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All About the Brooks Family

From Audio: Episode 106 - Train Tracks: The Murder of Vera Jo Reigle

station description RedHanded the podcast jumps head first into all manner of macabre madness. We cover... read more
Duration: 06:16
The Brooks household is no stranger to the police. Constant fights and reports of criminal activity plague the Brooks family, but police fail to get involved.
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The Brooks household is no stranger to the police. Constant fights and reports of criminal activity plague the Brooks family, but police fail to get involved. Things stir up more in the Brooks household when Danny Bixler Jr and his girlfriend Nicole Peters move in.
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that the police were perfectly aware of the situation at the brooks house. Sherry was very well known to the authorities, not only for the accusations of molestation levied against her, but also she had a string of minor offenses behind her. Sherry had been a petty criminal all her life, but she had never spent a day in prison. She had a habit of getting away with things Which of course only made her more arrogant and more manipulative. So many frights broke out at the Brooks House to the local 911 operator called the family frequent flyers and would immediately know of it if one of the brooks family was calling the overload of emergency calls meant that police was sick of the brooks family. So when someone did call about something serious, they were not going to take it seriously because the police were sick of going to 300 Center Street Vera sister called the police in September 2010 to explain that Vera was being held against her will at 300 Centre Street by the Brooks family, but no report was ever filed on January. The 21st 2011, the police responded to a domestic violence call at the Brooks House, Vera had a broken nose. Sherry told the police that vera's boyfriend, who was black apparently had broken her nose and then left. This was just one of the many fictions that Sherry had up her sleeve. Zachary had broken mirrors. Knows vera wasn't allowed out of the house on her own or even allowed to have her own mobile phone. There's no way she would have been allowed to have some sort of extra curricular boyfriend. So Sherry just she just makes things up and apparently the police believe her. So after this beating vera had a bump above her right eye, she was told by hospital staff that it was likely that she was concussed and she might have had bleeding on her brain during this house call. The police never once questioned vera without Sherry in the room but they asked her whether she wanted to stay, whether she was safe and whether her baby was safe and vera replied that she was happy living with Sherry and that she didn't want to leave. There are two problems with this. Firstly how could she say anything else with her abuser in the room? And secondly quite a lot of people argue that police should have taken vera's mental age into account. You wouldn't expect an eight year old to make a decision like that. So why can they ask vera to do the same thing? But I'm not even sure if there has ever been officially diagnosed with the only thing she's been officially diagnosed with his A. D. H. D. So like what can they really do? They couldn't section vera, she doesn't have any sort of treatable mental illness it would seem. And she is an adult under the law so they kind of just have to leave her there. And I think it's quite slippery slope if you start saying that people with mental disabilities can't make decisions for themselves. Like I think that's quite a tricky territory. The police leave era in the brooks house with Sherry Zachary and baby will a Dean. The beatings continue over the next few months and vera became more and more reserved. She would stay in her room as much as she possibly could. She only came out when she was called by Sherry On 20 March 2011. The Brooks House, welcome to new visitors. Their names were Danny Bixler, 21 and his girlfriend. Nicole peters who was 17 Danny big sellers. Dad was Sherry's cousin and former lover because of course, so Sherry's son, scotty was actually Danny's cousin and half brother. You could make an altitude. No, so in an interview, Sherry jokingly refers to this relationship there. She has with Danny's dad, who's her cousin as kissing cousins, which I guess is exactly what it is. She's not even embarrassed. No, no, there's nothing she's made saying that was a joke. It's not a joke, that's actually what this is, exactly. She's like, oh yeah, they used to call us for kissing cousins. I was like, yes, Sherry because that's what you are. That's putting it nicely. Yeah, exactly. I would have called you a cousin fucker, but you know, each to their own Now in later years, Sherry would try and make people believe that she didn't have that much to do with Danny. But as you can see from the intricacies of the brooks family tree that that couldn't be further from the truth, Danny had only been out of prison for three weeks. He had gone back to his hometown of Tiffen, Which is about 25 miles away from findlay. He had come out of prison with a teardrop tattoo and it didn't take him long to get into trouble. Him and Nicole were in a park in Tiffen and a kid refused to give up a swing so Nicole could sit on it. So Nicole flicked her cigarette into the kid's face and Danny Bixler beat him up so badly that he had to be hospitalized. Then both Danny and Nicole fled the scene knowing that they would now be wanted for assault. They headed to Findlay, which is where They end up with Sherry because they knew Sherry would take them in. So Danny was given a hero's welcome at 300 Center Street because everyone thought his teardrop tattoo was the coolest thing they'd ever seen. Facial teardrop tattoos can mean lots of different things, depending on the side of your face that they're on, whether they're filled in how many of them they are, where you are in the country, where you get it done, who gives it to you? And Danny Bixler has a very poorly executed filled in teardrop under his left eye. It's almost in the corner of his eye and he told everyone that this was his badge of honor for killing someone and that it was a symbol that he would kill again. It's been quite difficult to pin down an exact answer, but I have read that are filled in teardrop under the left eye isn't actually a badge of honor for murder. If the tattoo was administered in prison, which Danny's was, it usually means that the wearer has been humiliated or owned. In other words, there's evidence to suggest that Danny pixels facial tattoo was a clear marker that he had been raped in prison. But the brooks family didn't know that there was actually a lot about gang culture that they didn't know. But in almost all of the pictures that you see of them sherry Zachary and sometimes even vera are throwing gang signs, allegedly one of sherry sons who everyone called punky was a crip. I don't know how active the crips are in Findlay Ohio. Although both the Bloods and the crips are predominantly black gangs, apparently once you get out of California you will find white Bloods and you'll find white crips which surprised me. And if you want a comprehensive overview of the Bloods and the Crips, I cannot recommend enough the documentary Bloods and Crips Made in America. It's amazing. Go and watch it. Did you know?
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