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What Makes a Great Camera?

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How to determine if the camera you are looking to buy is going to be a great camera or not.
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Yeah on my on most cameras systems they're called my menu and they allow you to create your own custom set of menu tabs with the settings you use most often I have the setup on all of my Canon cameras as well as on my fujifilm G F X 50 R. As it is a pain to dig through the regular menu tabs to find a handful of settings that you use most often to give you an example. This is how I have my cameras personal menus set up currently and I'll include a link to a couple of youtube videos I did on both the Cannon and the fuji cameras my menu set up. You'll find those in the show notes. Now in my first menu tab I have a F method I detection subject to detect continuous af record function plus card folder and image quality. Now this is on my R. six so you might not have all the same settings on your particular cannon model that this one has. Okay, so a F. Method allows me quick access to the number and type of af points I want to use. Yeah. I detection is pretty self explanatory whether you want it on or off subject to detect allows me to choose between animals or people or set no preference. Yeah, continuous af is whether or not I want the A. F. To keep acquiring which I only use on occasion as it can run down the battery, faster record function and card folder allows me to tell the camera which card I want to write to first In the case of my R six, I can specify if I want stills written to card, one in video, two card too or if I want redundancy and also whether or not I want the images or video written to custom folders. Mhm. Image quality is of course whether I want to shoot raw or jpeg or both and what size files to use for each. Now moving onto Tab two in my menu, I have retract lens on power off release shutter without lens format card shutter mode. Shooting mode and ISO speed settings. Now for retract lens on power off, I have that in my custom menu because some of my R. F. Lenses extend the barrel for focusing so when I turn off the camera I want the lens to automatically retract the barrel so I don't run risk of damaging it. Mhm release shutter without a lens allows my cameras to work with manual only lenses that have no electronics and hence the camera doesn't know a lens is attached. If this mode is off, your camera will not shoot with one of these lenses attached format card allows me to quickly format my memory cards. Shutter mode allows me to choose between electronic or mechanical shutter modes as well as 1st and 2nd curtain. If your camera is capable of those And it just depends on which one I want to use. Shooting mode is for when shooting video and ISO speed settings allows me to change those parameters for ISO speed, ISO speed range, auto ISo ranges and minimum shutter speed with it. So for my third menu tab it contains external speed, light control, white balance. HDR mode on my R. Six control ring rotation, manual focus peak settings and focus guide. Now external speed light control gives me quick access to flash firing E T. T. L. Balance settings, E T T L metering, continuous flash control, slow synchro and flash function settings. White balance allows me to quickly change the white balance between the different options depending on the type of lighting daylight shadows, tongue sting, incandescent, whatever the case may be. So keep that in mind. Now HDR mode is only available on some cameras so you may not have that one. If that's the case, you can ignore this part. Control ring rotation allows me to reverse the direction for any function associated with the control ring on Canon R. F lenses. Manual focus peak allows you to turn the function on or off, change the level and the color of the focus peak for non auto focus lenses. Now, what I mean by focus peak, you may not be aware of this but on a lot of your newer cameras if it has this function, basically what it means is if you're using a manual only lens when you have everything set to where your image isn't focused whatever your subject is in focus, it will outline it with either red or green or blue depending on which color you choose. It will give you a visual outline in your viewfinder or E V F um and I believe it also works on the rear LCD. I don't know because I generally never used the rear LCD. Um, but that gives you an idea now what focus guides is that's different for focus guides. What happens is when that is on with a manual lens or an af lens. In manual mode age you'll see three arrows at the top of your viewfinder and when the arrows converge, that means your scene is in focus. So there are two slightly different things but both can come in handy when using manual focus lenses. Now in my fourth menu tab, I have HP I F T J, PEG conversion, wIFi and bluetooth settings. GPS device that