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What the Raven Knows – The Kantas Expanse

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Since being banished from the Summer Court for the murder of Arvel Morningdew, Sheryl has tried to find any clue, any thread that would lead her to finding the true culprits behind the crime. With no answers forthcoming in the Dawnlands, she decides to accompany her best friend Arkadius to the Shadowfell, and speak to the Raven Queen directly. But the Queen of Fate is a cruel and fickle mistress. Will she really offer help? And at what price?
Want to support TOME OF TALES? Why not buy me a ko-fi? Every ko-fi bought helps with production! ☕ ( The Kantas Expanse is a long-running Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition campaign run by the London RPG Community. Looking for a friendly place to run or play a TTRPG? Whether you're new, or a veteran, we cater for everyone. Join us on Discord (
Riane Vardeleon as BB
Jess ‘Smo’ Rae as The Raven Queen
Alex Allen as Arvel Morningdew
Cover art done by Jadenite.
Listen to Sheryl’s/Merla’s Character Playlist on Spotify! 🎵 (