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Want To Kill It With The Crowds?

From Audio: FMP 017 - Godlazer
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Here's the secret sauce.
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little live section. Those live element sections Are there certain crowds that tend to resonate differently? Yeah, And do you ever drop that? And nobody is on the same page. Yeah, I was. I was talking to Yeti, actually backstage at my last show with him at the Fox, and we were talking about the progression of sound and people's ears and everything, and, uh, he told me back in the day when I put a set together, a clear room out people are just not ready for that type of music. But now he says, I can drop a baseline without a snare without a kick, and everyone's screaming their head off where that didn't work before. I think, uh, staying in touch with the layman ear is really important for you to engage people and city by city. Uh, the East Coast, the West coast, Hawaii. I found big differences in all of those scenes, and and I think what Really? Um, what you have to do is know your crowd. No, look out in the crowd, see your age group, see who's there and and then I'll start to tailor my shed. Based on the energy levels based on everything and and again, like I said, when you set up a set in a way that it's always different. Instead of having one set that fits all, um, you have the freedom to do that. I'll play Boulder and I'll play more jam stuff sometimes. Then, when I go to Denver, I'll play hard electronic because that's what they want. And if I do this like Weird Jam section and they lose interest. But in Boulder, if I go too hard, they'll be like, lose interest, you know, because there's a lot of band kids. So every scene, same with Hawaii. When I showed up in Hawaii, I was like, What am I going to do? And I talked to the people that live there and they go, they like it hard and Basie with no lyrics at all. And I said, Okay, well, then I gotta switch up my set for this, Uh, and and again, if you make enough music, if you make enough different genres like I do, I get bored. I make every genre I think I've tried at least once. Um, then you have an arsenal. You can just pull from that and kill any crowd. Uh, which I think is the goal. You know, I I asked the lady. I said, What's really killing it in your opinion? And she said, If you can do everything and do it well