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Use Your mindset to Improve Your Day

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Mindset Training Your success as an entrepreneur is MORE dependant on your thinking than it is the ACTIONS you take. This playlist is all about getting your brain space into the right place for your best thinking and UNLIMITED success!

I’m Dan Gordon an executive coach and speaker. I LOVE helping entrepreneurs along this magnificent journey we call business. If you want help achieving greater success schedule a quick no-cost consultation with me by texting the word HELP to my personal cell phone: (213) 409-8366.
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Great info from BB about shifting your thinking from scarcity to abundance
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a lot of people see other people succeed and they get jealous. They, or they want to copy them or they, you know, they have a little bitterness inside about it and I think you and I are just free of that. I don't know where that comes from, but I think it's big when I came in the personal development space and I was lucky to be mostly, I was so early in the online space, like so early in terms of like personal development, I think I was not the very first person in the personal space. Like a million on facebook back in the day. Uh, maybe I was number two or three. But it was, it was so early and at that time when I came on in the personal element space, especially like 2000, I would say five and 6, it was so competitive. No one over here shared their marketing secrets with anybody over here. No one shared like how they're building their audience over there. No, it was like, it was almost complete silence. You had these gurus, most of them didn't even know each other or talk to each other because their egos were so huge. They didn't, they felt like everything was competition. Every new competition, he was like, what I do love about social media has created new mindset for collaboration and so now it does collapse, right? And it was like, always pushing the industry forward to share what you learn, share what you learn, all this stuff we should always share. Here's my strategy, here's your copy, here's the email sequence, Here's the thing, here's the ad like this Sheriff, Sheriff, Sheriff Sheriff share and I think you and I do that a lot and it really differentiate us in our career with our teams, really in the marketplace because then everybody also loves and respects the person who is most giving. And I think I really, I think that is a big mindset when we share um I think we share, gosh, I think we both share joy and the little things like we geek out. Like little things can really just make our day, you know, or we can obsess about the little things as well. So it's just like the little things focus I think is big match with the ability to also hold space for great dreams. I don't think a lot of people can do both or have the intention or like the discipline to make both to take in the joys and pleasures of the little moments, but also have expansive ambition because I think the most important mindset people can have is expansive ambition for their lives, their families lives the impact they can have because I think the number one limiting mindset in the world is just thinking too small and self and thinking too poorly of yourself without realizing like people, how can you have such big dreams and visions? Brandon, you're from this small town in Montana, you had no money coming up and I was like, oh because I don't think my destiny or my vision has much to do with me or is limited by me so much trust in God that I believe expansive things will happen just as the universe is expanding and I just really believe that things will expand if I keep showing up with a good attitude and working hard and taking care of people. Yeah, mindset shut up with the good work hard, take care of people that if I do that every day, that's a good mindset to have a good intention and I think I think they'll be rewarded. Hey, it's Brendan and I want to jump in the middle of this episode here real quick and tell you about something really excited about and something to answer the question that many of you have for me all the time, which is Brendan, where do you get this crazy focus and energy in your life? And the truth is I've developed a supplement line that really helps me do that and frankly I needed to, I know about you, but sometimes when you're trying to achieve big things, a lot of stress comes along and as you're trying to achieve bigger things, you need to be on your a game more often you need to be mentally sharp, you need to be mentally prepared, you need to be mentally energizing productive and not once in a while, but like every day you have to be on and sometimes guzzling more coffee isn't going to do it. You have to use what we call new tropics which are you know basically supplements that help optimize your brain. And yes we have a product for exactly that. It's called HX Optimized and it is our most popular product and you can get it. It's back in stock at HP. X wellness dot com. That's H. P X. Wellness dot com. You'll find HX optimized for your mental focus and energy there. You'll also find my favorite powdered energy drink that we created, this 100% organic and vegan and you'll find my essentials which is my daily multi that I take, that covers my energy. That covers my longevity. That covers my immunity that covers my brain and body health that I absolutely love. And you will feel the difference. Go to H. P. X wellness dot com right now, HP X wellness dot com. I love this message. I talked about a lot and believe it actually how I had to overcome some of the things like I remember when I was working as a Denny's waitress right? And like to really adopt this mindset of where I come from does not determine where I'm going or where I'm even out right now in this moment in time doesn't limit the ability to have like God size dreams and to have expansive, expansive vision. And one of my closest friends, uh leah key always says, you know, she grew up in a homeless shelter and she saw people all around her that did not dream that let fear rule their life. And I'm talking about her immediate family and you know, her mother though her mother said something to her as a little girl that stuck with her, she said your predicament doesn't determine your destiny. And she'd always say to leah, you have a light inside of you, right? And leah held onto that. Even during all the years growing up in the projects in philadelphia when she was able to get out of a homeless shelter, Um you know, she, she was like where I come from, doesn't determine where I'm going. And slowly over the years she started making friends that had you know, expansive vision like she does and you know, you fast forward now and she has created her own company, launched it on Kiwi City. So she went from homeless to 100 million homes with her jewelry line. And you know, it's all about mindset, right for her it wasn't, Oh did you come from the right family? Do you have any connections? Do you have any money? You know, it was for her, it was what made all the difference. Was adopting this mindset of believing in the possibility of her own dreams and her own self, even if she couldn't figure out how it was going to happen or how to get there one day. And I love that we're focusing on mindset this week on Growth Day morning show because I think that it's like, it's like the thing, it's like the most important thing more important than where you're at right now, where's the traction happening or not happening in your business right now? What's going on with all the setbacks in the hard times in this hard season? We've come out of the mindset, getting that right? Life changing, That's truth. That's truth. I think that is just a huge, huge miss for most people. Is that that that that simple, you know, what's true is what I love about this growth day community is all of you. When I say mindset, you automatically know the insane value of that. People who love personal development, no, like, oh that's foundational and but when most people coming to personal growth, they've had years of bad mindset, they've had years of a bad attitude or they've suffered you no doubt depression discouragement for so long that it's like, oh wow, this is the right mindset and the ability to generate that right mindset on a consistent basis is a revolution for your life. It's not like an incremental change, it's like every, it's night and day, it's light and dark, it's joy or suffering, It is such a huge topic that I just believe most people you know take advantage of or take for granted, but I know that our growth day community knows that you know, and also one thing I want to share, just that's coming in right now Yeah, with the topic of mindset, Brendan is something that you brought up earlier, right, which is this idea and, and I, you know, I love these words, like I write all about this and believe that I talk about how this big realization I came through that we're not here on this earth to compete with anyone else, right? We're just here to compete with who we know were born capable of, and I want to share a real life story that happened to me recently in real time actually, and I found it fascinating right? As it pertains to mindset because I think so many people are tuning in their part of our morning show right now and maybe it's good to just do a self check on, are you comparing yourself to anyone else and are you thinking someone else's your competition and getting distracted by it versus thinking, oh, I'm on my own journey, who my capable of becoming and what if you actually just celebrate that other person's achievements. And here's a here's a quick story that just happened to me that I was kind of like uh because you know, when it comes to women in particular, uh this is super antiquated way of thinking, but they're still amongst amongst a lot of women, this idea of like, oh because they're so used to just seeing one woman at the table in a boardroom or what, and so they there's a kind of a limited way of thinking that we're overcoming that if someone else, if another woman wins, that means it takes away from your chances of winning right there. Just this competitiveness that just isn't true, right? It's just not true, erin Abby Wambach says, you know, her victory is your victory. And it's so true Anyways, I'm like thinking, wow, this this antiquated mindset of people thinking that someone else is a threat to our own like, our own success. It's so antiquated and it's so not true. And in my own journey, a building that cosmetics from this tiny company to now, the large, it's the largest luxury makeup company in the US now, which is wild, right? Um it passed all the department store brand. I used to save my dad remember you texting us when that happened, It was like, like if I am that journey of building this huge company, had I got distracted thinking these other brands were my competition, I would never have been able to build something different or special. I would have limited myself to thinking, oh, this is my competition. Is like, oh, no, no, no. Our potential is our competition. The potential we have inside of us is our only competition. Okay, my friend, I hope you enjoyed this episode of the Brandon show. Tell some people about this episode. It's on each of us to spread positivity and empowerment during these times of chaos and negativity. Right? So I'm asking you to be the dealer of hope and personal growth and education in your tribe. So take a screenshot right now and share the screen shot. And this link to this episode with three of your friends today. Post it on social media, use the hashtag growth day, that's hashtag growth day because that's the name of my company and we're always giving away prizes to our community. If you like to help me personally, then please rate and review the podcast on apple podcasts. Give us some stars, cheer us on leave a review because believe or not, that stuff actually really does help and I read all of them. So my last thought for today, please remember you are stronger than you think and the future holds good things for you. Tomorrow can be an inspired today. Every new morning is a second chance. Every day is a great day to grow. We're thankful to have you here in the growth a community. So be sure to go deeper with us at growth Day dot com. Mhm.