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Here's an effective super strategy to remain relevant especially in a world that fans' attention span is increasingly growing short. .
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So you are releasing so much music. Uh, and frequently you and Amani focus on remixes. So you guys have created an album of remixes yourself? Uh, your, uh, to see great mystery was had to remix albums, and this newest album has had to remix albums and you think you're working on you're working on a third? Yeah, And so I think that's kind of, uh, unique in a way, in the sense that, like, I don't think most artists would release three remix albums of original um, we we found that this strategy is super effective for us. Um, it really it's effective on multiple levels levels. Basically, one album can become four. And so we aren't the type of artists that produces album really fast a zoo saw. There's a big space between the great mystery and breath. A lot of that has to do with touring all the time. This year we're not touring anymore like everybody. So we're making a lot of music, Um, but it's so yeah, you get you get multiple albums out of one, which keeps you fresh in people's minds. And these days, people's attention span is really short. Andi, even the appetite for full albums isn't even really there, like certain tracks would be really well, and other tracks don't do so well. And maybe they're all just a good but like some. For some reason, people aren't attached albums as much anymore. So even doing albums is kind of a strange than these days. But we still like to do albums and and the remixes also give us fresh material for our sets. And right now it's not as important as I'm not touring, but one we're touring all the time and you're playing every single weekend, sometimes multiple times a weekend. It gets boring to play the same music. And then if you're playing in the same towns, like if you play in L. A one in one month and then two months later you're playing there again, it's really good to have some different music, a different set, you know, and we don't wanna be that artist that plays the same set in same towns over and over and over and over and over. Eso having all these remixes gives us a new material for our sets. Eso it's really effective on that and just buys us time. It allows us time to to make new music and not feel like super pressured. So always have our own music because we have all these remixes and it really helps us build a community we've We've gotten to know a lot of artists by doing and having them do remixes and stuff. So and often times it's a real exchange. So we're doing remixes of then and there were remixes of us. So it's just this. It's really an effective strategy, and I'm surprised that a lot of other artists don't do it. They might do one remix album, Remix CP or something like that. But on the other side of it, it's a lot of work, and it's worked that pretty much we have to do ourselves, because we, you know, we established these relationships with all these different artists. And in the case of the breath remix albums, the first one was all artists that were really familiar with in friends with. So actually it's not so difficult. I mean, it's still a bit of herding cattle, you know, like it takes time and, you know, people were slow and some people are fast, like one guy will deliver is really mixed in two weeks, and the other guys would take a year, you know, and the guy who delivered really fast, like, Hey, when's my name is coming on, you know? So it's a tricky situation. It takes a lot of work, a lot of patients. Um, but with Volume two and Volume three of breath, we were working almost entirely with artists that we don't have an established relationship with. It was only like, maybe five on the two albums that we know, You know, that that were pretty easy to bring on board. And we're way didn't have to, like, send a cold call email to, you know, like just hey, we really love your music. Will you remix us without taking a fee? For the most part, you know? Yeah. So you don't make a lot of money off releasing music so hard Thio pay People did advances and stuff. So we're asking them to work on spec for an artist. They don't really know a lot of them. You haven't heard of us? Eso was very tricky. It took a lot of patients because we got turned down by a lot of people. I would say for every artist that said yes, probably five said no. So it took a long time just to secure the artists and get it all going and then get the remixes and get the artwork done. I mean, it's it's taken a long time. The part two was, you know, a good year and a half about a year or more of both in on it in Part three the same. And then Cove it hit. And you know, people were like, mhm in this weird state of mind. So it took longer. And so, really, I mean, we thought we were going to release long to breath at the end of last year, and it just came out. Volume three will come out in October, and I figured it would be releasing that in March. So that's that's how quite the process of it. Yeah, well, it's great. I think it's such a useful opportunity. Thio collaborate and to cross pollinate fans. Absolutely. You know, we we have our own fan base and they have their own fan base, and one of our goals in doing this remix albums is too. Expose each other stand basis to one another and help each other grow. It really helps us grow as an artist to do remixes and we re next. And absolutely, it helps them move. We've seen artists go from not being that well known to having a lot of our fans with their fans, that remixing this, that we really enjoy watching that happen. We want to build these people up and help them, and and hopefully they'll reciprocate. Yeah, and so I imagine, is it's got to be a similar dynamic to using people's samples or, uh, vocal lines or takes instrument takes. Some remixes might not quite hit the cord that, you know, you know, the spot that you're looking for. They are off in some way or another. Bond. How do you deal with those situations? You just cut them or say, turned down. We have turned down remixes and and that can be tricky has hurt ones. Um, some people are better at dealing with stuff like that than others. We've had a couple of our remixes turned down over the years and you know, amongst ourselves when we like that crazy that remixes great. You know, Of course, their ears air broken. But you know it is what it is. That's that's the nature of of music. If you're not able to deal with rejection, then you're probably in the wrong business. Andi. It hurts sometimes, and you might get mad. But you just, you know, maybe it's best to vent it amongst yourselves and get over it and move on. It's not the end of the world.
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