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What I think the number one problem is about current "podcast" format... creators need to treat every minute as an opportunity to keep a lis

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Last Played: June 28, 2021
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We should absolutely be thinking about listeners that DON'T listen to the whole show. You don't get to assume that ppl are listening to the entire episode from start to finish... As a creator, you should assume they are hearing a SNIPPET, or just a piece of the larger episode... and you need to draw them in at every moment to continue to keep them engaged and listening. You will be discovered on social, on search, through short form clips and teasers meaning every minute counts. You also need to know where listeners are bouncing and what episodes they are sticking to - you can also only do this if you are streaming your content.
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philosophies I brought over from radio and I don't know that everyone a radio thinks this way. But I certainly did. And I was taught this along. The way was put your listeners first. Just put your listeners first in any decision you're trying to make and the decisions will be extremely easy. And that helps me all along the way is my show too long. But what my listeners think Are they staying with me for most of it, you know, is my show to segmented is my show to full of commercials. Is my show reaching people? Should I have this sponsor on? Should I have this guest on these air All If you just say, Well, what do my listeners really need and want? It makes those questions much easier. I will say, if you listen my first couple episodes. I do spend a lot of time resetting as we say in radio. And that means you know, when someone's new and tuning into an hour long show, they may be joining you in progress. So every 10 minutes you're like, Hey, my guest today is you know how you ran from podcast junkies and we're talking about this And thanks for joining us on W S T p. Or, you know, whatever it is. And I did it like six times an hour. Obviously, you don't need to do that in podcasting. People know why they're there. Or I could just do it now for those of you just joining us now. And my guest is Stacy Sins, host of the diabetes connection. That's my first reset ever in the show. So that's great. It seems ridiculous to do with podcasting, but it's perfectly natural and radio. I do think that podcasters can learn a lot from broadcasters and the other way around at the sheep podcasts live conference in 19, which was amazing. I had a little group that I met up with. You know, I said, Hey, podcasters broadcasters, Yeah, in Atlanta. Yeah. Oh, yeah, I was like, Hey, you know, broadcasters. If you're now podcasters like, let's meet up and have coffee and a couple of us did turn out and I just think there's really there's a lot of value in coming from the professional broadcasting side. You have to leave a lot of those habits behind. But a lot of what you bring in, and I think you mentioned commercials and things like that. And if you're skillful and you work at it, I think there's a lot of ways that we can do that better then a lot of podcasters who do not know and there's no knock on that. I mean, how would you know if you've never done it before? How to do a commercial? How to leave yourself a little bit of space. So if you ever want to change it, you can. You know what goes into commercial. How could you not make your 32nd commercial that you sold four minutes long? Because you just don't know, right? Is there a lot of there's a lot of skills, so I think we just need to talk to each other more. Yeah, amen. Especially in this day and age. E wanna circle back to something that the listeners probably dying for me to ask, and it's why and how. The topic of diabetes is important for you. So the back story around that I think, will be very helpful, and then we'll come back to a couple of store follow ups on podcasting. So can you tell us that story as well. Sure thing. And if you don't mind, this is where I get out my soapbox and talk about diabetes because I do like to educate. There's a lot of misunderstanding about it. As I said, my son was diagnosed with Type one diabetes in December of 2006. He was not yet two years old. Brief explainer. Type two Diabetes is very different than Type one diabetes, and let's just talk about it real quickly in general. So diabetes means that your body is not breaking down glucose from food properly, right? We all eat. That's how we get our energy. But you need insulin produced by your body to then break down the glucose. Use that for energy. If not, the glucose is just basically swimming around your body, slowly poisoning it. I mean, it's it's no joke. So Type two diabetes means that your body is still producing insulin. But for whatever reason, it's not
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