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Want To Achieve Your Goals?

From Audio: FMP 013 – Snug Boy
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Get to learn some of the decisions and steps you have to take for your goals to come true.
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the label and, uh, create like a sad, uh, What's this? Create the clothing, the clothing, uh, the clothing line for the label to promote both together deal like a cross promotion. Uh, if I promote 11 hand on one side and promoting the label, which is going along with my music and on the other side, I also have the clothing, the clothing thing. I was seen happening, And, uh, I think I thought with this two together, it will be, like, much easier for me to get or to expose my, uh, my my contents. And, yeah, my label as well get exposure. One side people talking about the label of the music and on the other side, people talking about the clothing which I think I have this, uh, cold designs. This is what I think. Yeah. No, I think they're cool. They're fresh. Uh, yeah, yeah. So how long did it take you to get that up off the ground? So from the day that you decided I'm going to part ways with my old record label, I'm gonna start something new. How long did it take before you really had some momentum? Or did you set it up with the government. How did you kind of walk through those steps for some other artists or younger artists who might also want to do something similar? Uh, well, I think, uh, uh, it's always it's always, uh, if you are, If you are talented artist and, uh you have you have goals for, for, for, for, for your music or for whatever project you have. I think when you I think you can, like, really resources and start something that could, like, support your goals, your dreams, I think is really is really is really good. Uh, the case, I was with them, but they didn't have provisions that I had. Uh, they didn't They didn't have, uh I mean, they had plans. They had plans, but, uh, none of the plans were, like, very, very, very well defined. And I think I I thought it was like, Okay, I'm onboard with them, but time flies. Time passes so quick. And, uh, they kept signing, uh, like a lot of artists. And I couldn't find myself, uh, like, uh, really see things happening the way I was expecting, uh, the way I envisioned. Uh, my music, my music career or my music scene. So I decided, and it was, like, actually friendly. I decided to talk to them. Their lesson, uh, for personal reason. And because of these, I have goals for my music. I'm living you guys, uh, I'm living you guys and I'll be helping my own my own stuff, my own recording label and, uh, yeah, the way happy that we're happy with that. And, uh, they even support it as well that were there to, like, guide me with whatever paperwork I might need at that time. And, uh, yeah, I go out, and after three months, that's when I started writing. Oh, creating a plan on how to go about studying the recording label what it takes because I needed resources. You know that as I needed to get paperwork legally, uh, with the government, uh, with the government and also, uh, protect my contents. Uh, and this is what I did because I registered my my record label or punkish music locally, locally, and the because I had the logo. I had the logo before I registered. I also had to go and registered the logo and the designs locally and also did that international internationally with a U. K based company. What's that company? Out of curiosity, protect, protect?