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Were Anakin and Obi Wan Necessary for the Story of Star Wars?

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Tatooine Sons: A Pop Culture Podcast
Last Played: May 04, 2021
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Tattooine Sons: A Star Wars Podcast asks all the hard questions. Like, should Yoda have let Obi Wan and Anakin die? Were Obi Wan and Anakin even necessary for the saving of the galaxy? Is Moulin Rouge actually in the Star Wars universe?
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carry the kettle black sort of thing. Like he's in the same situation, you wanna hear something interesting, Something really hurt, you know, like extra pop culture, her nephew. Okay. Is like really the love child? No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. That's there's somebody that I really think it's true. Yeah. No. So you and McGregor place Obi wan Kenobi. Right. Just for anybody that's listening for what you're listening to a Star Wars podcast, you don't know who you and McGregor is. Yeah, that's the answer. He's Obi wan Kenobi in the prequels. Um and he will be Obi wan Kenobi. Anakin Obi interestingly. Um he was in a musical movie musical. He's a singer. I did not know that called Mulan Rouge. Okay, right. It was very popular. I've heard of that. He has a girlfriend. This happened before clone wars, not attack of the clones, all this stuff. This is after I think during the scene the prequels, but before the clone wars was written, friend in this who dies in his arms named sateen. Oh that's weird. Is that weird? So there, so do you think that felony and Lucas named Duchess 18 after her? Yes, probably. Yeah, I think so. That's just for fun and then has the very same scenario take place where she dies in his arms. Although I didn't I don't know why we didn't see what we want saying. That's kind of sad. So is is is Mulan rouge a Star Wars movie and some like parallel twisted. You like you need a jones kind of like that. Don't you think that that's the case? I think so. You guys haven't seen it that I've never even heard of it. I had to like they just say they made me watch like parts of it and I'm like this is such a strange. It was weird. Strange. All right. So is it anyone's fault that the Galaxy falls? I keep coming back to stuff like that with him. It's like he blew a lot of pressure on Obi wan. Do you okay? Maybe, maybe, maybe this is just me putting myself in his position on tattoo queen before the Kenobi series starts. All right. Could it be he sits there remembering moments like this, remembering moments like in the clone wars when he's kind of clearly understanding that something is going on between pad may and and again and all of these things are going on. Do you think that there are these moments where he's sitting on tattoo wean after episode three before the you know the series going? Yeah, I messed up, I messed that up. I probably should have dealt with that. I think everybody does from a certain point of view story about what we want on tattooing and you can see he's beating himself up for things that he didn't do, right? Yeah, it's just it's natural. It's the whole hindsight thing. Everybody does that. Oh, I could have done this better. I could have done that better. But hindsight Is 2020 because behind it. Yeah. Although one thing that like is like mentioning like that scene where they're chasing after Duke, oh, and they're like, shoot him down and then the clones, like we're out of rockets. And everybody is like, why couldn't you just use lasers? Like these things are equipped with laser cannon, like the like freaking like many death stars. Why couldn't you use one of those? Why do you have to use a rock market? Right. Because that's what the story needed to move forward, literally just talked about something in like the last segment about it doesn't make sense. Yeah, it's true. So I was saying before that, Yeah, so it's fun. The what makes Star Wars awesome is stuff like that, like, you know, and George Lucas isn't this isn't just limited to, are you going, you know, I am, it's not just limited to are we going to ruin it for everyone else now? We were watching, you know, The Big Bang Theory the other night, we're in season 67 there were season seven and Amy Farrah Fowler, is that, is that it? She ruins Indiana jones Raiders of the Lost Ark for all the guys, because she tells Sheldon that indiana jones is completely um, has no point for the story whatsoever. Everything would have continued on exactly as it did if Indiana jones would have not been in the story at all and just think about it because the Nazis would have found the ark eventually opened it and I'll do it would've been the exact same scenario. India indiana had no part to play whatsoever. But he's cool. It's got the cool whip in the hat and it's Harrison ford that Star Wars too. There are these things that happened there, like this doesn't make sense and it's cool. I'm all right with it, you know, and that's why I think, you know, I I had, you know, I mentioned it again and reverend in the reprobate show, right? One of the guys, the reverend, the smart one, the religious one, right? The one that's closer to jesus. Um wow, sometimes I'm bias at all. If they're listening uh Lucas and dan are listening to this, then then they'll think that's funny, but Lucas loves the last, Jedi dan hates it, replicate hates it. Um and you know, it's it's people don't like the Sequels and all this other stuff. People don't like the prequels either. The reality is none of them actually are are flawless stories. They all are like, oh yeah, you gotta completely just pretend that didn't happen or ignore this or or just accept something as fact, but that's okay. The and Rise of Skywalker is one of those types of movies specifically. You have to just kind of be like, all right, I'm just gonna go along with the movie. I'm just gonna have fun and go along with the movie and not be so concerned. And that's part of the damage of The Last Jedi. Not that The Last Today is not a good movie. The last Jedi has a fantastic movie. It's a it's genius. I believe this and I think we've made this argument in 3.5 years. It is the I think the best written of all of the, of the Star Wars movies easily. And I say that looking at my, my Star Wars celebration teaser poster autographed by Ryan johnson, as I say that because I believe this, okay, the amazing writing of the last Jedi is what makes the rise of Skywalker more acute when you get to JJ Abrams just throwing Star Wars. Actually, I was thinking about this. I'm like J J. Abrams can't finish the story.
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