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What software are you using or using multiple different D A W s. And can you tell me like, the relative order of operations, like, do you start out with Melody? Or do you start out with the lyrics sample that you want to add in? Or do you build the drumbeat first? You know, go ahead and walk me through that Briefly. Uh, yeah. We normally use logic. We use some native instruments, too, But mostly logic as our production platform, Um, we use native instruments, um, different plug ins to, uh, to use different ways of manipulating sound, but and also live. We use some native instruments, but but yeah, we just our main does, uh, as a logic, and I've been using it forever. We've experimented with bit wig, you know, I own bit wig and and stuff and a Bolton and pro tools. But I'm just a little bit more efficient and logic, and I like what we've been able to do. So we kind of use logic and yeah, and typically I'll come up with a drum beat. That sounds good. And to me, it's an indication that if if you can make a drumbeat sound good. Then you have a good foundation. Good groove. Get something to the song. So, yeah, we've been, uh we've been trying to just go off that, and then Dan will start helping me make layers of mixing live drum samples like from like, my friend. You know Todd Templeton, who helped us out on the last album. He played live drums, and I'll take an analog kick from his and layer it in with a digital kick of mine and we'll have a sub sub hit in the background. And then all of a sudden, you know, we've got something that our heads can shake, too, and I'll ask Daniel some questions about the direction of the tune, and at that point, he'll help me start layering different bases. Usually in at that point, we create a foundation for the melody and usually begin to enhance that with sense and horns and stuff, and usually the song. At that point, you can tell if it's gonna be good or not, and continue to make it or move on. Great. Well, thanks for telling me that now, just out of curiosity, every musician might have a different, slightly different rate. But what percentage of you know your efforts result in a song that sticks? You know, like, how many songs do you throw out on average for everyone that you keep mhm. I mean, I've got hundreds, maybe maybe 100 songs that you know, I'm still working on. I say everything is a work in progress, even beats that don't become anything. But, you know, we're pretty stubborn. I'd say we produced maybe, like, 2020 or 18 tracks, and out of those, like 12 of them made it for our last. So, you know, a handful got cut, but, um but in general, I also think that we have good starts. You know, it's like I have tons of drum songs that just suck. And it's like we don't really work on those, you know. I'll plan for Daniel. He'll roll his eyes, I'll roll my eyes. Well, open up a new session file. It's like at the point where we're really starting to work on it, something It's just like Okay, like, let's take the time. And it's all about micro. To me, at least it's all about micro editing and micro, you know, listening. It's like if you can make a little change at the end of every 48 bars, even if it's like some stupid automation that you'll never think of, like just increase the reverb time. Or like the delay or whatever it's like, you're able to create this like sonic landscape and you're able to like I don't know, man like To me, music is all about, like, semantics and like changing physical property and energy with those vibrations and wave forms. So it's like the more you can enhance some someone's life by making, like a creation, the better. And to me, that's that's what it's about. But but, yeah, man, I think, um, logic and whatever platform you're using, I think you should just go for it. I to me. I find it silly when people are just able to snobs or whatever you know, it's like I mean, my whole crew uses able to, and I'm not trying to dog it. I'm not trying to dog them at all. That's not what I'm even talking about. I'm just saying I've met people who are like, Oh, you use logic. It's like Dude, you could use fruity loops. You could use. You could use GarageBand. I don't care, man. If you're making music, you're doing yourself and probably other people better, you know, for it. So it's like I commend those people.
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