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What If...ZOMBIES?

From Audio: The Matrix Resurrections Trailer Breakdown

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Tatooine Sons: A Pop Culture Podcast
Duration: 17:51
We love Marvel. We love What If...?. And we sorta liked What If...? Zombies. Give us a chance to explain.
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We have a confession.... we're not fans of zombies. So, a zombie episode of "What If...?" was interesting, even thought we weren't sure what to expect.

We liked some of it. But didn't really get other parts. Biggest head-scratchers surrounded Peter Parker and Bucky.

How did you feel about this episode?
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mike with your love to see Scotland and the cape floating around this thing. He handled himself. Well I think he did, he was as bad. Like not only did he become a dad joke, thank you Sam, but he was like dropping him. Yeah, good, it was impressive. Yeah, All right. First off rating on a scale of 1 to 10 super zombies. Super zombies. That's that's good. You should go audition for walking Up. That was good, it's almost over. I'm going to give it like ah six, I thought it was fun, It was, we're not into zombies, so you know, it's just not been our thing were not expected more from robert Kirkman, I'll explain, explain, give your rating and then explain Yeah, six, definitely after the high of Doctor Strange to that kind of tainted it because I saw how fantastic this series can be. But yeah, robert Kirkman did the marvel zombies storyline and I'm sure that that comic is absolutely fantastic. I've heard it's great and I've heard that they left out a lot of things and it's practically not even the same, so it's just, it's just marvel zombies is what they were saying, but who's robert Kirkman other than that, he did this, he did this and he did invincible and he did the Walking Dead, so he knows his stuff, so he's a zombie guy. Yeah, he's done zombies. Yeah, well, well, um so this episode kind of picks up up at the beginning of infinity war with Bruce crashing to Earth to warn everyone of cyanosis in an invasion, but in this story, he arrives to a very empty new york. So his coded version of new york. Yeah, exactly. Lockdown version. Um Well I mean it was empty aside from the Children of Fan, I was just sitting there on Bleeker Street. Um They're just like, you know, they're they're they've got this speech for like one person playing. It's good word sitting there like talking about it and it's just Bruce um better than he, you know, he tries to coke coax hulk uh to come out but it's not having it. Um And then all of a sudden the Avengers show up and they kicked butt not long after we see them chowing down on screen Bird and his friend. Um And then it turns out that the Avengers and most of the East coast have been turned into zombies. Um What were you guys thinking at this point of the episode and Nate? Did you like zombie Doctor Strange? No, I was disappointed. We didn't get more doctors. I would have loved more Zombie Doctor Strange, but it was only in the beginning part we got him. But I don't know, I mean I was expecting it definitely after seeing the clip the day before, so that was it wasn't surprising. Um But yeah, I mean it's cool to see all of this. It was interesting. I was thinking at this point where do we go from here? You know, I mean that and and they did some fun things. I know we're going to talk about a good episode, It was, it was a good episode, but in the end, you know, it was, it felt somewhat disconnected from the rest of the stories, I'm hoping I'm wrong because because what was happening in the previous two episodes, it was feeling like they were building towards something and this one Here, like this one did okay, you can explain, okay. So um, yeah, and so then later on, um you know, more zombie stuff, the gang is traveling to camp lee high to find a cure right? And bucky ends up having to confront an undead Captain America. Um and they battle it out, but eventually bucky Bisek steve with the show. Yeah, I mean this is, this is all happening before the events of Falcon and Winter Soldier Right? So Bucky still hasn't really had any therapy or time to deal with anything at this point. You know, we see um steers uh Sam Sam Wilson, he was a zombified too and he got also bisected actually just in the other direction. Um and bucky was fine with it because they hadn't had that chance to grow. But what do you, how do you think he's going to take? You know this, especially with, you know steve being killed at his own hands. I didn't get the feeling he cared. Yeah, me neither. It was, it was, it felt out of character for bucky? It felt like you know bucky wasn't connected to cap. Remember this is the this is the bucky that even as Winter Soldier, there's enough of a connection between him and Captain America that he saves steve Rogers life at the end of of the Winter Soldier movie. So at this point there's this relationship has been restored, The friendship is there, We've seen that in Civil war, all of this and now all of a sudden he sees captain steve Rogers is a zombie. Just like all right, that's cool. I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna kill everybody. That was kind of that's kind of my one gripe with this entire episode is they were entirely to chill with killing the I think the only reason that they were so chilling because technically they're already dead so that maybe they were just infected with the virus. It's weird. So I will say this though if you too, we're technically dead but zombified, I would be devastated by that you guys you show up as zombies, I'm devastated and now I'm going to kill you and it's no big deal. Yeah, it doesn't, it doesn't work that it felt like that didn't didn't fit right. There needed to be more emotional response from the I think the only emotional response we the only character we got that emotional response from was peter peter and um and hope and hope a little bit. Yeah, and Sharon when she had to kill happy. That was like the only thing is like it wasn't a very commonplace um but anyway, uh so then like last episode we kind of saw how obsession can kind of take a dark term and corrupt even the seemingly um incorruptible at the climax of this week's episode, we learned that vision has actually ended up turning bad, he did in fact find a cure, you know, he cured scott lang, but vision didn't keep his head about him for long. We learned he's been deja vu isn't it? We heard this joke just a minute, we learned he's been feeding people Towanda to keep her alive because she's been zombified as you can't cure her because she's too powerful wow, did either of you guys noticed the mirrors here with one of them is that they both have the same ideals? I mean wanda kept vision alive if it was just kind of dream version and was feeding into his obsession with keeping everything as unrealistic as possible and I mean, same here, I mean, there's no reason for him to be caring about wanda so much, he's already basically gone and he can't cure her. So even said he knew it was wrong, but he couldn't stop exactly in one division that we've got to remember that wanda went to get the body of vision and reanimated it basically making vision of sunday the undead in juan division and now we have vision trying to continue to feed and keep alive an undead version of wanda, there's a lot of connections there, that's not, that is kind of a cool little yeah, like the mirror there um and then another kind of obsession but it wasn't necessarily a bad thing is it was hope she had an obsession to find her mother again, right? That was the whole quantum something, that's what ultimately started this episode. Her mother contracted some quantum virus and this is the ant man and Wasp story right? Um and so that ended up causing the events of this episode. So her obsession necessarily wasn't a bad thing, but it did, it was an element in this episode. Um but this is the second episode where hope has kind of been the main reasoning for the events of the episode. You know we had the one where all the Avengers died funny enough um and then in this one where she tries to find her mom and causes the outbreak anyway, do you think there could be something to that? Why are they bringing hope in so much? I think they just want to make her seem like an actually important character because we haven't really had her as a main character in any movie yet but she is a very important character in all of marvel. So I think they're just trying to make her more prevalent. I think that's really the main, we got her in ant man and wasp and then like one we got a couple little scenes in well yeah and then a couple of scenes in Endgame that's it but that's about it but like you said last week or a couple weeks ago she was a major character in the Avengers. Do you remember the Avengers animated movie that we had on DVD Young Avengers? No not young Avengers? Oh man that one's throwback and and scott are critical part of the Avengers uh okay with it. So I need to find that thing again I think that they're trying to to build a relationship between fans and wasp and and hope in the you know as they as they get ready to go to ant man and wasp monomania. I think they're trying to do that. So um and then the star of the show in my opinion was easily Peter Parker uh Somehow throughout the horrible events of the episode and him losing just about everyone close to him, he remained a source of optimism and hope to everyone around him making zombie survival tutorial videos and just generally cheering everyone up. Uh There was especially that one scene where like hope she had gotten bit by a zombie Sharon carter and she was like how do you stay still upbeat and Peter said practice I guess my mom dad Uncle Ben which was the first mention of Uncle Ben in the M. C. Uh which is kind of a big deal. Um Mr Stark I've lost a lot but my Aunt May says if we don't keep smiling when they can't then we might as well be gone to. Um We regard these thoughts just in general on Peter parker in this episode. It was perfect. I'm disappointed in what I don't think it was Tom Holland. It wasn't but it was a good, he sounded a lot like the M. C. One but I thought it was fun. It felt weird. Here's here's where it felt weird. I love the idea of Peter parker making tutorial videos right? That goes back to Homecoming Law. That goes back to civil war right? Which is this this universe is take on him being a photographer. Exactly. I like that. It was fun. It again felt out of place. Tony Stark is a zombie in this movie. In this opening The father of it. It's one thing to have hope. It's another thing to make funny tutorial videos where Happy is wearing um funny t shirt, funny t shirt. We is that on our t public store or whatever or not? The public are designed by humans. No it's not. But that part felt I love what they say about hope. I love the conversation between Hope and Peter. I love all of that. I just felt like there was a disconnect with the funny videos at this point. This whole we don't know how long these people have been zombified. We have no idea. Yeah we don't know how long after I am and wasp is infinity war. Actually, I think that they even referenced, it was two weeks between the end of um, when all of this had happened. So it hadn't been long guys. Yeah, that's not very little feels off. Maybe I'm wrong and if I'm wrong, you guys listening can point that out. Maybe it's like he's in denial or something. But um, dad, you like this concept of hope though, Why is that the case? And are there any sort of like real world connections you can think of to having hope for others? Yeah, I think that there's there, well what Peter's Peter's idea with hope is that it's what drives you forward, right? If you don't have hope, then this is why we have such a problem. I think personally with, you know, with depression and, and things like that because people, their lives fall apart, relationships fall apart. People die. Uh, financial things become overwhelming. We live in the most connected society in the world are, are in history. Excuse me, the most connected society in history. Um, that is the most lonely society in history and all of that keeps people, it just becomes overwhelming. And so they, this depression starts to take over and the idea of hope is that there's a purpose that you know that there is something good that's coming, you know, for for the christian in the christian tradition that hope is no matter how bad things get in this world on the other side, um there is a glorious existence um with you know, eternal life and um no more tears, you know when you read the end of the bible, it's talking about there's no more tears, there's no more crying, there's no more darkness, there's no more death, there's no more pain. So as christians, we have hope and so we should, we, we have something to look forward to which keeps us driving forward, peter parker and this, he does that similarly with this, he's got hope that they can overcome this and that they can continue to move on, but I think that that hope is a little um honestly it's not hope, it's, it's, it's, you know, optimism that that doesn't have a purpose and so it works out in the storyline, but I think that the, that hope like the christian tradition is much more powerful. So anyway, and then in the final seconds of the episode, we see a zombified mad titan with five of the six infinity stones already because nobody's been around to stop him at this point um now that Panos is undead, how do you think this could alter, his, his grand plan? I'm not sure if it can alter it, I mean he has nothing to lose now, I mean you can't lose his life really, uh he's kinda already dead, so eliminating half of all life results in him eliminating half of his food source going forward? It's a good point. And as a zombie, you're not thinking about anything other than food. From my understanding. That's what zombies. I'm pretty sure I want to eat other people. That is the zombie way. Right? This is the way this is the way. All right. So now I do think it alters his plan. What I do also think that it is pretty interesting here is the way that everything ended up with the uh it's the mind stone mined stone. Yet the Last one. The mind stone visions taking it off. It's gone. It's open. It's free. It's ready to go. Which watching that I'm sitting there thinking if it was that easy, why didn't it happen that way? In infinity work? Because I didn't want to kill him anyway. Yeah, they killed him. It did kill him. Okay. All right, well, this episode, this week's episode was lively to say the least. Um And while it was full of typical zombie movie fun, there was still some good messages beneath the skin. Be sure to keep watching to see what happens with zombie Thanos. Absolutely. All right, baby Nate. You're gonna have some movie minutes. What are we talking about? Foreign movie moment? We're gonna be talking about some new releases. Um There isn't many. There's just a couple. And then of course, you know, kinky Shanxi and venom. I gotta get sanctuary. All right, baby. Is that part of the show where we talk about ratings and reviews? Yes, it is. We have a great review this week and I cannot wait to share it awesome before you do that the real quick explain to our amazing, awesome listeners why ratings and reviews are so important. Well, last week I mentioned it helps build the shows credibility. But another reason is that reviews help us put together a show that people want to listen to while we always love to have five star ratings and positive reviews. We also appreciate reviews that give us new ideas we can use to make the show even better. Exactly. And even the positive reviews, tell us what you like about the show. So we take your feedback very seriously. That is true, very true. And we do, we have a review that we do right from Lucas Pink card, one of the hosts of the reverend and the reprobate podcasts Lucas wrote is one of my favorite podcasts and all of nerd them. Dave sam and they are incredibly insightful in their commentary. Their worldview analysis of pop culture is enlightening and their chemistry air on air chemistry is great. The podcast is edifying to listen to with the family or on your own cannot recommend it highly enough, wow, they don't get much better than that. When I read that it tells me that we're hitting some of the big targets that we shoot for. Like trying to be something more than just a recap of what happens in these films and tv shows. We want to offer something that you can't get on other podcasts. I love it. When Lucas says it's something people can listen to with their families, it's always been really important to us. So thanks Lucas. Big thank you. Make sure you check out the reverend the reprobate show, you'll definitely enjoy it and then please give us a rating and a review on Padres dot com slash Catalin sons. Remember you can rate and review more than just the show. You can also review individual episodes. So if you've already given us a review before on pod chaser, you can do it again on this episode. And it's always, if you give, give us a review, will make a donation in your honor to one child to help provide food medicine, education and more to a child who really needs it.
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