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What Makes A Hit Song?

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Get to know the secret behind a good song.
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mhm. Kind of like that. Yeah, I tried to syncopated a little bit, mix it up and not just have it be a backbeat thing to make it more interesting. Sometimes when you do 1/16 note funk groove, you know, Garibaldi style Mike Clark style. You have the you have the leeway to mix up the back beat. So it's not just two and four. Yeah. Tell me about how you guys created it. How you envision the drums you talk about not being on two and four. Oh, yeah. Yeah. And I think I was messing around with the funky drummer idea that James Brown groove. Um and so you know J. Albert, our guitar player? Just he gave us a demo and he had some just random loop going. And so basically, what happens is we'll send out demos to each other. Um, for most of this stuff, I can tell you about how I brought a song and as well. But for a lot of times, the guys will send a demo and we'll listen to it at home and I'll, I'll play along to it. And sometimes I'll get the guys to send me the tracks without the drums that I'll come up with a part, but just to be as efficient as possible. If we can do that kind of homework, then we walk into the studio. We try and write the song, the basic group of the song as a quartet before we get the vocals and the horns involved. That way, it's more focused rehearsal, so we'll work on the tune. I'll record it, work on whatever groove we've got going on. I'll record it and then send it out to the guys and then we'll say at home and see if it works. What feels good, What doesn't If we need to go back in and and work on it more and try and just to get to feel good, you know? I mean, it has to feel good. There's Yeah, I tell these guys that, like there's no sense in playing a song that we can't play live on a record. I don't want to work on a song for a record that we can't play live