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Us Weekly's Getting Real with the Housewives Snippet: Cynthia Bailey on her Wedding and RHoA Without NeNe Leakes

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Us Weekly's Getting Real with the Housewives
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Audio Snippet of Us Weekly's Getting Real With the Housewives Podcast. Go to for more!
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like many is always great on the show. But if she chose not to be here, I wish her well. And we have a great season. I think Season 13 is gonna be good for a number of reasons. First of all, it's a different season for us because we're shooting in the middle of a pandemic, so that just looks different. We're shooting at home a lot more. You know, there's all these rules and regulations, you know, you're gonna see a lot more mass, even in our homes. Sometimes you still see mask? Um, we don't really go on. We don't go in international trips. All the flying and stuff was cut out. We did get to go on a private plane on our last trip, but that was I got to go way couldn't go Corruption. Yeah, that wasn't person. Yeah, that was fun, But yeah, the new faces Drew is, you know, a friend of mine, Ralph, and might get along really well. The husbands get along great. I'm enjoying, like, building that friendship together. LaToya is definitely a little wild card. She brings a lot of spice to the stew, and, uh, I had a fun season. We still have about three more weeks left, but it's been great. I think you guys enjoyed. And then also with theme pandemic and the black lives matter movement going on, you know, all of those things changed the world and affected all of us And, you know, with the drama and all the, you know, shade and everything. You guys actually get to see us focus on the movement, family and just everything that not only happened to the rest of the world that happened to West, I think that's so important to. And it's gonna be great to see things through your perspective as well, which I think, you know, people continue have to have these conversations, and I think that's gonna be a great learning experience for everybody as well. I think that's fantastic. I mean, going back to me a little bit. Did you talk to her after she decided to leave the show? Or have you guys have any communication because I know from the wedding I did not. You know, my friendship is not in the same place that it used to be. We kind of live in a very respectful place you know, I wish you well, you know, buy right into her at Costco. Tomorrow would be like, Hey. Oh, my God. How are you? You know, for me, I live in a place of respect. In regards to that that relationship. I wish you Well, I don't talk to her. Really. I did invite her to the wedding. She didn't come and, you know, that's just pretty much where it is. I respected, You know, my whole thing. Waas for me personally. She was actually one of the first ladies. Our first, she was, like, one of the first to meet Mike way. And for me, that just kind of, you know, Mike and I had a conversation about why didn't it just kind of overrode, like, wherever we are, Just said, You know what? It just feels feel right not to invite her because she was around with my way through it out there. And, you know, I respect her decision. Um, yeah, It's a little disappointing, though, So you guys have been through so much together. You know what? Because she was around during the early stages. When I met my husband. It just would have been nice to see her in Greg, but again, there's no pressure. I'm not forcing anything. I am fine where we are in a nice little respectful place. And for me, when it comes to, like closure or the things that the choices that I make in my life at this point, I just do things that make me feel good. And however the personal response, I'm fine with it. I received it, Askew said. Well, I know you said that. Obviously, we couldn't travel this season and go on these amazing trips. But there was a big event that was teased in the trailer, and that is the bachelorette party. So let's go look at your tease what goes down at this bachelorette party because a mayor does have a temper. The question is, what doesn't go down to the best of Red Party? Ah, lot goes down at the best of Red Party, and, you know, it was like levels to the part. It was like the party that it was the after party, and then it was the after after party. So I will say without saying too much, you guys just have to tune in. We had a great time, and I think some of my crew