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GUE is offering the NextGen Scholarship, a way to control the crown of thorn starfish, an interesting cargo from a WW I wreck, the 13th annual Lionfish Derby in FL, and a rebranding of Scuba Diver Destinations magazine.
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This is wet notes here on Scuba Shack Radio for Monday, 20, 2022. First up today is some news from global underwater explorers or G. We now they have a scholarship program that they have titled the next gen scholarship and it's pretty cool. The recipient will get one year of tuition free training with gue plus a travel budget and a G. U. We mentor along with a set of halsey on gear. Now the program is open to applicants who are aged 21-30 and who are at least an advanced open water diver and have a minimum of 20 dives if you want to apply or know someone who would be interested, you'll have to act fast. Though. The deadline for the applications is july 1st you're gonna need to submit 1000 word essay, produce a two minute elevator speech video and provide character references. In addition to the $2,000 travel budget and $3,000 worth of halsey in gear. The scholarship winner will also get a Dan membership with accident insurance and a GoPro, wow, this is pretty good opportunity for someone to really solidify their diving credentials with G. We, when I first started diving in Hawaii, I was introduced to a predator species that wasn't welcomed in the Hawaiian islands and that was the crown of thorns starfish. Now these starfish actually eat healthy coral, but if they're in normal numbers and where they're supposed to be, they can actually help the reefs. But if there's an overpopulation of the crown of thorns starfish then they can cause long term negative damage to the reefs. There have been a number of attempts to control the population, but now there is a simple way that seems to be effective without causing other side effects. According to an article in scuba diving magazine by Sasha Zeiger kitchen vinegar can help keep the crown of thorns starfish in check When injected with vinegar. These coral eaters die within 48 hours and then within 72 hours they are eaten by other predators and gone with no adverse impacts, at least none known at this date. This is a simple solution that is allowing small dive shops to attack the problem on their reefs. The article ended with a pitch for taking a patty specialty cars titled to patty crown of thorns management specialty. Now, here's an interesting find by a group of technical divers. It seems that a tech dive team, Dark Star has made a dive expedition to the World War One wreck of the Ss La Born and that's off the coast of Cornwall in the UK. The S. S. La Born was afraid er that was struck by a german U. Boat on september 29 1918. This wreck is located about 15 miles offshore and sits in about 85 m, that's about 280 ft definitely a challenging dive. What is interesting about this wreck was its cargo. It was carrying about 10,000 bottles of wine and liquor when the U. boat struck. The S. S. La born was owned by the moss steamship company and was part of a five vessel convoy heading from bordeaux to Liverpool. According to Dominic robinson from dark star. There are many bottles visible on the wreck, the bottom and probably many more buried in the sand. But don't get your hopes up. If you think you might be able to get your hands on a bottle from the S. S. Low born, the english government has not given any permission to excavate the wreck. I'm not sure when I saw my first lionfish in the caribbean, we were sort of excited to see this invasive species but at the same time troubled by the devastation they could cause. I also have witnessed our proliferation over the years. Even though the idea of eradication is unlikely, that doesn't stop people from trying and maybe having a little fun while they're at it. That is what reef is doing with their florida key. Lionfish Derby. They have announced their 13th annual reef florida key Lionfish Derby and festival for september 8th to the 11th, 2022. And it will be headquartered at the postcard inn and marina on isle morada. The actual lion hunt fish is over two days September nine and 10, You can register a team of 2-4 divers for the event. Early bird registration on august 9th ends on august 9th and that early bird fee is $75 per team. Now after august 9th the registration will be $100 you can go out to the reef website and check it out for all the details and take a look at the past events. It looks like they have a lot of fun and if you're heading to that area in that time frame or live close by this is definitely something you should consider doing. And finally back in 2019 at the dive equipment and marketing association or Dema show, the scuba diver brand launched a new quarterly publication. That publication was titled scuba diver destinations. Now the scuba diver brand is actually part of the UK based media company named Rourke Media Limited. In addition to its scuba diver destinations magazine that is targeting at the U. S. And Canada markets. They also have a publication geared for the U. K. And then another one for the Australia and new Zealand markets. So to better fit its target market, scuba diver destination is being rebranded as scuba diver. North America. We've been getting the magazine here at the shop since it started and it's filled with travel reports, gear reviews, news and more. I really like getting the physical copy now walt sterns runs the publication and you can subscribe on their website. Now it was a little confusing on how they are pricing the magazine. There was an option that said for $5 for every three months for a year you could get the magazine or for $25 you can get a subscription for the year. But then there was a two year subscription that said something like $90. I guess if you're interested in subscribing, you should shoot them off a message for clarification. I'm waiting for the rebranded edition to come out soon. Looks like it will be volume 10 and featuring the Cayman islands. That's good timing for us because we're making two trips down there, wonder grand Cayman over Labor Day and then to little Cayman uh, later in october. There's also a teaser for an article on whether you should use a back plate and wing or a jacket. Bc. Looking forward to seeing what they have to say. You know, my thoughts on that one. Well, that wraps up this edition of wet notes here on scuba shack radio from monday june 20th 2000 and 22