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What's Next For Britney Spears: Is There Still Hope for #freebritney?

Last Played: July 07, 2021
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With her conservatorship hearing behind her, what's next for Britney Spears? Us editors discuss possible legal action that Spears could take to appeal her conservatorship in 2022, and what the implications of a court ruling in favor of Britney Spears' father might have for her life going forward.
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and Miss Britney Spears, every single person I'm sure in your life is texting you about it. You have seen the free Brittany instagram posts and stories, I have done it and you know, now that she's finally spoken up publicly, everyone wants to know what her next steps are, luckily we have that information to you. So according to court documents attained by us, thank you. Yes, we got them. Um Judge Brenda Penny signed an order naming Jamie her father and Bessemer trust to serve as co conservators, which was already decided months ago during the hearing however, was most likely not signed until they allow the party to do their objections. Now, what this means is a judge ruled to keep Jamie and Bessemer trust on as Britney's conservators, even after she, you know, begged and pleaded with the court to take her dad off the payroll. So this was a huge affront to Britney, she just jetted off to Maui with her boyfriend. She's living her best why in life. And then the day after she left the judge still kept Jamie in power. And I don't understand how anyone could do this. She told the judge and the hearing she wanted to sue her family. And that quote making anyone work against their will and taking all their possessions away like credit card, cash phone passport and placing them in the home where where they work with the people who live with them. She of course said she can't get a baby. She is required to get an I. U. D. So she can't have Children it's just a mess. And the judge apparently did not hear her because they upheld her current conservators and it's so messed up. Important to know. Important to note that Britney and her court appointed attorney have not officially filed to terminate the conservatorship. Which is what Britney was saying She wanted to do in that heartbreaking 20 minute monologue I'm going to call it. Um I mean every time the judge told her to slow down because they were trying to make sure they got it all transcribed, it was just so upset because she she was like felt like she was like racing the clock should so much to say. So much built up, you know, facts and sadness and it was just devastating to listen to. But basically what she this all was from stuff that happened months ago. But it is interesting to note of course that the judge, you know, signed it now. Um but we're still waiting for Britney to officially we're hearing any day now. It needs to get through the court that she will file now to end the conservatorship. What's so upsetting is that all of this happens on Britney's dying. She used to pay for this court appointed lawyer who she doesn't even you know, feel represents her because she couldn't even pick her own freaking lawyer and all the her dad. They're still getting all her money. It's such bs it's not even funny but that we can't give up hope yet because she hasn't filed the paperwork to terminate yet. So there's still there's still hope after the devastating court appearance last week. The thing that really butters my bond is just the bigger implication because if Britney was male and not female, there would just be no talk of a conservative ship whatsoever because she's a woman, she has to deal with all of this. And it really the misogyny of yesterday, this was something that really compounded it for me and I just will stick with what I said on last week's podcast, which is free Britney Britney and we talked to some legal experts that when she does file the petition to have the conservatorship lifted and banned, it could still take years in the courts. And we talked to a legal experts because we are not even though we get more and more closer to that every day, You are, you're you're doing pretty well with the legalese. Um but this legal experts said it could be until 2022 until the judge makes a ruling to end this conservatorship by that's just how the courts work. She would have to file the position, it would have to be, you know, signed off on, they would have to get their court dates, then they would have to have arguments and then it could be years before she even can pretend to get her life back. What's up?
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