decisions. And they're not. Yeah. I mean, I always try to keep everything private from somehow people. Totally. Totally. I understand. All right, Cool. Well, I want to wrap up. I want you to just a little bit tell us, um, in comparison to season one, what do you think? Like season? How would you promote Season two? I just have the season two is, you know, kind of intended a step up every day. We have a lot more interesting, a lot more drama. There's, ah, lot of comedy this season, which I love, Um, new faces. And it's just all around going to be, you know, elevated. Awesome. Thank you so much. And I appreciate it. Thank you. Take care.
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