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Vera Jo Reigle's Pregnancy and Abuse

From Audio: The Tragic Case of Vera Joe Reigle

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Duration: 07:12
Vera Jo Reigle suffers through abuse by her new family after moving into the Brooks household.
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Vera Jo Reigle suffers through abuse by her new family after moving into the Brooks household. Even when pregnant with daughter Willadean, the abuse by Cheri Brooks does not end.
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Vera was manipulated obviously into coming and living with Sherry. I believe it started around when she was 19 and started dating Zachary. Um Once she got pregnant with Zachary, she was 22 he was 16. So it took a little bit, they had been dating for a little while. Things probably weren't as bad as that time because Sherry wanted her to have a baby. So, you know, it's just like things are great, we love you, whatever. Keep dating my son. Yeah, well things start to get progressively worse because Sherry wanted the baby. She didn't actually care about vera. Um or vera. So this is just another awful thing she did when vera was pregnant, Sherry forced her to drink Castor oil a month before she was due because she wanted the baby to be born on her own birthday. Well, I'm baby will occur, which I believe sherry named the baby to Willow Dene, Willow Dene Will 18. Um she ended up being born one day later after the castor oil. And to put it in perspective, I don't recommend ever using castrol to go into labor is castor oil? Um It's an oil I guess, but it's supposed to, some people believe it like kickstart slavery but it has horrible side effects. Um Anyways, people who use it, like the typical dose would be like a couple tablespoons sherry forced vera to drink three full bottles of pastor oil. Uh And I've never had it, but I I've been told it tastes like absolutely very poor girl. Yeah, so it just shows you like how manipulative she is and how vulnerable vera is that she would even think that she had to do something like that. And she was probably so amount of the baby was born like a day after and I made her like you need that last month in pregnancy to you know have healthy baby. I mean obviously the baby survived but she had to be in the Nicky oh um as soon as Willie Dean was born, Sherry said it was her baby and she limited the time that vera could even spend with the baby. Okay. No. Oh vera had no say in her daughter's what is happening like that is your child. You have made that human being keep in mind again, vera is developmentally disabled. So she's like think of like someone manipulating freaking middle schooler, like that mind frame. So your love baby, Everyone around her said that like vera was very loving, she was a gentle soul. Like had she not been in that environment and had a baby, she needed some assistance. Like you know, just to provide correctly. But um she would have been a good mom. Oh yeah, I think like I like I've never had a baby, but there's plenty of stories for people that are way different before they give birth and after a child comes into their life, it's like, just so different. Yeah. I mean, something just kicks in mentally, I guess. I don't know. No. Mental. All the abuse that she's got a warped your brain to, it really does. I mean, we all know like everyone that's listening is aware of manipulation in cases. In sexual abuse cases. Yeah. You just get broken down over time. And then that's just how you think it is. Like everybody must be going through this. You know what I mean? And her having the mind frame of the child. Yeah. I mean, she was probably like, this is just how it is and she was afraid, I'm sure. Oh my gosh, yes. This woman is huge and like runs I guess, of family mafia of some sort of cousins and brothers and sisters. Yes. Um, so from the day Wolanin was released from the nick, you vera was not allowed to really even interact with her unless given permission. But I'm infuriated by this so sad. I'm absolutely infuriated by my heart breaks for like the kids who didn't have a chance in this family. I'm so angry boys and Sherry apparently like, I'm sorry, I'm just so angry. Uh Sherry treated with Latinos like her own daughter and told everyone that will indian was hers. She's not your Yeah, that's not how it works. Sherry again. Sherry's son. Zachary is the father. Yeah. Where is that? Exactly? Yeah. He's there just being fucking, Hey Zack, Where are you at a Horrible 16 year old kid? Well, and he's 16. What? 16 year old Guy one truly even really deal with. I mean, I'm sure there are some I'm not making jerry wanted. Yeah. Yeah. He's just doing what he's told. Yeah. Yeah. And like his mind is warped too. So vera experienced extensive abuse from Sherry from the other members of the family. Um, what Sherry like had a way of twisting things into getting people to turn on vera. Uh, no, this is bad. So there this is, this is showing you how disgusting the house was. Uh, there was a pig that lived inside of the brooks home. Uh, one of the social workers that came over at one point to do like a wellness check because veer was on disability and stuff said the pig was like £100. It was not a small pig. Um, and it slept in a closet inside of the house and would defecate in urine and basically just lived in its own pee and poop and whatever. I have no words right now. I wanted to comment, but I'm really shocked. Well, this is going to make you even more shocked because one of the areas punishments was, she was forced to sleep in the closet with the pig and its own pee and poop whenever Sherry felt like she deserved it. Oh yeah. Like I said, she was beat expensively. There's multiple occasions where she suffered. I love farm animals, I love pigs, but number one, I don't belong in the house. And number two, they smell really bad. They're really gross and they're really bad and you're, how small is this closet? Um, you just like this like a closet with, apparently there was like a wood thing in front of the door. So the social worker saw this before or after. This is insane too because this was like a wellness check after the baby was there and every year like removed the baby from the home and there was a pig inside the house defecating. Yes. That the smell was apparently like overwhelmed what she just wrote it down and was like, okay, here's your disability chatting, like nothing. I mean, I don't, I like I said, I don't really know why, like the reasoning why they did the check in the first place. Um I don't know if it was like a report from somebody in the neighborhood is something, I didn't do anything. You just saw a pig and you were like, yeah, the baby was not removed from the house, I guess because of vera and Zachary's parental rights, I'm not sure why the baby was not removed because clearly that's an unsuitable living environment. Yeah.
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