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Violet Tries to Escape an Spaceship Explosion

From Audio: 1.01 Violet Liu

station description A sci-fi/mystery/comedy, in space
The Strange Case of Starship Iris
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Duration: 05:52
Violet Liu is the only survivor in a spaceship explosion- and her savior is someone from her college days. Unfortunately, this friend of hers isn't learned in saving people from doomed ships.
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On a doomed research ship floats Violet Liu, Science Officer of The Starship Iris and the sole survivor its terrible explosion. Kay Grisham, a friend from college, offers to help Violet get off the ship. Unfortunately, neither of their classes covered escaping a fragmenting spaceship.
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So this is a shot in the dark. To end all shots in the dark. But did you in 81 attend intro bio at Harmony College with Professor Michaela's? What leo l I u violently Are you like five ft tall? Septum piercing this haircut where the top is all? Oh my God, that haircut, wow! Well I thought it was very cool. Uh Hi K Grisham. I sat in Euro. Hi. Oh my God, Okay. No, it's all right. You don't remember me? I wasn't very memorable back then. Anyway, I'm pretty sure we never spoke then. How do you remember? Well, it was a very cool haircut. Oh God, yeah, yeah, I don't have the haircut anymore. Just so you know. Well just so you know, violently you I am crying a little inside. Professor Michalis. God, that takes me back. Do you remember how he, how can I forget that to pay telling you I still see it when I close my eyes sometimes. Did you ever think maybe he did it on purpose? He knew his lecturing wasn't going to hold our attention on its own. So hey, my eyes are down here. Oh, Harmony College, Good old Harmony College. I was just thinking about Hc, this folklore class I took freshman year. God, what are the chances? Maybe it's not a chance. Okay. The fate talk. I can't follow you there. You don't believe in some higher order. I believe in the human hunger for a comforting narrative. I believe that it's only natural people would invent fairy tales when life gets heavier than they can deal with and you're seriously not there yet. Sorry. That was, that wasn't funny at all. No. Hay and who knows, check back with the oxygen starvation is really kicking in. Maybe I'll be singing the praises of the whole greek Pantheon from Zeus to Hades too dark. I think maybe you get to say what to dark is right now. Hey. Yeah. Um thank you. Really. Thank you. I no skin off my nose lou. I finally got the courage to talk to that cool looking girl from intro bio. Just you know, 11 years and 10 days too late. Yeah. Listen, can you pass on a message to my family? Of course. What do you want me to God? Just all the standard things people say in these situations. I guess that I love them. That it doesn't hurt that I'm not afraid. Yeah, I will of course until pass on to command that we got nine of the 10 samples. They're in cryo deep storage background battery should keep them going long enough that wait. How do you have the power to keep the samples frozen? If you can't keep the ship livable. Cryo chambers, brand new. Super efficient. Also, the ship's huge in the chambers. Not how big is the cryo chamber? Why are you Look? This isn't some martyr complex. The samples are higher priority than me now because they have a chance of making it. How big is the cryo chamber? What could a person fit inside, curled up in a ball if that person was around, say five ft? Okay, let's be clear. Here. I am at least 51 with good posture. Oh, so I'm thinking you need an escape pod. Let's make an escape pod. Put the ship on autopilot to our coordinates. Cut the at more Greg. You've got enough residual air and heat to get you into the cryo chamber. We pick you up, You turn in the samples to our station and wait. I'd have to reprogram the ship a lot. I can't use the com system without electrocuting myself. There's no way I can do it. And neither can you, unless in addition to captaining an entire ship, your also a very talented hacker. So listen, I maybe had a somewhat troubled youth before college. I'm not proud of it. But if you can get me in remotely, I can do the rest what you still feel like thumbing your nose at faintly. You honestly, I feel like kissing you. That came out wrong. I meant I meant, oh, I could kiss you and that. You know, like, um, uh, okay. Which way should I go? Engine room? Let's save your life first. Uh, maybe talk over this kissing business later over a glass of the best wine hydroponics has to offer. Tell you what, captain, you pull this off and drinks are on me. Now, there's a wager. I can get behind except for the whole part where, if I fail, you die in a grizzly made it in. They're supposed to be a keypad on the door. How do you just, well, Connor set it up. I figured he was too lazy to change the code from the default. Don't tell me 1234 to 180 You know the first year of the Republic? Sorry, distract.
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