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Wet Notes - News and Information from the Scuba World for 11-22-21

From Audio: 72. Listen to my recap of the Dive Equipment Marketing Association 2021 Show plus Wet Notes updates you on some new products

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In this segment we talk about whether a blood test for DCS is on the way; more delays with Shearwater dive computers; Stream2Sea's newest innovation. We also discuss Diving Unlimited Internationals new DuoTherm undergarments and keeping you car fob dry when diving with DRYFOB.
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This is wet notes here on Scuba Shack Radio from Monday November 22, 2001. First up today, I want to talk about an interesting article that I saw an X ray magazine in case you're not familiar with X ray magazine. It is an online international dive magazine. This article discussed the topic of whether there might be a blood test in the future to detect decompression sickness or DCs. There have been studies going on in both Norway and malta to try and detect inflammation signatures in the blood that might indicate DCs. Well, I guess some folks took this to mean that it was happening but any blood test is a long, long way off. There are just too many other things that can cause inflammation and lead to false diagnosis. The bottom line here is that the work on the blood test for DCs is interesting at this point, but not likely to be available anytime soon. In the last edition of Wet Notes, I told you about a backlog with the shearwater peregrine dive computer at that time. The projection was that it would be available in early january. Also at that time, the predicts and predicts a eyes were still available now since the peregrine and the Perfect utilized the same screen. It seems like production now has been halted on the perfect as well. They just ran out of parts this time. Their announcement did not provide any status on when the computers might be available again. So while I was at Dema, I talked to Simon Morris who has recently joined shearwater as the sales manager for north America. And Simon was very upfront and saying that he believes it may be March of 2022 before the peregrine and purred IQs are shipping again. Let's hope this is true and that the supply chain bottlenecks start to ease and that the parts and products start to flow back especially in time for our dive season up here in New England next year. Stream to sea keeps on innovating with their reef safe products. And when they say reef safe, they really mean it. They have a new sunscreen on the way. Now they're branding new sunscreen as an everyday mineral sunscreen with eco safe zinc. The eco safe zinc has been trademarked by stream to see. So what is eco safe zinc according to mike military, the executive vice president of stream to see the non nano zinc especially coded so that it does not harm the reef mike gave me a sample bottle and this stuff is different. It rubs right in and you don't get that white sheen that you get from the titanium dioxide and it is absolutely not increasing and that's a big bonus. So be on the lookout. Mike told me that they expect to release this new everyday sunscreen in February of 2022 and they may have one on the way that will make you sparkle. Yes, it will have inert fine glass particles that will make you dazzle in the sunlight. That should be interesting. What a great company. Here's another new product update this time it comes from Dewey are diving unlimited international, the maker of the world's best dry suits. In my opinion, we stopped into the do I booth at Dema last week and caught up with tour Erickson Torres has done a couple of informational segments for the shop over the past couple of years and it's always great to hear what he's got to say While also coming soon in February of 2022 is if all goes well, is the latest edition of their duo therm undergarment. And this is a really cool undergarment is completely redesigned and looks a lot less bulky than the current version of the duo's duo therm. It felt really great and we'll come into jumpsuit version or the pant and top version. And there's also a vest. The duo therm will come in both 150 g and 300 grand. Hm Maybe it's time to replace my vintage Gray 300 Grand Polartec. And finally, I want to talk about another new product that I saw a demon and it's called The dry fob. Now, a couple of weeks ago I was at the Blue Heron Bridge and I stopped in at four C to get tanks and weights well, I also needed something to keep my car key fob safe while diving I was able to purchase an inexpensive plastic unit that I hooked to my BCD ring That worked for the shallow depths of blue heron, but I thought that it should be something more durable and secure if I was going to any depth. And that's where the dry fob comes in. It's made of anodized aluminum with dual o rings and rated waterproof to 130 ft. And according to John limit, they took it down in their chamber to 240 ft. Without any issues. I was so impressed that I picked one up to put on display at the shop. Got the dealer agreement from jOHn and hope to have these in stock for the holidays. A great new product. Well, that's it for wet notes here on Scuba Shack Radio for November 22, 2001.
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