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From Audio: Willbeaux - FMP 009
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Save yourself some unnecessary pain if you have set the intention to start your music career. Listen to this power snippet.
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So I have a lot of people tell me they want to make music and I tell them, That's great. You shouldn't. You should go do it. I have it hanging on my wall right here. If you say something, you should do it. So say do say equals Do say, Colin do Yeah, and I have a lot of people telling me. I say, If you're going to do it, make sure you love it because it's it shouldn't feel like work. And if it does, you should probably get out because it's not a very lucrative business. Yeah, um, and I'd say I would say, um, find your own sound. Maybe start out imitating someone, but as quick as you can stop, don't. Because yeah, if you wanna, you know, maybe one day be known or be successful, then I think more than quality, Um, more than your connections. It's about how unique you are. And I think original sound trumps all. So if you don't mind elaborating on that a little bit, how do you find? How do you find your sound? I've heard you say your tempo earlier in this interview, you know, how do you own it. You know your sound. How do you own that tempo? How do you find that feel that really resonates internally? Um, it takes everyone a different amount of time. It took me seven years to be honest, to really find, like what I wanted to, um, I think it's about guessing and checking a lot, at least in my experience I've done. I've tried trap. I've tried house. I've tried hip hop. I've tried everything in between, Um and it really was just like, Hey, this song doesn't sound like other songs like I really like this. Maybe this is what I should go towards and your sound can be a combination of someone else's sound. That's okay, but as long as it's it's got your own twist and maybe it's a mix of some multiple artists. I think I think it's just a matter of time