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Wendy Osefo Questioned Her ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ Role After Physical Fight (Audio)

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Us Weekly's Getting Real with the Housewives
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Last Played: March 07, 2021
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Listen to ‘RHOP’ star Wendy Osefo question her decision on becoming a housewife after the physical fight between Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard.
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I'm sure that there won't be a lot of positive movement between Monique and Candace. I mean, I knew the fight was coming. I wasn't expecting it to be that intent that Yeah, I think mine's were blown when they watched that. I mean, it had to be like the most intense Fighting housewives history. Super intense. You know, I One thing I have learned through this journey is you have your share of emotions going through filming. Then you get a whole new wave of emotions watching back What happened? So being there, I was just, you know, I was the person screaming in the background. I was like, I can't believe this happened. And you can hear me say on Mike Giselle, I didn't sign up for this insert expletive. I did not think that's what we were here for. S O. It was really intense. And if I could be very honest, it was more intense than what you guys saw. Not in the sense that things were left out, but in the sense of my line of vision. If that makes sense, I thought the camera was looking one way. But if you saw like the actual physicality of it. It was really intense, and I am just heartbroken that happened. I wish it never happened. You know, I feel as though the housewives franchise and you know Potomac were predicated on the notion that we are a group of friends. And with that comes a ups and his downs. And when we have our downs, we are goingto have verbal arguments, and we will use our words. Sometimes those words are hurtful, but that's how we will be able to communicate to each other. And we've all had our share of verbal disagreements in this group. And we have called each other names that some of us, which we could take back but never should have come down to use an hour fist to solve a problem. Yeah, I know. When I spoke to both Robin and Gisele, they said, you know, they were very embarrassed about the whole situation, like, That's not how they want Potomac to be betrayed. And I mean, I'm sure you feel the same way. Absolutely. You know, part of the reason when I was making the decision to join this franchise was because of, in a sense, the the way in which Potomac is portrayed, right? Like these ladies of elegance and things like that. And even when I was bouncing off the idea with my friends and my family, they all said, you know, Potomac, they're not known for anything, you know that is outside the bounds of women getting into squabble. And so I put that into my consideration when when I was making this decision to join the franchise. And so for this toe happen, I am so broken that I can't believe this happen and and, you know, my first instinct. When it did happen, I I'm a mom of three. I went into mother mode and I was like, Not on my watch, You know, I'm putting myself in between the ladies and trying toe, pull them apart. And so it is. It is. It is embarrassing, you know, even though I I was not part of the altercation in anyway, there's such a thing as second hand embarrassment, and I felt that totally Did you ever regret your decision to join the show after this happened in that moment? In that moment, I said, and I said, This is this is not what I signed up for you and you heard me say that like I literally said. And so I processed it in my head. What happened? And verbally, I communicated. This is not what I signed up for, Nor is it what I stand for. I am not innocent of verbal this agreements. I'm not innocents of us fighting each other in saying words that are hurtful. None of us are innocent. None of us can pretend that we are angels here because we're not. But I just felt as though there was a higher level of decency within the group that we would be able to solve our problems even if we use curse words. Even if we're arguing back and forth. Even if our voices get elevated, that that's the highest that will go. So I don't think it'll and like that
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