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What You Need to Know About the NBA This Week

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Nikola Jokic explains why his dunks are “tiger dunks”, Joel Embiid explains what concerns him going in to the postseason, Anthony Edwards displays the whole bag and (sort of) reveals some offseason plans, and Russell Westbrook gets closer to the all-time triple-double record.
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Hey, what's up everybody? We're starting with the Grizzlies and the Timberwolves Because this was the game. It was one of those very special Anthony Edwards games where he shows the whole bag of tricks, the catch and shoot three point shots, the step back, three point shots, the driving, absorbing contact and scoring plays, the driving, avoiding contact and scoring plays with either a push shot or a Euro step. The shooting overall was very, very special from Anthony Edwards eight of nine from 3 17 of 22 overall and he attempted only one free throw for his 42 points. The rook has the whole bag but said he will add something to his game this offseason when asked what he be adding? He said quote I ain't telling nobody I want to come back like Houdini that quote via dane more. Yes he's providing the quotes. What will he bring back next season? Because he does have it all. Maybe he can make the nickname Aunt disappear. It's not going anywhere But I still don't like it. I'll never be a fan wolves. Play by play man. Dave Ben's repeated this Aunt theory. I guess one would call it on the broadcast. Ben said take the fastest aunt in the world and make it the size of a human. If it were the size of a human, it could run 200 m a second. So a kilometer in five seconds or a mile in eight seconds. I hate would it be that fast if it were human sized? No, it's systems wouldn't allow it to even survive. Am I right? I'm not a scientist. Don't listen to. The Grizzlies. Hung on to win behind john grants. Very special. 37 Miranda's so special. He's leading his team into the playing tournament. The Grizz sit at 500 it's going to be a fun mini attorney in the west. With these three teams more than likely the Grizzlies, the Warriors, the spurs and currently the Blazers would be the fourth team. But Portland is riding high and trying to get out of seventh in the Western Conference. They're gonna need to outscore teams to make any noise at all in the playoffs with their subpar defense and they just had their highest scoring game of the season versus Cleveland dropping 100 and 41 on 57% shooting. Damian Lillard had 32 now for the first time this season they get to come home to some fans friday. The motor center will be at 10% capacity and they'll be playing the Lakers, who they currently trail for sixth in the regular playoff spot by only a half game. The Lakers do have it tough, they visit the clippers on thursday and then the Blazers friday more than likely without Lebron for either game, knicks Nuggets. It was a bad night for the knicks from the jump. They committed three fouls in the 1st 22 seconds and head coach Tom Thibodeau got hit with a technical foul 28 seconds into the game. Then it got worse from there. Nicola jokic outscored the knicks on his own in the first quarter, 24 to 12, it was 34 12 overall in the game, was just a blow out from their Yokich bullied the knicks in the 24 point first quarter and he was jamming on him. He had four dunks in the game. And as Nuggets, broadcaster Katie Windy asked him this was a great quote. She asked him about his dunks after the game. Listen, it was uh tiger dunks, you know what single. Uh almost almost, yeah, I think that makes sense. You know, it's just it's in his claws and he kind of just drops it in. Never heard it before, but kind of makes sense. Wizards Bucks, I think you can call Russell. Westbrook passes, Tiger passes, you know, he drives kind of drops it off and I'm kind of out of his claws from his chest level with his hands open. Kind of like a tiger. Ah The old debate is Westbrook a cat or a dog that goes way back into our history. He's clearly a dog on the floor, another triple double, 29 points, 12 rebounds and 17 tiger assists. Now, only to back of Oscar Robertson's all time triple double mark with six games to play for Washington this season. The Bucks hung on to beat Washington as they feel good about themselves on the way to the regular season finish line, having won four straight, especially feeling good about getting 29 from Drew holiday. An aggressive holiday to complement Yannis is what they need. The bucks hang on despite Bradley Beal's 42 this money quote about his teammate, Raul Neto quote, I call him wolf man, his name sounds like a wolf howl. We howl all night wow. In fact, Westbrook said he was a wolf when we asked him if he was a cat or a dog way back wow, the italian, thanks for letting me know, brad Beal loves puns, fred katz, that's why the athletic pays you the big Bucks Sons, Hawks, the sons had their five game win streak snapped. That's alright. Despite having the NBA's best road record. There is no shame in losing to Atlanta, especially on a back to back. The Hawks pulled away early in the fourth quarter. Mostly because of their bench, the bench got it done, scoring 74 points total With the knicks loss, Atlanta is only a half game back from the four seed. The Jazz were happy to see the suns lose their in Atlanta combined with Utah's win over san Antonio Utah reclaimed the west top spot, dropping phoenix to one game. Back, Jordan Clarkson had 30 and someone by the name of Jack Brizuela got a very lifelike Jordan Clarkson tattoo recently. That thing is spot on. Is that a calf? Yeah, I guess it is a calf that looks like a sandal in the background. Anyway, the 70 sixers kept the NBA's longest active winning streak, going going to the Eastern Conference here, winning their sixth straight game in a route over Houston Philly is tightening their grip on the one seed in the east, Joel and beat, only had to play 25 minutes and said after the game, quote, it's good and bad. You don't get the full conditioning that you need for the playoff run. You want to go into the playoffs up in your load just to make sure you're used to it when you get there end quote. That's definitely my number one question about him beat how he'll play in heavy minutes with the most responsibility he's ever had. The Sacramento Kings kept their slim playoff hopes alive behind Marvin bagley season high 31 points, including 24 in the first half in a win over indiana and the Celtics blew out the magic. Both teams got the result. They wanted boston's victory cigar. 75 big man Taco fall got in the game into garbage time. He had four blocks on four consecutive possessions and he screwed around offensively acted like a guard letting the ball hang out on his hand before crossing it through his legs. He got into the lane shot, fake defender jumped to block the 75 shot. For some odd reason. Footwork and a spin and a score Celtics pension goes wild. They are in six now in the Eastern Conference. For now tied with the Miami Heat. They're trying to stay in the playoff tournament. But the hot Nicks and the Hawks are holding off the Celtics and the Heat in a great race there.
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